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2016 Chevy Trax: Somewhere In Between

2016 chevy traxIn an attempt to reach the new demographic of young “on the go” do-ers, Chevy has introduced the 2016 Trax. Because this generation was more likely raised in large SUV’s rather than minivans, they, too want to have their new adventure in their own SUV.

It’s just that now, the SUV of this new generation is much smaller, more versatile and well, not really an SUV at all. The 2016 Chevy Trax is a compact crossover and it’s zooming through your city streets.

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The 2016 Cruze Gets Updated for it’s Second Generation

2016 Cruze

While Chevy is more often known for their powerful trucks and large SUV’s, their cars haven’t been taken much of a backseat lately. In fact, Chevy’s compact and midsize sedans have been selling very well and it’s largely due to the fact that the Chevy knows how to make vehicles. Plain and simple, be it a Suburban, Silverado or Cruze, Chevy knows what the American people want and they know how to deliver it. The 2016 Chevy Cruze a prime example.

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Chevrolet Tops List of Best Family Cars

2015 equinox

Chevrolet is taking top spots in lists all over automobile websites, but with four vehicles receiving top scores in Best Selling Family Cars, one thing is certain, Chevrolet has earned its right to celebrate.

Judged on the 2015 model year, the Tahoe and Impala were both in top ten Best Family Cars in Kelley Blue Book while the Equinox and Malibu took first and second place on Autobytel’s Best Family Car list.

This is great news for families who are looking for their next great car or SUV.  This is even better news for Chevrolet dealers Miami who are excited to fit your family into your next car.

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2016 Will Be an Exciting Year for Chevy Cars

2016 Volt Sunset

In a market that is obsessed with trucks and SUV’s it is refreshing to see that cars will be getting some attention in the upcoming year.  This is especially exciting because it’s coming from GM’s Chevy division which has dominated the pickup truck market for years.  So, wait, why are they switching attention to their cars now?  Doesn’t the saying go, stick with what you’re good at?

Chevy also makes great cars, as well.  Have you forgotten?  Just ask your Chevrolet dealers in Miami.  They will be delighted to remind you.  We’ve been so obsessive over how amazing their trucks are as they rush to produce the best Silverado and Colorado, we’ve forgotten that Chevy also makes excellent, fuel efficient cars as well.

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Why Trucks Buyers Love Diesel


Only a truck owner knows when it’s time to kick it up a notch or two and take it to next level.  A diesel powered truck is not an all day everyday kind of vehicle. It’s not an impulse buy.

Chevy dealers in Miami know it’s for when you’re clearing tree stumps off the land you want to build your home on, or trailing your boat to the dock for the summer.  It’s to make your life that much easier on the ranch and farm or when your boss needed to have the extra debris removed from the construction site and you could step up to the plate.

Remember when that storm that ripped through town?  It was with the help of you and your diesel pickup that roads were able to be opened again from fallen trees.  It’s for these and more reasons why you drive and love a Chevy diesel pickup.  Need more reasons?

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