Chevrolet Tugs On Heartstrings With 1972 Suburban In Latest Holiday Ad

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Chevrolet’s latest holiday ad tugs on heartstrings as it plays on nostalgia and strong emotion. Opening with a lively household, the ad quickly devolves into a melancholic scene as we learn that a grandmother is slowly losing her memory. Fortunately, the woman’s granddaughter has an idea that will help jog her memory and bring her joy. Enter the 1972 Chevy Suburban which sits as the centerpiece in this touching tale of nostalgia. With its latest ad, Chevrolet reminds everyone where it came from and what it stands for. 

Chevrolet Evokes Nostalgia With 1972 Suburban

For its latest holiday ad, Chevrolet has created a touching scene that will warm everyone’s heart. A 1972 Suburban stars as the centerpiece in this holiday ad. It opens with a lively scene as a family prepares for a holiday dinner. The ad quickly devolves into a melancholic scene with somber music as we learn that a grandmother is slowly losing her memory. Fortunately, the woman’s granddaughter has an idea that will help jog her grandmother’s memory. This is where the 72’ Suburban comes into play as the two head to the garage to find the classic SUV covered up. As the granddaughter unravels the well-kept Suburban, a glimmer of recognition spreads across the grandmother’s face. The granddaughter helps her grandmother in and the two head down nostalgia lane. 

As the woman and her granddaughter drive through town, we see Chevy vehicles like the 2024 Silverado and Suburban. The ad cleverly parallels family values as the grandmother remembers moments of her life bit by bit. The granddaughter drives past her old family home as well as her old high school. John Denver’s Sunshine on My Shoulders plays as the grandmother recounts driving the classic 1972 Suburban and taking her granddaughter to a drive-in theater. Eventually, the grandmother’s memories come flooding back as she remembers her husband and their first date night at the drive-in.

Headed back home, the grandmother returns to her husband, memories seemingly intact. As a touching close to the ad, Chevrolet ends with a scene of the lively family only, this time the grandmother is cognizant of them. Through and through, Chevrolet’s holiday ad, A Holiday to Remember, evokes nostalgic memories for those who remember the classic Suburban. For those of us more familiar with the 2024 Chevy Suburban, it reinforces the idea that the family-sized SUV offers safety and reliability. Finding a classic 1972 Suburban may be a mission these days, but the 2024 Suburban starts at an MSRP of $61,195 (plus destination fee). It serves as a highly capable SUV that the whole family can enjoy.


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