The Chevy Bolt EUV Skips Out On Automated Lane Change


The Chevy Bolt EUV Bring On The Automated Lane Change

The distinction that the Bolt EUV (otherwise known as Chevy’s electric SUV) makes in its particular model is that it will not encompass the Automated Lane Change technology that has been recently presented to General Motors three Cadillac models: the 2021 luxury Cadillac CT4 and 2021 Cadillac CT5 sedans and the latest 2021 Cadillac Escalade full-size luxury SUV. 

The Automated Lane Change enables the vehicle to automatically change lanes, thus signaling an progression of the standard Super Cruise system. Vehicles that offer this system have a fairly simple task, with the driver just having to either tap or fully latch the turn signal level in order to start the process. Doing this allows the system to look for a convenient opening in the indicated lane, and once it’s safe to do so, move in that particular spot. In the same way with all Super Cruise functions, this is only workable on compatible highways, of which potential buyers will be happy to know that there are around about 200,000 miles in North America and Canada, as well as 180,000 miles in China.

At the digitized reveal for the vehicle, the Super Cruise Assistant Program Engineering Manager, Jeff Dinakar, explained why Automated Lane Change would not be accessible on the Bolt EUV, saying “This requires VIP.”

To explain, VIP expresses itself as a Vehicle Intelligent Platform, which is also known as the GM Global B electronic architecture. Think of it as the electronic nervous system of the vehicle, progressively, Global B has been replacing the previous Global A in General Motors cars, with some dating back all the way to the 1990s, and then some.

While it’s certain that the brand new Bolt EUV is set to go on sale this summer, technologically and mechanically, it is comparable to Chevrolet’s other fully-electric and smaller crossover, the Bolt EV, which is in the midst its own facelift for the 2022 model year (though will not have Super Cruise available). The electric architecture is essentially Global A, but with a slight update that develops it in Global B’s direction without really turning it into a “proper” Global B vehicle. As a result, the electric system would not be a suitable partner for the Bolt EUV to be matched with Automated Lane Change.

It is for this reason that the Bolt EUV’s Super Cruise system will be comparable to the one that we first saw in the 2018 Cadillac CT6. This tells the driver that it is safe to take their hands off in particular instances. As stated by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Automated Vehicles for Safety document, though the Super Cruise system is a driver assistance system, that doesn’t make it fully autonomous.

In fact, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) describes it as a Level 2 system, going as far to describe it as such: “Vehicle has combined automated functions, like acceleration and steering, but the driver must remain engaged with the driving task and monitor the environment at all times.”

Miami Lakes Chevrolet

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The C8 Corvette’s Rapid Blue Becomes More Inclusive With The Camaro Pace Car


2022 Chevy Camaro Steals The Show With C8’s Rapid Blue

The C8 Corvette Stingray is almost known more for its incredible engine options than it is for its athletic and muscular style, which is only enhanced by its color selection. However, it appears that the C8’s dynamic paint selection will soon make a pact with another Chevrolet model, namely the Camaro with the color dubbed Rapid Blue.

Last Saturday, (Feb, 13th) the automaker’s 2022 Camaro SS 1 LE led the automobile troops to green for NASCAR’s Beef It’s What’s For Dinner 300 race from Daytona International Speedway. In the same way that the C8 Corvette paced the Daytona 500 the night after, the Camaro featured the Rapid Blue with a hint of red, white, and black. It was only until now that Stingrays have ever had this type of finish…and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


This bold blue gets even more accessible, as it was also sported on the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 RST, which also paced NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series’ NextEra Energy 250 race last Friday (Feb, 13th). Unfortunately, the Silverado won’t embrace the Rapid Blue as an official member of its color palette for the 2022 model year. This denotes that the revamped Silverado seen in the last week could have been the only one ever made from the factory, and it’s a mystery if we’ll ever see one like that again.


Unsurprisingly, Rapid Blue is of the most popular exterior colors for the 2020 model year of the Corvette and made up six percent of all the vehicles that were produced. The most favored, however, Torch Red, fulfilling 25 percent, following suit by Arctic White by 15 percent, Black by 11.7, Sebring Orange by 6.8 percent, and Elkhart Lake Blue by 6.7 percent.

Of course, what most race car enthusiast are probably excited about is what’s under the hood, and avid fans will be eager to know that that the featured Camaro is geared with a 6.2L LT1 V8 engine and Magnetic Ride Control suspension, undoubtedly giving the best performance that you can get from a pace car.

Highlighting Features On The Camaro

The wait for the 2022 Chevrolet Camaro may seem a bit unbearable for now, but loyal followers still have a great selection of colors to choose from such as Crush, Red Hot, Satin Steel Metallic, Summit White, Black, Shadow Gray Metallic, Shock, and Wild Cherry Tintcoat. The car even comes with some funky interior colors like Jet Black, Medium Ash Gray, Kalahari, Adrenaline Red, Ceramic White, and Jet Black with Red accents.

