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Chevrolet Miami - Car Theft

As one of the top Chevrolet Miami dealers, we at Miami Lakes Chevrolet like to provide information that our customers can use long after they drive off our lot with their new Chevy.

While most new vehicle owners may shift their focus to maintenance or gas conservation, they often overlook a very important part of protecting their vehicles: Anti-theft measures.

Theft can be a problem anywhere you live. Your insurance may not always cover the cost of your vehicle after a theft, and if they do, they may not cover the full value.

Taking a few proactive measures can help you protect your vehicle from theft. Here’s what you can do:

Always Lock Your Car

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but it’s surprising how often people forget to do it. Many thieves will just try door handles to find a vehicle that is unlocked. They may just look for valuables inside, or they may try to take the vehicle itself. Just locking your doors can be enough to thwart thieves, especially since most don’t want to attract attention to themselves by breaking a window or setting off an alarm.

Park Inside a Garage

Whether you live in a home or an apartment, parking your Chevy inside a garage can provide another layer of protection against thieves. Make sure to always bring your car inside the garage of your home, or make the investment to rent a garage space at your apartment and always park inside.

Never leave the garage door open. It might make it more convenient to come and go, but it will completely undermine any of the safety the garage provides.

Take Valuables Out of the Car

Valuables not only give thieves an incentive to break in to your car, but they also provide an extra “score.” Valuables can be obvious things like cell phones, jewelry or cash. They can also be things you wouldn’t necessarily qualify as “valuable” like your registration or title. With that paperwork in hand, thieves can more easily forge the information they need to legally take possession of your car or sell it.

Buying a Chevy is a great investment. Make sure you take these steps to protect that investment and enjoy it for many more years to come.

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