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Is The Chevrolet Camaro To Receive Mid-Engine Like The C8 Corvette?

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Photo credit: Gabe Floridho

Every now and then it’s fun to speculate about where the automotive industry will go next. Once a brand decides on changing up its script, we can imagine a company extending its new approach to other vehicle segments using the same method. Take Chevrolet for example, Chevy has done the unthinkable once before with creating a mid-engine Corvette. This happened last year when the Corvette was changed with the “C8”. After seven generations of the Corvette and over fifty years of history, Chevrolet opted to place the powertrain in the middle of the vehicle. Now, one designer has modified the Chevrolet Camaro to have the same powertrain set up, dubbing his rendering the Chevrolet Midmaro. 

Will There Be A Chevrolet “Midmaro”?

As of now, no. Keep in mind, the future is not written yet and no reports have confirmed that Chevrolet is truly considering moving the engine with the Camaro as well. However, just like with concept cars, this could be the spark that ignites the change for Chevrolet and its upcoming line-up. When rival brand Dodge introduced the Widebody concept to the Challenger, it was only a matter of time before the perks of the Widebody made its way over to fellow Dodge muscle car, the Dodge Charger. Chevrolet has a thing for dressing up its pony cars in a new light and this might be the result someday. The image above was rendered and created by Gabe Florido, the founder of Car Lifestyle. The Camaro rendering looks futuristic and sleek and adopts the same engine placement as the Corvette. If Chevrolet opted to produce a vehicle like this, with various powertrain options for drivers, this could help the Camaro compete with rivals like Porsche in the future. Of course, we all know about what Chevy is currently working on with an electric Camaro in the works. But, we know there are other possibilities that could always come as a result of accomplishment. The result of making the Corvette a mid-engine vehicle was quite a feat.

Why Would Chevy Consider Changing the Camaro?

Chevrolet has already made the change to arguably its most well-known production vehicle, the Corvette. The “C8” is a breath of fresh air for Chevy enthusiasts to enjoy. A mid-engine car allows for a slew of upgrades around the rest of the vehicle for an owner to enjoy its powerful 6.2-Liter LT2 V8 engine. Designers had to work extra hard with the challenges of never building a Corvette with such a set-up, but that difficult engineering feat is over with. Now, the fruits of those labors could be applied to another Chevrolet vehicle. We’re certain that a mid-engine Camaro could become a concept vehicle in the future at the very least. We ask our readers to talk to us on social media to see what they think about the Chevrolet Corvette C8, but also what they would think of the Camaro getting the same treatment. As always, for all things Chevrolet, check out Miami Lakes Automall to find and drive the best Chevy vehicles around.

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The Chevy Impala Is Finally Laid To Rest…For The Third Time

In the past few decades, wakes and funerals have been held for the dearly departed Chevrolet Impala not once but twice, only for the model to resurrect itself once again. However, it seems as though this Chevy sedan is finally ready to be put to rest and permanently.

Arriving right on time, the last model for the Impala came down the assembly line at General Motors in the Detroit, Hamtramck assembly plant on the 27th of last month. On Instagram, WXYZ, local ABC News subsidiary posted a photo of the final model, showing a model with a “Cajun red” color. Judging from the chrome accents on the exterior it looks very capable and well equipped.


Photo Source/Copyright: CNET

A representative from Chevy recently spoke to Roadshow, a news section of an American media website called CNET, and said in a statement that “as the market has shifted from sedans we’ve had to respond to customer demand.” This car, in particular, will not continue to linger with General Motors (GM), but rather has been sold to a private owner.

Previously, GM said that the production of the Impala and Cadillac CT6 would come to end this past January, however, the Impala received an extended but short stay past its expiration date. As far as we know, the CT6, the only model to tag onto GM’s previously-acclaimed Omega platform, will not receive a new heir.

The same is true for the Impala. Therefore, this will leave the Chevy Malibu as the only family sedan left in the brand’s lineup. Furthermore, recent information has suggested that the car still has some lasting power with minimal changes coming. Alternatively, we still may see a permanent departure with the Malibu during this decade.

