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General Motors Makes Great Strides In Their Pledge To Responsible Water Management


GM Keeps Their Promise

General Motors (GM) recently revealed plans regarding environmental soundness. The multinational automaker wants to diminish the intensity of its water operations, with the goal to lessen the amount by 2035. The result of this scheme could save enough water that’s the equivalent of 4,254 swimming pools…and we mean Olympic-sized. 

On top of this, the company showcased their commitment to contributing to a greener future by signing the CEO Water Mandate. In this linking up with other world business leaders, they acknowledged problems regarding water and also strengthened connections with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“The CEO Water Mandate will help us accelerate our water stewardship goals and contribute to the UN SDGs,” said Kristen Siemen, chief sustainability officer at General Motors. “As we continue to drive efficiencies in our own manufacturing, we will also work with other endorsing companies to establish, implement and advocate for water stewardship practices that promote corporate water management that benefit people, our communities and our environment.”

GM will also make headway by tracking its water progress and successes in accordance with the mandate’s six main commitment areas: Direct Operations; Supply Chain and Watershed Management; Collective Action; Public Policy; Community Engagement; and Transparency.

Even though the company’s operations aren’t considered to be water-intensive, the use of water is still necessary for certain manufacturing processes. However, GM says that they are committed to using water responsibly and efficiently, particularly in regions where it’s scarce. Three highlighting examples include:


  • Zero Liquid Discharge: In the San Luis Potosí Assembly plant located in Mexico, the system will reduce its dependence on well water withdrawal, cleansing and converting wastewater into drinkable water for the GM’s paint and machining undertakings, also encompassing lessons water withdrawal from the local aquifer thanks to its reuse of water.                                                       
  • Stormwater Reuse: At the automaker’s Factory ZERO plant located in Detroit, they’ve constructed a way to reuse stormwater using harnessing its cooling towers and manufacturing systems, in addition to added stormwater ponds and filtration technology to reduce stormwater excess to the Detroit River. Moreover, the stormwater ponds have been especially helpful in the city during days with heavy storms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Water Treasure Hunts: GM has made a habit of ushering these hints to aid in training local plant employees in pointing out opportunities for water efficiency and applying solutions. Last year, the automaker’s eco-friendly efforts regarding their management were rewarded by the acknowledgment of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), an international nonprofit organization, on its Water A-List. The CDP is responsible for setting the standard for global disclosures regarding investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to conserve their impacts on the environment. The company says that they will continue to take action and find creative ways to uphold water quality and preservation throughout its operations, supply chain, and manufacturing communities.


Miami Lakes Chevrolet

General Motors is also making great strides in doing what they do best, making cars. Miami Lakes Automall has a plethora of Chevrolet models, such as the Suburban, Silverado 1500, and that spanking new Corvette Stingray!

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Corvette Miami Lakes Automall

Chevrolet Raffles 1.75th Millionth Corvette For One Lucky Winner

Corvette Miami Lakes Automall

Four Corvettes from each 500,000 production milestone sit out front of the National Corvette Museum

Photo credit: Chevrolet

There aren’t enough good new stories that have come out in 2020, but one recent story has shined some light on an impressive feat. Chevrolet has just produced its 1.75 millionth Corvette. The Corvette is now in its eighth-generation and the 1.75th millionth Corvette was raffled off by the National Corvette Museum. The perks of the 2020 Corvette can not be understated, the 2020 Corvette C8 is the first mid-engine Corvette and it was built to impress any buyer. This is why the raffle was a huge success for Corvette and the winner has just been announced.

The 1.75th Millionth Corvette Has Been Raffled

The raffle drew hundreds of hopefuls that wanted to win the prize. On September 4th, 2020, the winner, Don Creekmore from Wichita, Kansas took home the top prize. The drawing was streamed on social media. Don received a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Coupe that was finished in Arctic White paint with an Adrenaline Red interior and had never been driven before. The widely-popular Z51 Performance Package was included with its 3LT trim that offers the most Chevrolet has built for the Corvette. The color scheme of the Corvette is a throwback to the one-millionth Corvette that was produced in 1992. The 1.5 millionth Corvette was produced during the 2009 model year. The first Chevrolet Corvette ever made was created with a Polo White exterior and red interior. 

Anyone Else Ready To Win a Corvette?