The perks only get better with a plethora of standard comforts such as power windows, cruise control, an 8-way-power driver’s seat and a 7-inch touch-screen audio system that involves wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Bluetooth, dual USB ports, AUX input, and GM’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

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The 2022 Chevrolet Camaro Is Near and Ready To Surge Ahead

Rapid Miami Lakes Automall

Chevrolet is preparing the 2022 Camaro to come out with perks that would satisfy any pony car enthusiasts. The 6.2-Liter LT1 V8 powertrain is intense and offers high-octane strength that makes owners rush to jump back into its comfortable seating. The popularity of the Chevrolet brand extends to the arena known as the Great American Race, aka the Daytona 500. Some surprises will be showcased at this year’s Daytona race. Looking to learn more about all the perks coming to the Chevy brand? 

The 2022 Chevrolet Camaro Makes Debut

The 2022 Chevy Camaro brings out the best in the Chevrolet brand. There will be a freshly added color for owners to choose from with the addition of the Rapid Blue exterior color. The debut of the Camaro in Rapid Blue will take place at this year’s Daytona 500. The price point for the color is not listed yet, but considering how attractive it looks, owners will opt to add it. Chevy has previously priced the paint color option like this one at $495. We expect the Corvette and Silverado to offer this color along with the Camaro. The plan for General Motors is to offer the Camaro for only so long as a gasoline-powered vehicle. The goal is to ramp up its electric-vehicle count to every single vehicle sold by the Chevy brand by 2035. The technology of the 2022 Chevrolet Camaro has been revamped to include wireless capabilities for owners including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a 7-inch touchscreen. 

Is the Camaro Ready To Surge Again?

In more recent months, we’ve seen the popularity rise for the Camaro. In the 4th quarter of 2019, Camaro saw a climb of 3% growth and sold over 7,500 Camaros to close out the last quarter before the COVID-19 outbreak took out the Camaro sales in 2020. However, the 2021 Camaro did not reach the sales goals of General Motors. This is why the next model year (2022 model year) will contain more to offer. Originally, the Chevrolet brand was rumored to offer a 55th Anniversary Edition, but that does not seem to be a possibility. The 2022 Camaro starts at $35,000 MSRP (Plus destination fee). 

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Chevrolet Invites The Magic In As They Team Up With Disney World


Chevrolet and Disney Partnership

Sunday, February 14th, Cupid returns to strike his arrow on lovebirds around the world, it’s also the day that Chevrolet will unveil its newest 2022 Bolt electric vehicles in a marketing campaign with their long-running collaboration with Walt Disney World. This unveiling involves the automaker highlighting the 2022 Bolt hatchback and EUV (a.k.a electric SUV).

General Motors (GM), the parent company of Chevrolet, has been a long-serving sponsor at Walt Disney World and has also been a sponsor of the transportation pavilion since 1982, the year of Epcot’s opening. In 1966, World of Motion closed and GM continued its sponsorship of the replacement attraction, Test Track. Since then, the company replaced its branding with Chevrolet.

A similar marketing strategy is being used by a competing automaker, Honda, specifically for its Odyssey vehicle. Honda’s campaign centers on their sponsored Autopia go-kart attraction. This scheme is comparable to the Bolt, especially with Disney-themed references like pixie dust, Disney magic, and emphasis on families.

However, GM still has a stronger standing with Disney. The Mickey Mouse company worked with the automaker in the 1940s for videos on safety. On top of this, when Disney launched its on-site rideshare program, Minnie Vans, Chevrolet SUVs were used. 

For the announcement of the upcoming Bolt, Chevrolet stated, “Realizing the dream of an all-electric future will require more than just technology — it’s about having the desire, imagination and ingenuity to build a better tomorrow.”

As proven by early 2017, this “better tomorrow” concept is encompassed with autonomous vehicles. During this time, L.A. Times reported that Disney was planning on launching a pilot program that used self-driving shuttles. Jim Hill later shared on a podcast episode that the program would initially launch for cast members to journey backstage and then eventually transition to guests across the resort.

At the current moment, autonomous shuttles drive around town centers and suburban areas like Orlando’s Lake Nona, it is that location where there is talk of Disney scouting out an office space. Then, one of the forerunners of autonomous vehicles, Cruise, is undergoing testing in San Francisco. 

Honda is also pushing for their own expansion, as they are also investing in the startup. Additional investors in Cruise involve Microsoft, starting in 2019. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud and edge computing program is also included with both Disney and the Cruise platform. 

Owing to a Super Cruise subscription service, the 2022 Bolt is said to hold similar technologies, with Chevy calling it the “industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance system”.

Cutting Down The Costs On Carbon

Another project by Disney includes working to decrease its carbon footprint, which certainly explains the push for electric vehicles. One of the ways it does this is by tracking its marks by division, with a carbon tax used to counteract its impact. Though it’s been active for the last decade, it’s recently received criticism with its major transportation fleet, encompassing more than 300 buses for its parks and resorts. However, it is worth noting that they’ve embraced solar farms, renewable energy, and additional carbon-cutting initiatives.