GM has largely moved its materials away from passenger cars to crossovers and SUVs that receive more of a profit and are high in popularity. In the meantime, the automaker continues to invest millions of dollars into its electric vehicles and self-driving car programs. Although its Cruise Automation affiliate takes care of the autonomous technology, GM continues to strive for an all-electric future.

This concept will begin to take place with the electric version of the GMC Hummer, the automaker plans to build this invigorated model at its Detriot plant. The Cadillac Escalade EV could also join the Hummer in due time at the same plant. GM is hoping to make the production facility its home ground for autonomous production in North America and enticed the United Auto Workers about the future of EV’s at union labor negotiations the year before. However, this seems quite ironic seeing how GM originally made plans for closing the facility.

Miami Lakes Chevrolet

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Photo Source/Copyright: Autoblog
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2021 Chevrolet Express Gains New 6.6-Liter Powertrain Option

Chevy Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Chevrolet

Chevrolet has been working on improving the powertrains offered for their vehicles across different segments. One way to do so is to add the strength of the direct-injected 6.6-Liter engine that is currently found in both the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD and 3500 HD. Chevy has announced this engine will be added in the upcoming 2021 Chevrolet Express. This powertrain adds 17 percent more horsepower and 24 percent more torque than the 6.0-Liter the engine replaces. Drivers of the Chevrolet Express will now gain the experience of  a hearty 401 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque. This upgrade provides more than an adequate burst than most commercial vehicles offer. This will also improve reliability for owners.

Chevrolet Express Improves Across the Board

This newly available powertrain will be available across the multiple configurations offered with the Express. Owners can opt for the passenger, cargo, and cutaway configurations, as the Chevrolet Express will push this forward with more features than ever with the 2021 model due out later in 2020. Commercial fleet sales grew in 2019 to a remarkable 12 percent over 2018. Many reasons are attributed to why the Express has done as well as it has, but companies like Amazon and UPS are using this vehicle and experiencing wild growth. As such, this means greater use for the need for a cargo supply van like the Chevy Express. 

Various Powertrain Options

As full-size vans are becoming more popular, the 2021 Express can not come soon enough, especially with the various engine options. Drivers can opt for the six-cylinder 4.3-Liter option that offers 276 horsepower and 298 lb-ft of torque, or go for the solid eight-speed automatic. Another powertrain choice includes the four-cylinder Duramax turbo diesel, found in the Chevrolet Colorado and Canyon pickups. This powertrain is solid as well with its 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.The gasoline V8 is mated with only the six-speed automatic transmission, this engine is known as the Hydra-Matic 6L90, previously added to the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with the 6.2-liter LSA supercharged small-block V8 tower of power.

For 2020, the Express Cutaway, the base trim, can be had for $31,500 MSRP (Plus destination fee), the Express Cargo begins at $32,000 MSRP (Plus destination fee), and the top-tier Express Passenger starts at $34,900 MSRP (Plus destination fee). For those who are curious about riding a large Chevy cargo van, we can help answer any questions with a visit or phone call. We’re here to provide our customers with assistance and recommendations. 

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The 2021 Technology Savvy Chevy Traverse Is Huskier In Appearance (Hello Handsome!)

Riding the waves of its best sales year in its history, the 2021 Chevrolet Traverse readies for the year with a new look, three years after its last facelift. The approaching mid-cycle renovation will include reworked exterior characteristics, improved interior options, new in-car technology, and most notably, additional, no-cost active safety features.

Most prominent on the exterior will be the new LED headlights and taillights allied with an identically reformed front and rear fascias. Accompanying a new and more-angular front grille, the next year’s Traverse already presents itself with a feel that is huskier and boxier than the current model despite the sheet metal between the front and rear clips that remain the same. Also, turn signal indicators are now merged with the daytime running lamps, and four new wheel designs are available.

Additionally, the interior will provide new seating choices, including newly-available conveniences like Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, a driver-friendly 8.0-inch information display, and a panoramic sunroof. The 2021 Traverse will keep offering USB charging ports in all rows and maintain its best-in-class cargo capacity distinction. All in all, there a quite a few considerate changes that are coming in the large Chevy.