As far as the future holds, the Chevrolet brand will see more raffles ahead taken care of by the National Corvette Museum. The Build Your Own 2021 Corvette Coupe will have a raffle slated for September 24th, 2020. The tickets are priced at $250 a pop, but another raffle is coming next month on October 15th, 2020 that will only cost $100 for a raffle ticket. The October raffle will be for a 2021 Corvette Coupe model as well with a Silver Flare finish. The National Corvette Museum is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Just across the street is the GM Bowling Green production facility that is the sole producer of the Chevrolet Corvette since 1981. 

Over 1,000 employees work at the production plant. The Cadillac XLR used to be made there as well, but now the sole focus is towards the Corvette. More lucky winners will be announced before the year is up to bring some delight and joy. To bring some excitement and joy into 2020, stop by Miami Lakes Automall to check our new Corvette collection. 

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Chevrolet Will Build Its Own Off-Road Champion Pickup By 2022

ZR2 Miami Lakes Automall

We have learned the Chevrolet brand is going to build its own off-road champion. The Chevy brand might be the last to the table for customers when offering a vehicle that rivals the Ford F-150 Raptor or the Ram Rebel TRX, but in a matter of time, customers will only care about which vehicle provides the most excitement for their money. The Chevrolet brand is going to ensure customers are fully satisfied with its pickup lineup. Allow us to inform and drive some interest in what to expect with the newest reports about what the Chevrolet brain trust has in store for customers. 

No One Builds High-Level Engineering Like Chevrolet

The Silverado light and heavy-duty variety are only missing one vehicle compared to other brands, but not for long. The introduction of the Silverado ZR2 will be a welcomed sight. We first saw a glimpse of what the Silverado ZR2 could look like when a Silverado race truck was shown off last year at the SEMA show in 2019. With many shoppers clamoring for a vehicle that pushes the boundaries of speed and power in a pickup, Chevrolet is looking for a vehicle that provides that in spades. The new rumors and reports leaking about this vehicle have us wondering what the final product will look like, but so far a lot has come out about what might happen between now and 2022.

What the Reports Say About the Silverado ZR2

The folks at Muscle Cars and Trucks have unnamed sources, but have revealed the plans that are launched for Chevrolet include a new ZR2 version of the Chevrolet Silverado is a plan that is underway. The performance of the off-road truck segment is most important and General Motors is going to ensure they offer buyers a vehicle unlike any of the products that competitors present. To build this vehicle, Chevrolet and General Motors are likely to keep everything underwraps for now. The focus will be less on the engine and horsepower, which is rumored to be kept with its existing 6.2-Liter naturally-aspirated L87 V8 engine. This is the powertrain that offers 420 horsepower, so it will not lack sufficient power or strength for owners.

Upgrades and Expected Launch Date

The enhancements will be added to protecting the engine and vehicle as a whole for off-road travel. The addition of skid plates and off-road tires are expected, but the “next evolution of the DSSV off-road damper” is something to look forward to. The Silverado ZR2 is going to arrive by 2022, according to the report. This would mean the Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 will be part of the 2023 model year. This is going to be a pickup that is like the larger version of the Chevrolet Colorado. Early mentions regarding the price for the pickup to be kept somewhat lower than $60,000 MSRP; far less expensive than the Ram Rebel TRX. Looking for new options from Chevy? Find them with our help at Miami Lakes Automall. 

Find the Newest Chevrolet Vehicles All at Miami Lakes Automall

We hope you visit us at Miami Lakes Automall, where we make it easy for customers to drive away with an amazing vehicle at an incredible price. Our friendly sales team is excited to show off our entire Chevrolet lineup. We’re ready to assist with all sales and trade-in offers. From our new vehicle inventory to our pre-owned vehicle inventory, there’s a fantastic selection to decide from.

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Chevrolet Is Developing A New EV Pickup Truck

GM Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Chevrolet

GM has unveiled its future electric vehicle plans in its 10th sustainability report, and one of the most striking projects is Chevrolet’s BET Truck. This will be Chevy’s first full-size electric pickup truck and General Motors has listed its electric-mile range to surpass 400 miles. Unfortunately, that’s all General Motors has revealed about its plans. Some have speculated that the Silverado has the chance to be the first pickup that gains the electric capacity or a brand new model. Not that the Silverado needs any more support to surpass the competition. The lofty goals are taken very seriously by GM, as even the president of GM, Mark Reuss has revealed he drives a Chevrolet Bolt to commute to work. When looking into the plans for Chevrolet, the goal is determined straight from the top. 

