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The Chevy Impala Is Finally Laid To Rest…For The Third Time

In the past few decades, wakes and funerals have been held for the dearly departed Chevrolet Impala not once but twice, only for the model to resurrect itself once again. However, it seems as though this Chevy sedan is finally ready to be put to rest and permanently.

Arriving right on time, the last model for the Impala came down the assembly line at General Motors in the Detroit, Hamtramck assembly plant on the 27th of last month. On Instagram, WXYZ, local ABC News subsidiary posted a photo of the final model, showing a model with a “Cajun red” color. Judging from the chrome accents on the exterior it looks very capable and well equipped.

Photo Source/Copyright: CNET

A representative from Chevy recently spoke to Roadshow, a news section of an American media website called CNET, and said in a statement that “as the market has shifted from sedans we’ve had to respond to customer demand.” This car, in particular, will not continue to linger with General Motors (GM), but rather has been sold to a private owner.

Previously, GM said that the production of the Impala and Cadillac CT6 would come to end this past January, however, the Impala received an extended but short stay past its expiration date. As far as we know, the CT6, the only model to tag onto GM’s previously-acclaimed Omega platform, will not receive a new heir.

The same is true for the Impala. Therefore, this will leave the Chevy Malibu as the only family sedan left in the brand’s lineup. Furthermore, recent information has suggested that the car still has some lasting power with minimal changes coming. Alternatively, we still may see a permanent departure with the Malibu during this decade.

GM has largely moved its materials away from passenger cars to crossovers and SUVs that receive more of a profit and are high in popularity. In the meantime, the automaker continues to invest millions of dollars into its electric vehicles and self-driving car programs. Although its Cruise Automation affiliate takes care of the autonomous technology, GM continues to strive for an all-electric future.

This concept will begin to take place with the electric version of the GMC Hummer, the automaker plans to build this invigorated model at its Detriot plant. The Cadillac Escalade EV could also join the Hummer in due time at the same plant. GM is hoping to make the production facility its home ground for autonomous production in North America and enticed the United Auto Workers about the future of EV’s at union labor negotiations the year before. However, this seems quite ironic seeing how GM originally made plans for closing the facility.

Miami Lakes Chevrolet

At the current moment, Miami Lakes Auto Mall is still selling 2020 Chevy Impala models for roughly $30,000, so if I were you, I wouldn’t wait too long! Those who are interested in either this model or any other Chevrolet vehicles can visit our website and take a look through our inventory. Once you find something that suits your fancy, chat with an online representative for more assistance.

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What to Expect When Building a 2016 Chevy Impala

Impala 1LS

Remember back in the day when you’d head into a dealership, point out a vehicle, and then promptly start the car-buying process. Those days are long gone, but we’re certainly not saying we miss them. Nowadays, targeting a specific model or nameplate is only a small factor as you’re shopping for your vehicle, as most brands now offer the ability to build your targeted vehicle.

We’re not solely talking about your vehicle’s paint color. Customers can opt for wheels and interior colors, and their selected trim level will determine the accompanying amenities and capabilities. If you want to spruce up your new car even more, you can choose to include a number of different options and accessories.

This is the case for the 2016 Impala, as Chevy offers their customers the opportunity to design and personalize their vehicle. It can be relatively intimidating when you’re presented with all of these choices as you’re shopping for a Chevy Impala in Miami. Luckily, we’ve compiled all of the necessary information as you start to build your new mid-size car…

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Find Your Own Style In A Chevy Impala 2LTZ

The 2016 Chevy Impala is, without a doubt, one of the most surprisingly enviable models available this model year. Consider its supreme styling – including more tech, convenience, and comfort amenities than ever before – and its decades-old legacy of respectable performance under the Impala nameplate. After nearly sixty years of fame as one of Chevy’s hallmark model lines, the Impala burst onto the scene in 2016 with a fully refreshed design and all the upgrades that Chevy lovers had ever dreamed of.

While few things feel more stylish than driving a Chevy Impala in Miami, there is one way to seriously step up your Impala’s game above and beyond the standard options, and that’s through trim levels like the ultra-premium Impala 2LTZ. Featuring everything the Impala has to offer either standard or available to buyers, the Impala 2LTZ reigns supreme as the most well-outfitted Impala trim level out there – and the dream vehicle of Chevy enthusiasts who’ve been waiting for years to see such an impressive model.

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