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GM Pushes Hard For More Electric Cars

General Motors (GM) recently announced its plans to cease sales of its gas and diesel charged vehicles by the year 2035, they are doing this as part of their pledge to change into a fully carbon-neutral operation by 2040. This move by the automaker has been described as “an aspiration to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035.”

GM also tagged along with the Business Ambition Pledge, which is an international agreement on working to reduce the global temperature rise to approximately 1.5 degrees °C above pre-industrial levels.

“General Motors is joining governments and companies around the globe working to establish a safer, greener and better world,” Mary Barra, GM’s chief executive, said in a statement last Thursday (Jan, 28). “We encourage others to follow suit and make a significant impact on our industry and on the economy as a whole.”

Other automakers such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Volvo have also made their pledge to the international climate agreement.

Moreover, a number of regions and nations are planning to restrict or completely ban new sales of combustion operated vehicles like Norway by 2025 and the United Kingdom by 2030, this also includes Japan and California by 2035.

So far, GM has begun making moves for the transition, as it spent $27 billion in electric cars and in the development of autonomous vehicles between 2020 and 2025. This large sum on EVs is more than GM’s funding of gas and diesel versions. To add on, this plan involves reconstructing its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center in Michigan, as well as a factory in Spring Hill Tennessee, for the sole purpose of building electric vehicles.

The initiative also involves releasing 30 new global electric vehicles by 2025, with all of its self-driving cars on its electric platform. According to the automaker, GM drivers make up as much as 75% of their carbon emissions.

Mike Ramsey, automotive and smart mobility analyst at research firm Gartner Inc recently spoke with Forbes Wheels, saying “Think about the money that might have been committed to a new engine or transmission that would be expected to last 10 years,” also saying. “I expect we will see almost no investment in the internal combustion engines from here on out except things that can be done incrementally or with software.”

Some car companies that are pushing their electric plans will have the challenge of being persuasive enough to entice their customers to make the transition from their gasoline operated cars, and this is especially true for GM since Tesla’s Model 3 car made up nearly half of the EV sales volume, last year.

“They will have to be creative and maybe do things they wouldn’t have in the past, like subsidize home chargers or even work directly with power companies or even solar installers,” said Ramsey.

One shouldn’t underestimate the American powerhouse, as Gary Silberg, Global Automotive Sector Leader for KPMG, claims that it may prove to be the most suited to lead the EV market. Regions where developments for electric charging are North American and China, and GM happens to be the head honcho in its sales by 17%. “GM is clever,” Silberg says. “An all EV strategy could work for them.”

Additional plans from GM encompass offering an electric vehicle in each of its segments, specifically sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and trucks . They also want to taper gas and diesel light-duty vehicles, leaving larger trucks and commercial models with internal combustion engines.

Finally, GM is constructing variants of larger vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions. Last week, the company announced an agreement with Navistar International, a heavy-duty truck manufacturer, to supply hydrogen fuel cell units for a green semi-tractor model. The hydrogen-charged rig will perform a series of tests by motor carrier J.B. Hunt in 2022 and is scheduled for commercial production in 2024.

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