Chevrolet Investments Are Set

The early reports had Chevrolet introducing the new EV pickup truck by 2021, but this might be pushed back since the global Coronavirus pandemic has continued longer than expected. General Motors has actually proposed 20 electric vehicles will be produced and on the road by 2023. The pledge by GM included nearly an entire lineup of EVs by 2030. The $2.2 billion investment will see GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant turning into the first assembly plant solely focused on EVs. Chevrolet will also make new EV vehicles and keep some of the gasoline models for the near future, but across the board, this won’t be the case for long. While there hasn’t been an electric vehicle made since the Bolt in 2016, this upcoming decade will see the production of EVs starting with this new pickup EV. The growth of EV will take place globally for GM by 2040. Another goal is ensuring the recycling of 100 percent of end-of-life EV batteries.

General Motors Leads the EV Way

The goal for Chevrolet is not only to add its first-ever electric pickup, but to add a mid-sized electric SUV and a possibly a new look to the Chevrolet Bolt, converting the famed electric car into an SUV or crossover design. General Motors will also work to add three-row luxury electric SUVs. Through their GMC and Cadillac brands, expect GM to add other EV models, including an electric Hummer, but the large focus remains on the Chevrolet brand to lead the way for GM.

“The past several months have been difficult and our world has changed. As we move through the world in a new way, GM is as determined as ever to create solutions that lead to a better future for all. GM remains focused on delivering on our vision of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion while becoming the most inclusive company in the world,” -CEO Mary Barra

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General Motors Decides To Delay The Release of The Chevy Bolt

Why The Chevy Bolt’s Debut Is Postponed

This year, General Motors had plans to give the Chevrolet Bolt a little nip-and-tuck with improvements in both design and technology as well as the implementation of seats that provide more comfort and adaptive cruise control for the first time. However, on the 31st of last month, the company announced that it will delay its debut of the new Bolt version likely until 2021 due to the impact on business from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the updates will accompany the 2022 model-year Bolt. 

Megan Soule, a spokesperson for GM, gave information to Elecktrek, an automobile news site, regarding the temporary halt by email saying “As a result of the current business situation, we have decided to launch the refreshed Bolt EV in 2021 as a 2022 model and the Bolt EUV remains on schedule.”

As of yet, it is not clear if the company’s postponement of plant operations at Orion Assembly, where the Bolt is manufactured, will have an effect on the supply of this year’s version of the Bolt. Soule continued further “ Previously, we announced the suspension of regular plant operations across North America through March 30. We have recently expanded that suspension and will continue to evaluate our operating plan going forward. When we can safely resume production, we will.”

Since this decision, GM is promoting the Bolt EV until the end of spring with a markdown for up to $10,000 with a starting price of $199 per month for leases.

Changes That Will Be Pushed Back

The changes to the redesigned Bolt by next year will likely have a design that is a bit sportier. The seats will not only be more comfortable but redesigned, this should hopefully solve common complaints by customers about the seat cushions being thin. Additionally, there will be an updated front fascia and rear lights. Since there since is finally implementation of adaptive cruise control, there will be a larger band of cameras on the front windshield, though it will not offer Super Cruise.

In the interior, Chevy stylists diminished the dashboard’s plastic look and improved the infotainment system. Other features will include a push-button gear selector rather than a regular one. The steering wheel has a more athletic and attractive look with a bottom that is leveled off.

GM said that the scheduling for the production of the Chevy Bolt still remains on track. It is expected that the larger Bolt EUV will make its debut this summer, with production starting next year at GM’s Orion Township assembly plant. The EUV’s wheelbase is 5 inches longer than this year’s Bolt.

Also, the company is temporarily stopping planning and development for updates, mid-cycle, of some of its internal-combustion trucks, sports cars, and SUVs.

Miami Lakes Chevrolet

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Impala Miami Lakes Automall

The End Of An Era: Chevrolet Discontinues The Impala

Impala Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Freep

Chevrolet is attempting to change its line-up with addition by subtraction. The Chevrolet Impala has seen its last model roll out of the factory, officially ending in February 2020 at the General Motors Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant in Michigan. The very plant its self will be transformed as the saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new.” That quote can be used for more than the plant’s forthcoming upgrades that will see a significant shift from machines that build parts for the outdated internal combustion engine vehicles and replaced by machines capable of building modern electronic vehicles. Along with the machines that are being replaced, as many as 130 workers will retire when the plant undergoes renovation.

