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The Complete History of GM’s EV1 Electric Car

The story of GM’s EV1 electric car boils down to an epic engineering feat overshadowed by a PR disaster.

The EV1 presented the automotive industry with an all-electric beauty. Its limited release meant it never appeared at any Chevy Dealers in Miami; however, automotive experts are already scanning the horizon in hopes of a revamped re-release.

Beloved by those lucky enough to lease it, the ultimate recall of the EV1s in 1997 was a business move, arguably unavoidable. But EV1 enthusiasts took it personally and GM was vilified as the company that killed the electric car. 

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5 of the Best Chevy Models No Longer Made

57-chevy-bel air- Chevrolet Miami

Chevrolet has produced hundreds of American favorites throughout history. The company’s ability to conceive and produce top models in every segment again and again has made the brand a legend.

These five exceptional models from the past no longer appear on the showroom floor at Chevrolet in Miami. But they do represent the innovation that has always set Chevy apart from the rest.

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