The Barbie Movie Sparks Interest In The Chevy Corvette

July 3rd, 2023 by


Even though the release of the highly anticipated Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, is still a month away, its impact is already making waves in the secondary car market.

Ahead of its July 21 release, the trailer for the upcoming movie, featuring Margo Robbie as the main character, has ignited a significant surge of interest in the iconic pink Chevrolet Corvette associated with the character. According to AutoTrader in the U.K., the leading online automotive marketplace, searches for this particular vehicle have more than doubled over the past month, attributing the increased attention to the film’s promotional materials.

Data recently released by Auto Trader reveals a remarkable surge in user searches for convertible Chevy Corvettes between May 19 and June 18 of this year. During this period, searches for these vehicles reached 12,000, representing a significant 120 percent increase compared to the same timeframe last year. Interestingly, this surge in interest coincided with the release of the movie’s main trailer on May 25, which prominently showcases Barbie driving her cherished pink Corvette. 

In addition to the increased searches, listings for pink convertibles have also experienced a notable uptick of 93 percent on the Auto Trader platform during this period. These statistics highlight the undeniable influence of the movie’s promotional materials in generating excitement and igniting interest in the iconic Chevy Corvette among car enthusiasts.

The fascination with Barbie’s Corvette extends beyond AutoTrader users, as evident from an analysis of Google search data from the past three months. The findings reveal a substantial surge in interest across various search terms related to the Barbie movie and her iconic car. Searches for “Barbie movie car” have seen a remarkable increase of 450 percent, while “Barbie Corvette” searches have risen by 80 percent. The search term “Pink Corvette” has also experienced a notable increase of 21 percent, and “Barbie Car” searches have seen a growth of 19 percent.

The allure of Barbie’s ride is undeniable, and it’s easy to understand why it captures people’s attention. In the film, the car that Barbie and her cheerful companion, Ken (portrayed by Ryan Gosling), use to journey from Barbie Land to the Real World is a customized C1 Corvette. This modified version stands out with its eye-catching neon pink finish, accentuated by white and chrome bodywork. 

Inside, the car boasts a light-pink leather interior with an additional row of seating, a departure from the original C1’s two-seat configuration. Throughout the years, Barbie has had the opportunity to drive various cool cars, including the Mercedes-Benz 190SL, Ferrari 328 GTS, and Porsche 911 Cabriolet. However, it is the Star Vette, introduced in the 1970s, that remains closely associated with her iconic character.

For those seeking to own a Pink ‘Vette akin to Barbie’s, it’s important to note that the current market may not offer life-size options. However, for those who are interested in a scaled-down version, the toy replica of Barbie’s cherished convertible is readily available for purchase. Offered by Mattel, this toy car captures the essence of the character’s trusted convertible and can be acquired for a price of $75.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Courtesy of Warner Brothers Discovery
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