On the brighter side of things, it is possible these autonomous vehicles will lower labor costs. In fact, in 2019 Cruise obtained Dashride, an automated dispatching service for rideshare fleets.

GM aims to offer around 20 electric vehicles in the States within the next four years. The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt will make its debut on Lover’s Day, Feb. 14, with the model, as well as the EUV, available to consumers later this year.

Miami Lakes Chevrolet

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Chevrolet Bolt Finishes 2020 As Second Best-Selling EV

2021 Chevrolet Miami Lakes Automall

What separates the Bolt from the rest of the vehicles in its segment? The results of the 2020 sales year included 20,754 vehicles sold, which was over 4,300 more than the previous year. This past year provided a significant jump in sales. The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt is going to see an increase in sales yet again if the previous years indicate the future. There is less mystery involving the abilities of EVs as more buyers opt for better mileage and improved EV designs rather than traditional gasoline engines. The Tesla Model 3 finished on top, but before long we might see Chevrolet pull ahead as its engineering and technology grows. 

Chevrolet Is Aiming For Number One

Chevy did sell more Bolt EVs than Tesla sold of its Model S vehicle. Even against non-EVs, Chevrolet is proud of the accomplishments done by the Bolt. The Bolt EV sold more than twice that of the Nissan Leaf sold and almost three times the amount sold over rival Audi and its e-tron and e-tron Sportback EVs. The good news for readers looking for the Chevrolet Bolt, the next model year will see a mid-cycle refresh.

Upcoming Chevy Bolt 

 The refresh for the 2021 model year was pushed back to the 2022 model year. The COVID-19 outbreak is the reason to blame for the skipped model year. The rise of EVs is expected to reach as much as around 40 percent of General Motors sales within just four years. As soon as 2025 is here, the world will look very different. Word on the street, according to GM Authority, is General Motors will also carry many more models that will promote EV capabilities. For our readers, let us know what you think on social media

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General Motors Gas And Diesel Cars May Go Extinct By 2035


GM Pushes Hard For More Electric Cars

General Motors (GM) recently announced its plans to cease sales of its gas and diesel charged vehicles by the year 2035, they are doing this as part of their pledge to change into a fully carbon-neutral operation by 2040. This move by the automaker has been described as “an aspiration to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035.”

GM also tagged along with the Business Ambition Pledge, which is an international agreement on working to reduce the global temperature rise to approximately 1.5 degrees °C above pre-industrial levels.

“General Motors is joining governments and companies around the globe working to establish a safer, greener and better world,” Mary Barra, GM’s chief executive, said in a statement last Thursday (Jan, 28). “We encourage others to follow suit and make a significant impact on our industry and on the economy as a whole.”

Other automakers such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Volvo have also made their pledge to the international climate agreement.

Moreover, a number of regions and nations are planning to restrict or completely ban new sales of combustion operated vehicles like Norway by 2025 and the United Kingdom by 2030, this also includes Japan and California by 2035. 

So far, GM has begun making moves for the transition, as it spent $27 billion in electric cars and in the development of autonomous vehicles between 2020 and 2025. This large sum on EVs is more than GM’s funding of gas and diesel versions. To add on, this plan involves reconstructing its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center in Michigan, as well as a factory in Spring Hill Tennessee, for the sole purpose of building electric vehicles.

The initiative also involves releasing 30 new global electric vehicles by 2025, with all of its self-driving cars on its electric platform. According to the automaker, GM drivers make up as much as 75% of their carbon emissions.

Mike Ramsey, automotive and smart mobility analyst at research firm Gartner Inc recently spoke with Forbes Wheels, saying “Think about the money that might have been committed to a new engine or transmission that would be expected to last 10 years,” also saying. “I expect we will see almost no investment in the internal combustion engines from here on out except things that can be done incrementally or with software.”

Some car companies that are pushing their electric plans will have the challenge of being persuasive enough to entice their customers to make the transition from their gasoline operated cars, and this is especially true for GM since Tesla’s Model 3 car made up nearly half of the EV sales volume, last year. 

“They will have to be creative and maybe do things they wouldn’t have in the past, like subsidize home chargers or even work directly with power companies or even solar installers,” said Ramsey.

One shouldn’t underestimate the American powerhouse, as Gary Silberg, Global Automotive Sector Leader for KPMG, claims that it may prove to be the most suited to lead the EV market. Regions where developments for electric charging are North American and China, and GM happens to be the head honcho in its sales by 17%. “GM is clever,” Silberg says. “An all EV strategy could work for them.”

Additional plans from GM encompass offering an electric vehicle in each of its segments, specifically sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. They also want to taper gas and diesel light-duty vehicles, leaving larger trucks and commercial models with internal combustion engines.

Finally, GM is constructing variants of larger vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions. Last week, the company announced an agreement with Navistar International, a heavy-duty truck manufacturer, to supply hydrogen fuel cell units for a green semi-tractor model. The hydrogen-charged rig will perform a series of tests by motor carrier J.B. Hunt in 2022 and is scheduled for commercial production in 2024.

Miami Lakes Chevrolet

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