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With the change in the weather comes special considerations for your vehicle. While Florida doesn’t get much in the way of leaf fall, it does experience a pretty robust hurricane season during this time. Taking the right steps can keep your vehicle protected during this time.

Miami Lakes Chevrolet, one of the top Chevy dealers in Miami, FL, offers these tips for how to keep your vehicle protected during the fall:

Wax Regularly

Even if the leaves aren’t coming down in the fall in Florida, the bugs and birds are

more active. That means you’ll be getting all kinds of nastiness stuck to your paint. You can keep it protected by waxing your vehicle regularly. It will reduce the risk of corrosion from bugs and bird waste, and it will make cleaning up this unpleasantness a bit easier.

Clean Debris

If you do live in an area that has a lot of trees that aren’t palm trees, you may experience some leaf fall. For example, if you have a large tree that covers your house, some leaves may accumulate on your car. They can break down and get into your engine and your air filters. Just clean off the leaf debris regularly to keep your car protected.

Upgrade Your Tires

Rain and severe storms are common in the fall, so you need to make sure your tires are up to snuff. Check the traction and upgrade your tires if necessary. The right tires will give you better traction and make sure you’re safe even when the roads are sloshed with water.

Keep It Covered

The best way to keep your vehicle safe during the fall is to keep it covered. Pull it under a carport or into a garage. Your car will be safe from bugs, leaf fall and the more damaging hail that can come with severe storms. If a hurricane comes through, your car will be safest inside also. Inside, your car won’t be victim to flying debris, lawn furniture and tree branches.

As part of our commitment to being one of the top Chevy dealers in Miami, FL, Miami Lakes Chevrolet regularly offers important information like this for our customers to take care of their vehicles. Our exceptional service department can also perform the repairs and maintenance you need to keep your car in top shape.

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