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Chevrolet is turning its attention away from your local Chevy dealership briefly and instead focusing on the world market. The automaker hopes to grow its brand across the globe, starting with China, through the help of a new marketing campaign and high-profile partnerships with companies like Manchester United and Shanghai Disney.

Chevrolet officials said that they are focusing on China because sales are expected to increase to 30 million vehicles by the year 2020, making it the biggest auto market in the world. Not only is demand in the country growing, but so is the competition. Chevrolet wants to become a leader in the market to ensure the success of its brand globally.

Currently, Chevrolet is sold in 140 countries. Last year, the company sold about 5 million cars, and the majority of those (about two-thirds) were outside the United States. That’s a significant shift in the last decade. Ten years ago, Chevrolet sold about two-thirds of its vehicles in the United States.

China’s Car Market is Booming

Last year, Chevrolet sold about 1.95 million vehicles in the United States and 652,077 vehicles in China. That was an increase of 5.2 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

As Chevrolet shifts its marketing focus to China next year, it will also solicit some high-profile partnerships to garner more attention for the brand. Chevy hopes to partner with Manchester United and Shanghai Disney to promote its vehicles. Manchester United is a soccer club in the U.K. that has more than 300 million fans in Asia. Shanghai Disney is slated to open next year, and Chevrolet hopes to use the excitement around the new park to generate some buzz for its brand, as well.

Chevrolet is also considering a partnership with the ride-sharing company Uber to generate buzz.

In the meantime, Chevrolet isn’t abandoning the U.S. market. The United States is still its biggest market, and the automaker will continue to find ways to promote its brand here. The automaker is excited about its new OnStar 4G LTE technology, which will enhance on-road navigation and provide more wireless access.

What you can expect from your local Chevy dealership is the same great service and the same quality vehicles. You’ll see some marketing incentives periodically, and you’ll see some new technology and features that will make the Chevy brand better and better.

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