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chevy bed accessories miami lakes automall

5 Affordable Ways to Protect your Truck Bed and More

chevy bed accessories miami lakes automall

Chevy makes everything from high performance sports cars to fuel efficient green cars to SUVS and this year Chevy trucks are celebrating its 100th anniversary. With over 100 years of developing and designing trucks, Chevy offers three great truck models, and a number of accessories to help users get the most out of their truck. Don’t worry, these accessories won’t break the bank as they are all under $100!

Bed Mats and Bed Lines

Bed mats and bed liners protect the truck bed from scratches, dents and other damage from cargo and Chevy offers plenty of bed mat options for under $100. Mats and liners come in different materials including foam, rubber and plastic and some of them are sized exactly to the size of a truck bed and others are just made to cover a portion of the bed.

Tailgate Net/Cargo bars – Cargo bars and tailgate nets are built to keep cargo in place and from shifting/hitting the tailgate while the truck is in motion. Both can be easily attached on the back of the bed in front of the tailgate door.

Pocket Tie Downs – Pocket tie downs are another affordable way to keep the cargo in the bed in place while moving. These can be purchased for less than $50 a piece and they are installed on the top of the bed. Once they are in place, drivers can secure items with cargo ropes and cords that get attached to the tie downs.

Bed Caps – There are plenty of bed cap options for great prices. These help the bed rails stay protected from dings, dents and scratches.They go around the top of the bed rails and are generally plastic or aluminum.

Cargo Net – Cargo nets are similar to tailgate nets, but they cover the entirety of the bed. This product is great for those who entirely pack the bed up with cargo often.

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Photo source: Motor Trend


Summer Lovin’ + Summer Truckin’ with a Chevy Silverado


There are so many reasons that a truck is an awesome car to buy. There are just as many reasons as to why a Chevy Silverado is a great option if you are interested in a truck.  

Fishing, Camping, Surfing

Summer means warmer weather, so hopefully you get to spend a little time outdoors enjoying some of the favorite activities South Floridians.  Whether it be fishing with your friends or family, heading out to one of the beaches on a day where there is surf, or heading out for a camping trip in the Everglades or elsewhere, a truck bed is a convenient way to pack up all your equipment.

Off-Roading Adventures

There is nothing quite like literally going off the beaten path during a long summer weekend. But trying to do this in a car will only go you so far, as soon as you hit terrain not meant for a car, you could find yourself stuck. Read the rest of this entry >>