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2023 Chevy Montana

The 2023 Chevrolet Montana will debut as the first unibody compact pickup truck very soon. Currently, the all-new Montana truck will be sold in Brazil and share platform space, along with a powertrain with the Tracker compact SUV. For the time being, not the Tracker nor the Montana have been announced for the North American market.

That said, given the popularity of small pickups in the last few years, we imagine that there is still a good chance that General Motors (GM) will bring the Montana to the States, as Ford brought the Ranger back for the 2019 model year after it has already been sold globally for several years. By the time it reached the U.S., Ford had outfitted the Ranger truck with safety features for the North American market, but it was still comparable in design and performance to the Ranger sold worldwide.

The 2022 model year also introduced two new compact trucks: the Ford Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz. These small trucks ride on the same platforms as compact SUVs. Regarding the Maverick, it journeys on the Ford Bronco Sport, while the Santa Cruz travels with the Hyundai Tucson. Since their debut, both the Maverick and Santa Cruz have seen strong sales, so it’s not far-fetched to think that GM would like to take advantage of this market demand by releasing the Montana truck in North America.

Various teaser videos have been revealed flaunting the Montana’s interior video for GM’s Brazil subsidiary. These designs appear to have a bit more of a utilitarian design paralleled with the Tracker. The cabin lodges two of the 10.25-inch digital screens in the Tracker. These stretch across the dashboard with a fully-digital instrument and an infotainment system. Meanwhile, the Montana’s setup is more minimalistic, with the pickup involving an analog instrument panel and an infotainment display close to 8 inches.

The Montana truck will have eight powertrains, including various turbocharged options. The base engine is a turbocharged 3-cylinder that musters up 130 horsepower. With such as small output, it’s not too plausible that this engine would make it to the States, but many U.S. truck enthusiasts will likely want the option to have a manual transmission.

So far, there isn’t much known about the Chevy Montana, but we can guess that it won’t be sold in North America before GM sells the Montana on our shores. It will need to establish a factory here to manufacture the pick up, as this will avoid the Chicken Tax of the 1960s (the limitation of importation of pickups and cargo vans into the U.S.).

GM still has not mentioned the 2023 Montana arriving in the States; however, it’s still possible that the company will eventually. On the flip side, with the combination of the capital investments to construct a new factory or modify one to meet North American standards, it may be at least several years before we see it come to fruition.

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