Really it’s the safety gear that has the most considerable advancements. All models of the Traverse now include a more inclusive set of standard driver-assistance systems like automatic emergency braking, automatic high beams, front pedestrian braking, forward collision warning, and lane-keep assist with lane departure warning. On the 2020 version of the Traverse, a lot of that equipment prescribed customers to order the range-topping trims or pay extra when going for mid-pack versions, this upgrade makes up for it exponentially.

Nevertheless, Chevy hasn’t just yet cleared up its pathway on active safety. Although its no longer restricted to the range-topping High Country, Chevy is still restricting adaptive cruise control to its swankier models: 3LT, RS, and Premier. For the first time, the Safety Alert Seat will be available, however, as previously mentioned, Chevy is restricting that feature to the Traverse Premier and High Country models only.

Chevy’s release makes no mention of powertrain alterations, so it’s expected that the Traverse will keep 2019’s 3.6-liter V6 and 9-speed automatic transmission.

We are anticipating that the  2021 Chevrolet Traverse will go on sale late this year. Pricing and additional specifications will be available near its launch date.

Miami Lakes Auto Mall

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Photo Source/Copyright: MotorTrend
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2020 Chevrolet Spark Special Edition Introduced

Spark Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Chevy

Chevrolet has announced a new special edition, simply known as the Special Edition for the 2020 Spark. The subcompact car was topped in 2019 by the Chevrolet Spark, ahead of the competition and looks to continue its reign at the top spot for 2020. Over 31,000 Spark vehicles were sold last year and Chevy has added 15-inch black-painted, machine-finished wheels, black DRL bezels, a black grille with matching black bowtie badges and looks fantastic. Under the hood, a 1.4-Liter four-cylinder with 98 horsepower and 94 lb-ft of torque with front-wheel-drive. Let’s get into the new special edition and upcoming 2021 model year due out later in 2020.

More On the 2020 Chevrolet Spark

The Spark was updated with the 2019 model year to include a more eloquent and chrome-laden front and added dual-element taillamps. Owners can opt for the Driver Confidence Package that is available for the 2LT trim and adds collision alert, automatic emergency braking, as well as lane departure warning and adds low speed forward automatic braking. Safety improvements weren’t the only added feature, with updates to include new interior and exterior color options and new wheel designs. The latest Chevrolet infotainment comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities as well as two USB ports. Drivers can opt for the color in black with a white roof or blue with a white roof. The Special Edition is a neat entry for those who want the best look for the Spark. Eventually, the 2021 Chevy Spark will arrive. Early reports have come out to mention some of the changes coming out. 

2021 Model Year Is Approaching

Eventually, the 2021 Chevrolet Spark will arrive, but the next-generation is not due out for at least a year or more. The changes for the 2021 model year will include the same four trims, the base L, LT, ACTIV, and the premium 2LT. More colors will be added including the new Cayenne Orange, which replaces the Orange Burst and the Mystic Blue will replace the Raspberry color. The color combinations on the inside include Jet Black with Dark Anderson Silver Metallic, Caribbean Blue as well as Jet Black. The naturally-aspirated 1.4-Liter engine will have the same horsepower and torque combination for the 2021 model year as the 2020 model year. Two available transmission carries a 5-speed manual or automatic continuously variable transmission. This is the second-generation Spark and pricing and release date has not been announced yet for the 2021 model year. Thinking about driving a new Chevy? 

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Chevrolet Has Electric Camaro Waiting In the Wings

EV Miami Lakes Automall

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

General Motors has given fans hints and an image that suggests the Chevrolet Camaro is about to have an electric version available soon. General Motors (GM) has shown the world a coupe-shaped silhouette that allows viewers to imagine what the upcoming Camaro will truly look like, but the image, pictured above, has many wondering if this is the electric incarnation. Along with this photograph, GM also showcased 11 new all-electric vehicles in a short-form video posted on various social media outlets including Twitter and Facebook. GM kicked off their first-ever “EV Day” this March and has promised a grand total of at least 20 new all-electric vehicles by 2023. 

