2024 Chevy Blazer EV Is Now Eligible For U.S EV Tax Credit

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The 2024 Chevy Blazer EV is now eligible for the U.S. EV tax credit. This news comes after the all-electric mid-size SUV became ineligible due to revised U.S. treasury rules. General Motors recently announced however that consumers who purchase the newly produced Chevy Blazer EV will be able to take advantage of the EV tax credit valued at $7,500. Under the Clean Vehicle Credit, owners will be able to claim the full $7,500 within three days after purchasing their EV. This rule stipulates that batteries must be sourced from North America. Thankfully General Motors is getting ahead of the news. We’ll take a closer look at the automaker’s decision and what it means for consumers.

Chevy Blazer EV Eligible for Clean Vehicle Credit

General Motors (GM) is offering consumers a new EV tax credit offering of $7,500 when they purchase a newly produced 2024 Chevy Blazer EV. While the mid-size SUV had been eligible for the EV credit previously, due to new U.S. treasury regulations, only those EVs powered by batteries sourced completely from North America will be eligible for the new Clean Vehicle Credit. GM commented on this news during its fourth quarter 2023 earnings presentation. The automaker provided details on its lineup stating that the Chevy Blazer EV would be produced using NA-sourced batteries only in order to meet the criteria for the new EV Tax Credit.

Those consumers who purchase a 2024 Chevy Blazer EV will be eligible for the new Clean Vehicle Credit which offers a tax allowance of $7,500. Unlike the initial EV tax credit, consumers who take advantage of the new credit will be able to use the available credit immediately as opposed to having to wait until the following year for a tax return. The U.S. Treasury implemented the new system on January 1st. It will also allow dealers to be reimbursed within three days of their purchase. 

As for those vehicles that do not meet the new criteria of the Clean Vehicle Credit, GM is still offering reduced pricing for its EVs. The automaker is offering a rebate program called the GM Ultium Promise. This program will be available through June 3rd of 2024 for units of the Blazer EV that do not have batteries completely sourced from North America. GM will offer a $7,500 rebate for those EVs that do not meet the criteria of the new system. At a starting MSRP of $35,400 (plus destination fee), the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV is an ideal EV that is both highly capable and versatile. With the $7,500 tax credit, the price is even more affordable for those considering making the switch to EVs. Fans of the Blazer EV may want to wait however as Chevy has hinted at a newly refreshed 2025 Blazer EV. For now, we’ll be staying tuned for more information. 


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