The 2024 Chevy Camaro Is Revving Up For Its Last Ride

June 12th, 2023 by


In anticipation of the final model year of the sixth-generation Camaro, Chevrolet is introducing a distinctive variant known as the 2024 Camaro Collector’s Edition. This exclusive option package enhances the aesthetics of the iconic muscle car, featuring notable elements such as black paint, unique badging, distinctive wheels, and additional enhancements. The Collector’s Edition is offered for both the coupe and convertible body styles, available across the 1LT, LT, and 1SS trim levels. Additionally, the high-performance supercharged ZL1 model will have its own exclusive and limited Collector’s Edition, restricted to a production run of only 350 units.

Chevrolet offers the standard Collector’s Edition package for the 2024 Camaro at an additional cost. Priced at $4,995 for the 1LT trim, $5,495 for the LT1 trim, and $5,995 for the 1SS trim, this package boasts several premium features. It includes Panther Black metallic paint, complemented by black stripes, and 20-inch black wheels, adding an extra touch of style to the vehicle. Borrowing from the 1LE performance package, the package incorporates the front splitter, enhancing the car’s aerodynamics. For coupes, the rear spoiler from the ZL1 model is also included. The automaker pays homage to the Camaro’s original code name, Panther, by integrating Panther graphics into the Camaro badges on the doors and steering wheel. Additionally, the package includes special floor mats and a welcome kit featuring two Camaro posters, further enhancing the exclusivity of the Collector’s Edition.

The upgraded Collector’s Edition package available for the ZL1 model comes at a higher price point, offering exclusive enhancements. These include Panther Matte Black paint, providing a distinctive and bold appearance to the vehicle. To signify its exclusivity, each ZL1 Collector’s Edition car is adorned with a serialized badge, indicating its unique production number within the limited run of 350 units. In addition to these features, purchasing a ZL1 model also includes a special Shinola watch designed to complement the style and essence of the car, creating a cohesive and premium ownership experience.

Opting for the Collector’s Edition package on the 1LT and LT1 trims necessitates adding the RS package as well. This combined package configuration affects the overall pricing as follows:

  • The 1LT Collector’s Edition, including the RS package, has an all-in price of $39,440 (plus destination fee) for coupe models.
  • The LT1 Collector’s Edition, combined with the RS package, carries an all-in price of $47,385 (plus destination fee) for coupe models.
  • The 1SS Collector’s Edition, with the inclusion of the RS package, is priced at $49,890 (plus destination fee) for coupe models.
  • Finally, the ZL1 Collector’s Edition, which also requires the RS package, commands an all-in price of $89,990 (plus destination fee). 

In the upcoming 2024 model year, Chevrolet has decided to discontinue the availability of the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four base engine for the Camaro. As a result, the engine options for the Camaro will now consist of the 335-hp 3.6-liter V-6, the 455-hp 6.2-liter V-8, and the impressive 650-hp supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 found in the ZL1 variant. This change in engine lineup has led to adjustments in the base prices of the Camaro models. The LT coupe will start at $32,495, while the LT convertible will have a base price of $38,495.

Interested buyers will have the opportunity to place their orders for the 2024 Camaro starting from June 15. However, it’s worth noting that production of the 2024 Camaro will conclude in January 2024, adding a sense of limited availability to this final model year.

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