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For quite some time, Chevrolet’s beloved C8 Corvette has been rumored to have a hybrid version in the works, and now it seems that these details weren’t just rumors at all. Based on recent spy shots from car site Motor Authority, along with a video, we see new prototypes for what might be the new electric variant dubbed the Corvette E-ray; Trademarks were also found dating back to 2015.

Then, it’s seen in earlier shots that these prototypes involved coupe and convertible body styles of the Corvette, along with layouts for its left- and right-hand-drive. Engineers for the car company also displayed the regular Corvette Stingray and the Acura NSX to benchmark the prior shots.

The NSX, a hybrid supercar powered by dual motors, a V-6, and a single motor configuration located at the rear, is the only model by a competitor being used for benchmarking to a hybrid Corvette being tested. Don’t forget that the automaker also used the Audi R8, Ferrari 458 Italia, and Porsche 911 Carrera S when the Stingray was in development.

Though the visuals on the inside of the prototypes weren’t that conspicuous, these shots do show the instrument panels covered up, which likely means that the automaker wants to hide the exact details of this electric sports car.

It’s also been deduced that the mock-ups have a new wide-body style that the Corvette Z06 will also share, as seen in certain shots, and is due for its debut by next week, on October 26. Then, the hybrid Corvette should make its inauguration sometime by next year as a 2023 model. It will probably act as a replacement for the former C7 Corvette’s Grand Sport grade.

While we still don’t know details regarding what’s under the hood of the electric Corvette, there is much talk about a single motor used to power the front axle and the Stingray’s 6.2-liter V-8 energizing the rear axle. The maximum output should fall between 600 and 650 hp. Who knows if a plug-in version is also in the works? While that idea certainly isn’t far-fetched, it would mean the possibility of a small electric range.

A more powerful hybrid system with the pairing of an electric motor, which is also at the rear axle, is expected to be saved for safekeeping until a future Corvette Zora flagship.

You read that right! Chevrolet lovers can expect to see more electric variants coming to the Corvette lineup. In fact, there are plans to release an electric C8 Corvette, a model mentioned by President Joe Biden on several occasions, regarding its existence. Seeing that parent company General Motors intends to have all of its light vehicles powered by electricity by 2035, it’s highly likely that the eventual C9 Corvette will be fully electric and without a gasoline counterpart.

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