Out With the Old and In With the Electric

General Motors is investing over $2.2 billion in this retooling of the plant. By the end, General Motors (GM) looks to have 2,200 people at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant. Around 70 skilled-workers are going to remain working throughout the retooling practice, but as many as 600 general assembly workers are going to transfer to other GM plants as the process gets underway. The end of the Impala badge is the end to a massive era for GM. Dating back to 1963, Chevrolet sold its 50 millionth car, which just so happened to a Chevy Impala. The Impala was fourth in terms of sales among the Chevy cars produced between 1965 and 1970 with nearly 13 million vehicles sold after the Beetle, Ford Model T and Lada Riva. After 10 generations of the Impala, the large car has seen its run end. 

Why Did General Motors End the Impala?

The Impala saw a significant drop off in sales from 2018 to 2019. The total in 2018 was 56,556 vehicles sold compared to 44,978 vehicles moved last year. That was a 25.5% drop off and Chevrolet has made up their mind to focus on new plans and take Chevy to new heights with upcoming EV vehicles and a different outlook for the brand. From 1958 through 195 and since its return in 1994 through 2020, the Impala was a massively successful vehicle for General Motors. 

 “Just as the Impala evolved over the years, the market has shifted dramatically and demand for sedans has declined and we adjusted to meet customer needs,” said Steve Majoros, vice president of Chevrolet marketing.

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GM Pressing Hard to Get 4-Gen Bolt AV’s On The Road

General Motors Petition

In 2018 General Motors revealed the first images of the upcoming GM Cruise AV, a fourth-generation Bolt AV-based-autonomous vehicle. This new self-driving model will be the first of its kind without a steering wheel or petal.

Since then, GM has been petitioning for permission to test new Bolts “without a human driver and without human driver controls.” They’ve requested to permit 2,500 vehicles to run on public roads citing this is meant to advance safety and low-emission technology.

For the past two weeks, top GM executives have discussed the electric hatch as a self-driving platform. According to Reuters, an international news organization, CEO Mary Barra met with US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao last week in order to discuss getting the 4-Gen AV’s onto the city streets.

 “I expect we’re going to be able to move forward with these petitions soon — as soon as we can. There’s a lot of back and forth between us and the companies. We’re sharing with them thoughts and ideas and concerns. They come back to us with additional information.” Said, James Owens, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) administrator.

Additionally, Owens mentioned that he expects that a decision will be made in 2020. He also said that the primary concern for NHTSA is to make sure any driverless vehicles on public roads are as safe as those driven by people.

GM’s 100-page petition made it more than clear that they mean business; It goes into detail as to how autonomous vehicles will be a huge benefit to the public.

The company wrote “Because human error or behavior leads to 94 percent of vehicle crashes, technology that eliminates the human driver has the potential to save tens of thousands of lives and to avoid or mitigate hundreds of thousands of vehicle crashes every year in the United States alone…Every day in the United States, more than 100 lives are lost in car crashes. Every day of delay in getting autonomous vehicles safely on American roads is a day in which we are losing lives that could be saved.”

GM states that by introducing this program it will gain a wider acceptance to the use of electric and zero-emission vehicles. If the NHTSA permits GM’s request, the company’s deployment plan will include a ride-share program that GM will bring public exposure to. The ride-sharing system would operate in urban areas and users would interact with it by the use of his or her phone.

2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Though autonomous vehicles have ways to go, Miami Lakes Automall currently has 2019 electric models starting at $29,000, (plus destination fee) against the retail price of about $43,000.

The highlight of this 2019 EV is its battery back of course! The 60-kWh battery can take the Bolt up to 238 miles. On top of this, just 30 minutes at the DC Fast Charging station will give the vehicle another 90 miles of range. The engine also has 266 lb-ft of torque with a horsepower of about 200.

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New Chevy Vehicles Will Include Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is coming to an infotainment system near you. General Motors is adding Alexa to its Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick vehicles in the first half of 2020. “One of the broadest rollouts of an embedded Alexa Auto experience,” announced General Motors on October 2nd, 2019.  

It will be added as a software update to compatible 2018 and newer cars, trucks, and crossovers. The upgrade will require compatible hardware and an existing 4G LTE connected services plan. “This brings the best of two fantastic companies,” Santiago Chamorro, said vice president for Global Connected Services, GM, Santiago Chamorro GM’s vice president of Global Connected Services. “We have listened to our customers and their insights are clear, they want to carry those ecosystems into their vehicles.”

