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The Chevy Corvette has been an iconic staple in the history of American sports cars. Its first iteration dating back to 1953, this two-door luxury Stingray has captured the hearts of sports enthusiasts and general audiences on a wide scale.

Now, this Vette nameplate is making headlines with its latest iteration for 2024, specifically the electric E-Ray. Here’s the latest!

The 2024 Chevrolet E-Ray

The Stingray has now become the E-Ray. Parent company General Motors already trademarked the name in 2015, then renewed it in August 2020. Though trademarks don’t always transition to the production phase, more than likely, Chevrolet will bring the E-Ray onto the highways and race tracks.

What Do We Know About The Engine?

Regarding the E-Ray’s powertrain, the Chevy company keeps things under wraps. However, there is talk that this electrified Stingray may arrive with the same 6.2-liter V8 engine from the current C8 Corvette but with the addition of either one or two electric motors. The arrangement of these motors could lead to an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system. The output will likely be around 650 horsepower.

Due to the electric motors and the possible AWD, the Stingray E-Ray will perform much better than the regular Vette car. Contingent on how powerful the electric motors are, the E-Ray may be even swifter with 60 mph than the Corvette Z06.

What Type Of Electric Vehicle Is The E-Ray?

The all-new Corvette E-Ray will likely be a hybrid of some sort, perhaps even a PHEV (plug-in hybrid) variation. Both have similar components, but PHEVs have larger battery packs that allow them to travel longer distances on fully electrified power. These types of hybrids can also get their juice at a regular charging station, while hybrid vehicles get their source of energy from regenerative braking. Images of the car’s configurator showed a “Regen on Demand” button inside, suggesting that the vehicle will have different levels of regenerative braking.

Indeed, the first iteration of the E-Ray won’t be an all-electric vehicle, as the automaker has already confirmed that a fully-electric version will be coming in the future.

Exterior Changes

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, the leaked images of the 2024 E-Ray revealed that this speedy car bares much resemblance to the regular Stingray car. Although the front fascia has a similar style to the Z06, the leaked images from the company’s configurator showed slightly augmented front fins on the fascia. From the rear end, it’s expected that there will be quad exhaust outlets that retreat from the side of the car, along with the added vents on the rear bumper.

It’s also expected that the E-Ray will be available in unique exterior paint colors encompassing Cacti Green, Sea Wolf gray, and a new variation of blue.

Miami Lakes Chevy

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Photo Source/Copyright: Chevrolet Media Pressroom

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