New Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Set To Debut in Car Event in California

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It’s only a few months ahead, three months to be exact, July 18, 2019, GM will confirm the new 2020 Corvette this summer. That’s when the covers for the long-awaited mid-engined C8 Corvette will finally be revealed. Now there’s a word from that the location for the big event will be in Southern California, specifically in Orange County.

Chevrolet has confirmed that yes, SoCal is the location where it will all be revealed. This comes with Chevrolet’s new teaser that, among other things, goes through Corvette’s history. You can see the C7.R racing ‘Vettes, the 1963 Corvette GS-II experiment racer, and the previous mid-engine concepts including the Corvette Indy.

The last thing that’s been said about the vehicle was the possibility that the Corvette C8’s release may have a delay of six months due to a problem with its high-tech 48-volt electrical system, which made it miss its scheduled Detroit auto show debut. But then GM Authority reports it might not even debut at any auto show at all. The C8 is said to be debuted at a standalone event in the middle of the summer, and not at one of the many auto shows such as the New York auto show.

But not to worry this isn’t the first time that Chevrolet has forgone the traditional auto show reveal in favor of a more marque-focused event: Chevrolet decided to bring the newest Camaro ZL1 to Dubai and revealed it there. Bob Lutz, former GM executive, said in an interview that the new Corvette would cost almost about $5,000 more than the C7 when it’s compared trim to trim. It’s good news for the fans of the working man’s sports car.

What do we know about the new supercar? Officially, there’s only the reveal date and location available but the rumors out there suggest the first model on sale will be the Stingray packing the familiar 6.2-liter V8 used in the current front-engined model. The transmission rumored is said to be a new dual-clutch gearbox, though the very clear-sounding manual shifts in the recent teaser video leave the door open for a three-pedal arrangement.

There are no names available yet, but perhaps it will be called the LT2, with about 500 horsepower. As for the additional variants and powertrains will come afterward. Another name that could be a possibility is the “Zora” in a nod to the Corvette’s godfather and famed chief engineer in the 20th century.

Eventually, Chevrolet might introduce a higher horsepower option, with the ultimate “Vette possibly being a 1,000-hp hybrid model that reportedly was so powerful that it twisted the frames of prototypes. What is the other option? A mid-range twin-turbo mill based on the 4.2-liter Cadillac Blackwing V8, which likely will produce somewhere in the 600-hp range.

As to why did GM and Chevrolet choose California, it’s not explicitly clear. But with the popularity of Orange County and its affluent area with plenty of high-end supercars parked in garages and driveways. However, Chevrolet wants to take the fight directly into enemy territory with the C8 Corvette’s debut.

Only educated guesses have been formed, and aside from the California decision, there’s been none other. If the weather is beautiful, it could allow the Corvette team to reveal the sports car outdoors. And judging by the shebang that GM did for the sixth-generation Camaro reveal, the C8 Corvette’s debut should be a sight to see.


For starters, it looks terrific as a convertible. The photos and videos that have been out so far only show the upcoming mid-engined Corvette which has a hardtop coupe. However, the Midengine Corvette Forum member Chazcron is thinking about the future by creating a video rendering of how a convertible version of the new ‘Vette would look, which includes how the way the folding roof might work.

Putting the top down means that there has to be someplace to store it. The Chazcron completely overhauls the mid-engine Corvette’s rear deck into a flatter, yet still attractively sculpted panel. The section behind the seats tilt upward, and the roof slots are vertically into that space.

Even with the top out of the way, the mid-engined Corvette still looks excellent. Chazcron adds nacelles behind the seats that provide rollover protection and style. The only thing possibly missing is a wind deflector between the nacelles for making the interior a little quieter when occupants don’t want a lot of wind in their hair.

According to Car & Driver, the C8 Corvette, which Chevy calls “the most anticipated Corvette ever,” will debut in the Stingray form. It will be a dual-clutch seven-speed auto gearbox, with no option for a manual. The high-performance trims are as follow, which include a Z06, ZR1, and a top-of-the-model-line hybrid rumored to answer to the name Zora and harnesses nearly 1,000 horsepower of combined electric power and combustion.

The big news is the placement of the engine. The Corvette is set to get a mid-engine layout, which has resulted in some significant changes to the car’s overall profile. The most recent shots, the camouflaged shots of the vehicle, represent the most detailed and official look to date.

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