The announcement was made at Amazon’s hardware event, which happened on September 25th, 2019, according to the verge. This isn’t the first news that Amazon announced, as it announced back in Septemeber that Google will provide in-vehicle voice, navigation and other apps in other vehicles. Amazon Alexa will be available on GM’s Buick’s, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC vehicles starting in 2021. 

When it came time to make the announcement, GM used the Amazon event to call attention to its ability to use vehicle connectivity such as iBooks and Apple Podcasts. Amazon’s “updateable” app structure would allow it to bring new innovations into its vehicles. The software updates have become important for automakers that are hoping to retain tech-savvy customers. It’s a plus for those customers that have become accustomed to constantly improving smartphones. 

“GM’s updateable app framework and vehicle connectivity lets us provide customers with new technologies that enhance the ownership experience, even to customers with vehicles that are already on the road,” said Chamorro. “Bringing the Alexa experience to our vehicles is an example of how we are listening to our customers’ feedback, and offering them the voice technology of their choice.”

This isn’t Amazon’s first car-rodeo as they’ve been moving towards car integration for a few years. Alexa, like Amazon’s direct investment in startups like Rivian, is just another one of the automotive integration for Amazon. In 2018, the e-commerce company that launched Amazon Key also expanded to the Key by Amazon In-Car delivery service. 

Volvo and GM were the first to participate in the Key by Amazon In-Car delivery service. When Alexa is added to the GM vehicles it will allow owners to use voice commands to control smart home devices like the home lights and find nearby restaurants. It will also allow for the voice commands to check the news and ask directions to points of interest. 

As for directions, Alexa features integration with GM’s embedded navigation systems and OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn navigation that uses easy-to-understand language. GM Owners will still be able to ask Alexa to play a song or podcast and Alexa will understand. Alexa will be able to fulfill any request that is available in the streaming services. 

General Motors:

General Motors Company is a multinational corporation that is headquartered in Detroit, MI. It designs, markets, manufactures and distributes vehicles. GM is one of the largest American automobile manufacturers. It’s also one of the world’s largest.

You can search the inventory of Chevrolet’s at Miami Lakes Automall. Make sure to stop by for a test drive and see if this model and make is the car for you. 

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Spy Photos for the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban Are Out

There’s a prototype for the redesigned Chevrolet Suburban that has been spotted, which reveals a few clues about the upcoming SUV. General Motors is redesigning its full-size fleet around the T1 body-on-frame platform for SUVs and pickups as you’re reading this. The platform for the vehicle is an evolution of the current K2 design and it sheds some steel for aluminum to reduce the pounds. It might help the new Suburban shed about 300 pounds. 

Last year, the T1 platform made its debut in the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The redesigned Suburban is expected to arrive at dealerships as a 2021 model in the second half of 2020. 

A redesigned version of the smaller Tahoe should be out shortly. GM is also working on redesigning the related GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade. The vehicles are all built at the same plant in Arlington, Texas.

This Suburban prototype has a lot of camouflage gear, but as for the design of the vehicle’s face, especially the headlight treatment, it looks to have been borrowed from the latest Silverado model. Viewers can also see the angle of the C-pillar through the camouflage gear, as well as the graphic of the taillights, can also be seen.

Although the engineers tried to hide the rear axle, they weren’t very successful as it can be seen that there is an independent rear suspension instead of this generation’s solid rear. This could be in direct response to Ford’s latest Expedition, and it should significantly improve the vehicle’s comfort levels. The other big news is the broader range of powertrains that are expected for the new Suburban and there’s a good chance that a new 2.7-liter turbocharged inline-4 with cylinder deactivation fitted can be seen— that’s correct, a 4-cylinder Suburban. 

