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Chevrolet recently posted a video of the all-new 2024 Chevy Silverado EV performing validation tests. The all-electric pickup truck has already entered production and is set to be available later in 2023. As of late, Chevrolet has been busy updating its combustion engine lineup . The automaker has released new trims and upgraded several vehicles . In addition to its combustion engine lineup, the automaker has been working on new EVs. While the Chevy Silverado EV is one of the few EVs we have information about, supposedly, there is a new electric sports car in the works. For now, we’ll focus on the Silverado EV and see what consumers can expect from the electric pickup truck.

2024 Silverado EV Performs Validation Tests

Chevrolet recently posted a video of the all-new 2024 Chevy Silverado EV performing a validation test. The all-electric pickup truck was seen conducting a towing test. In the video, the Work Truck (WT) trim is being used. Initially, this will be one of two trims available for the Silverado EV. The other trim will be the RST First Edition which is set to offer higher performance and capability. The video shows the Silverado EV WT towing a 7,700-pound trailer. According to Chevrolet, the WT trim will have a max towing capacity of 8,000 pounds, while the RST will have a max capacity of 10,000 pounds. About the Silverado EV, Chevrolet’s chief engineer Nichole Kraatz said,

“It’s so important for full-size truck customers to be able to tow, haul, and do everything that they can do in a traditional pickup truck,” said Kraatz. “We’ve set the bar and are validating an incredible product.”

Along with the validation test, Chevrolet also posted several images of the pre-production Silverado EV. The electric truck will be built at General Motors’ Factory Zero plant in Michigan. Although we do not have a complete list of details, it’s expected that the pickup truck will utilize a dual-motor setup. The WT trim is expected to offer 510 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque, while the RST First Edition will deliver 664 horsepower and 780 lb-ft of torque.

As far as range goes, the Silverado EV is expected to have up to 400 miles of battery range. According to Chevrolet, the electric truck will also feature 8.9 inches of ground clearance. Information about the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV continues to flood in. So far, the EV truck will be a fierce competitor to others like the F-150 Lightning and Ram EV. For now, we’ll be staying tuned for more information.

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