General Motor Are Stacked With Electric Plans 

Last November, GM and Chevrolet showed off a prototype named the “E-10” that is powered by their eCrate electric driving system. This driving system might become part of the brand’s performance parts catalog in the near future. Another concept that debuted by Chevrolet recently was in fact another Camaro known as the Camaro eCOPO electric drag racer. This vehicle supposedly hit a 9.8-second quarter-mile time. The eCOPO Camaro concept also had an amazing engine that is rumored to be a 700 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque powertrain; quite powerful. Chevy has been secretive with their electric plans and we’re not sure why. The automotive world is ready to see more electric options, particularly with vehicles that are beloved like the Camaro. 

Mum Is the Word (For Now)

The actual word by Chevrolet regarding the electric Camaro is just a report for now. There has not been any actual electric vehicle announced specifically for the Camaro, but we expect this will change soon. The hint is real and not fabricated. General Motors is planning a rear-wheel-drive architecture that is set to debut in production vehicles starting later this decade in 2025. We’re awaiting the debut of more electric vehicles to come in 2020, but few are more exciting to think of than the Chevrolet Camaro EV. Recently, an updated Chevrolet Bolt EV has gotten some love, but we hope to see more options get the star treatment from Chevy. For those looking for the latest Chevrolet products, come to Miami Lakes Automall today.

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Chevrolet Refreshed the Top EV On the Market, the 2020 Chevy Bolt

Chevy Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Chevrolet

General Motors has plans to refresh and update the Chevrolet Bolt EV. The vehicle has been apart of the Chevy lineup for four years. A new wave of electric vehicles is set to come out from GM early in the new decade and the Chevrolet Bolt will be revamped to look sharp and offer the modern amenities that have been recently developed. In the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt, the Bolt actually costs less and offers better fuel efficiency with a driving range of 259 miles, up from 238 miles last year. The Bolt also charges faster than ever before, up 150% faster during the first 30 minutes of charging in colder temperatures than the previous model. 

No Vehicle Has Better Fuel Efficiency

The fuel range for the Bolt is greater than the Hyundai Kona Electric, the Tesla Model 3, the Kia Niro, the Nissan Leaf Plus, and BMW I3. The top of the electric vehicle class is the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV. The engineering team at Chevy worked tirelessly to improve the energy of the cell electrodes in the battery. By improving the cell chemistry, the number of cells is the same, but each one is more energy-dense with an improvement of 6 kWh of energy. The Bolt battery pack is up from 60 kWh to 66 kWh. This increase is detrimental to allowing the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt to become the top EV, which was Chevrolet’s goal to reclaim the top spot. The future of the Chevrolet Bolt looks bright with the Bolt EUV expected to be ready by the 2022 model year. The EUV has a larger wheelbase at 3.0 inches longer than the Bolt. This will provide more room in the backseats and will look more upright and like an SUV with a sunroof. 

More Than Just the Best Fuel Range of Any EV

Upgrades have also come by way of technology upgrades. The Bolt EV has HD Rear Vision and HD Surround Vision Cameras that help to give a full-display rearview mirror/camera. The new pedestrian alert system helps drivers with a noise that goes off in the newly placed speakers in both the front and rear of the vehicle. With high-tech upgrades, lower pricing, the expectation is to see greater numbers from customers. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the Bolt is also quick with a 0 to 60 mph time of 6.5 seconds. While speaking about the improvements, the plan has been clear about what Chevrolet wanted to do with the Bolt EV.

“The Chevrolet Bolt EV has been changing consumer perceptions of electric vehicles since its launch in 2016. The great range now, even more, is the foundation of the Bolt EV’s success, and when paired with features like one-pedal driving, Regen on Demand and the instant torque of the EV motor, the vehicle delivers an exceptional driving experience. Chevrolet also is helping to encourage EV adoption by providing customers the necessary tools and services to make EV ownership more convenient,” said Steve Majoros, director of Chevrolet Passenger Car and Crossover Marketing.

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