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The Complete History of GM’s EV1 Electric Car

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

The story of GM’s EV1 electric car boils down to an epic engineering feat overshadowed by a PR disaster.

The EV1 presented the automotive industry with an all-electric beauty. Its limited release meant it never appeared at any Chevy Dealers in Miami; however, automotive experts are already scanning the horizon in hopes of a revamped re-release.

Beloved by those lucky enough to lease it, the ultimate recall of the EV1s in 1997 was a business move, arguably unavoidable. But EV1 enthusiasts took it personally and GM was vilified as the company that killed the electric car. 


Is Chevy’s Concept for a Crossover Volt a Good Idea?

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014


Chevy has done a stellar job creating a vehicle line that can accommodate anyone. From the aggressive allure of the Chevy Impala to the dependable Chevy Colorado, you are certain to find a vehicle from Chevy that perfectly fits your needs.

Chevy is continuing to find ways to expand their vehicle line to fit the growing demand of their diverse customer base. One idea that may be still in the works came in the news recently, as Fox News reports Chevy reapplied for their trademark to the name Crossvolt, which they originally filed for back in 2011.

In the application, General Motors noted the reason for the trademark was “automobiles,” which of course gives no indication on whether they have an existing vehicle in mind for it or they just want the name for future use of a vehicle they haven’t designed yet. An interesting idea going around is this could have to do with the Volt MPV5 concept Chevy unveiled back in 2010.

Essentially, the concept was Chevy wanted to make a smaller crossover with the Volt’s drivetrain, according to Fox News. Last year, Autoblog reported they found Chevy testing a MPV5 along with some Chevy Volts, which lends credence to the idea Chevy may be edging closer to revealing a Crossover Volt. However, is this a good idea?