There is an advanced powertrain, which makes 310 horsepower and 348 pound-feet of torque, that has already been announced for the Silverado. The 5.3-liter V-8 is available, possibly with the more advanced Dynamic Fuel Management cylinder deactivation technology which can vary the engine’s firing between one and all eight cylinders. At the top of the range could be the 6.2-liter V-8 with 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque currently available in Suburban RST trim.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Interior:

The 2019 Suburban’s has an upscale interior that grabs anyone’s attention from the moment they step inside; it has an artful shape, high-end materials, and excellent fit-and-finish seem more appropriate for a luxury sedan than a full-size SUV. The third row on the vehicle has enough foot- and legroom for adults and kids. The high cargo floor provides enough space for the flat-fold 3rd-row seats and under the floor is a handy hidden storage area, so space doesn’t feel wasted.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Exterior:

The exterior for the Suburban doesn’t share anything when it comes to the components or the design with its Silverado pickup-truck counterpart. The exterior designer for Chevy had a lot of space at their disposal, and they used it well as this SUV is big enough, and it has a presence that is decidedly commanding. The broad front face of the vehicle owns the traffic lane, and it has long, flowing lines which emphasize the Suburban’s considerable length instead of hiding it.

Dimensionally, the 2019 Suburban is about the same size as all those versions of years past. But when talking about full-size SUVs, an inch here or there doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s all about what the buyer is looking for. 

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Options:

The Suburban has an extensive available-equipment list. Among its choices is if buyers order the LS trim level with the front bench seat which is Suburban’s most prominent trim and it can haul up to nine people. Any of the trims available can be equipped with the Driver Alert Package which adds low-speed forward automatic braking, IntelliBeam automatic high beams, lane-keep assist, driver-alert seat, and power-adjustable pedals. 

For the LT version, we like the exceptionally comprehensive Luxury Package that adds many of the Premier’s luxury touches. There is an Entertainment and Destinations Package that bundles navigation with the Premier’s luxury touches. There is also a Blu-ray rear-seat entertainment system, and a power sunroof. 

You can search the inventory of Chevrolet Suburban at Miami Lakes Automall.  Make sure to stop by for a test drive and see if this model and make is the car for you. 

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Chevrolet’s new Electic Vehicle Is Called the Menlo and the Official Images Just Dropped

The official images of the Chevrolet Menlo EV, which is believed to be the Chinese version of the Bolt EUV, have been released by General Motors. The new Menlo is an electric car expected to become the replacement for the Bolt EV. GM had outlined its “All-Electric Path to Zero Emissions,” in October of 2017. The strategy included 20 new all-electric vehicles to be released by 2023. 

According to a report by electrek.co, Chevrolet had promised to launch two new electric cars in the 18 months following the announcement. These two vehicles were to be based on the Chevy Bolt EV. But there has not been a single new EV release in the States, yet.

GM has previously disagreed with the electrek.co report and has claimed that they have released those vehicles already, in the China market. The two vehicles in question are the Baojun E200 and the Buick Velite 6 EV, which are only available in China and are joint-ventures with Chinese partners. 

What we do know is that GM has been working on a utility version of the Bolt EV. This could be exactly what GM had in mind with its 2017 report. They did file for a ‘Bolt EUV’ trademark at the beginning of 2019.

The images were released by SAIC-GM joint venture as part of a presentation in China; SAIC-GM is going to build the vehicle. It is reported that it will have an electric motor with a 174 hp output, a 150 km/h top speed, but the range is not yet known. The Chevrolet Menlo EV’s dimensions are 4,665mm by 1,813mm and 1,513mm with a 2,660mm wheelbase, which is expected to launch later this year.

Electrek’s Take

The idea is that SAIC-GM is going to produce a version of the electric car with its own electric powertrain. Likely the same as the one in the Buick Velite 6. GM will create another version for the North American market with the same powertrain as the Bolt EV.

The Chinese car blog, CarNewsChina, has posted leaked images on its Facebook page, and even though none of the photos are exceptionally high-resolution, viewers can tell that the Menlo borrows something from several of the vehicles in GM’s lineup. You can see there is something from Bolt, as well as Volt and there’s even something from Blazer. The Menlo would likely do well in the United States.

Based on the original plans announced two years ago, that would make sense. That was before GM tried to convince the public of the Buick Velite 6 EV. The Baojun E200 was one of two Bolt EV-based EVs that they were planning on launching. 

It might be an exciting form factor which will likely compete with the Kia Niro EV and the Hyundai Kona EV. What would make it better is if GM also updates the Bolt EV powertrain since it has become outdated since it’s launch in 2016. The faster DC fast-charging capability might be the most needed upgrade yet.

The car’s official debut will be this September at the Chengdu Auto Show, and more details are expected on the technical aspects of the car then. You can search the inventory of Chevrolets at Miami Lakes Automall. Make sure to stop by for a test drive and see if this model and make is the car for you. 

Photo Credit: chargedevs.com