My Chevrolet Rewards Program


The My Chevrolet Rewards program offers customers ways to save and earn points for doing tasks most vehicle owners do anyway. Here’s a look at all the ways Chevy drivers can save money by earning points.

How Can I Earn Points?

Participants earn 1,000 points for signing up for Chevy and another 1,000 points for filling out your member profile. Otherways drivers can earn points include leasing or purchasing any Chevy vehicle or adding the Chevrolet Protection Plan to a new vehicle or a vehicle that was previously purchased.  The Chevy Protection Plan earns 5,000 points and it protects the vehicle with additional coverage on top of the limited manufacturer warranty.

Participants can also earn points by visiting participating Chevrolet dealerships. Participants earn six points per every $1 spent on service and several other recognized purchases.

Want to earn more points on things you’re already planning to buy? Save even more and gain 10,000 points by signing up with the GM BuyPower Card. A GM BuyPower Card produces 5% earnings on a participant’s first $5,000 in purchases every year, then 2% unlimited earnings on every purchase following that. There’s no annual fee or foreign transaction fees and the best part is there’s no expiration on your earnings when you start an account. Every GM Dealer participates.

Another fast way to earn 1,000 points is by simply downloading the GM Financial Mobile App. From your smartphone, access the App store on your phone and enroll in paperless billing. An iOS version for Apple customers of the GM Financial Mobile App is coming out soon!

What Else Can I Gain From My Chevy Rewards?

You can redeem your points for certified service, OnStar or up to $500 towards a new vehicle purchase or lease allowance for around 20,000-100,000 points that are put towards a lease or purchase of any Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle. You can also use your points for Chevrolet accessories allowance like a bike rack or custom wheels. Gain 4 months of OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance for just 4,000 points! There’s many options for how you can use your points and they will help make your experience even better than you’d imagine. Earn points for purchases you’re going to make anyway and watch how the rewards come sooner than later!

Let Us Help You Find More Ways to Save!

If you’re interested in saving money, we are ready to help you get into a new or wonderful pre-owned vehicle at Miami Lakes Automall. We know your time is important and we will do our best to handle your buying, selling, leasing or trade-in transaction as quickly as possible. The main goal is that you leave home happy and we hope you return for any vehicle maintenance with our trusted service team.

The 2019 Suburban RST Performance Package features a 420-hp, 6.2

Chevy Suburban RST Performance Package

The 2019 Suburban RST Performance Package features a 420-hp, 6.2

Photo credit: Chevrolet

Summer 2018 is going to be one to remember, especially for those Suburban lovers out there. For one, the new 2019 Chevy Suburban will be available and along with it, the new RST Performance Package will be an available option. Let’s get into all the upcoming changes for one of Chevy’s best selling vehicles.

More On the Suburban RST Performance Package

The 2019 Chevy Suburban RST Performance Package features a 420-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine, Magnetic Ride Control with performance calibration and a new Hydra-Matic 10L80 10-speed transmission. Available as an upgrade, customers can order the Performance Package this summer. (Not a bad way to start off your summer.)

This is the first time the 6.2-liter V8 which produces 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque will be available in the Suburban. Chevrolet boasts three innovations that make the most of the the vehicle’s power, torque and efficiency in its latest technology. The included innovations include direct injection, Active Fuel Management and continuously variable valve timing.

So, what exactly is Magnetic Ride Control? An active suspension that notes the road at every passing moment you’re driving and can calibrate the electronically controlled shock absorbers in as little as 5 milliseconds. This means your vehicle will have suspension that delivers both improved body-motion control during any turns and increased overall comfort. The new performance calibration included in the Suburban RST Performance Package increases body control for even higher levels of complete responsiveness and enjoyment while in you drive. Active Fuel Management provides better fuel economy.

The 2019 Chevy Suburban RST is expected to have a towing capacity of 8,100 pounds and other changes are anticipated on the vehicle’s body-color grille, door handles, window trim and Chevy bowties.

“The RST Performance Package made its debut on the Tahoe RST last spring, and the response from our customers was overwhelmingly positive,” said Sandor Piszar, director of Chevy Trucks Marketing and Advertising. “In fact, Tahoe RST with the Performance Package is the fastest-turning Tahoe model, and we’ve received customer requests to offer the same performance and power to Suburban RST. Delivering on those requests with the Suburban RST Performance Package is another example of how Chevrolet has continually invested in the segment, developing models with combinations of capability, technology and performance to meet the needs of different customers.”

The 2019 Chevy Performance Package is available as an upgrade to the Suburban, which was introduced in 2017. Included with the package will be 22-inch wheels wrapped in Bridgestone P285/45R22 tires and will feature a new 10-speed automatic transmission. Since this while is not out yet, we don’t know every great feature sure to be included with this vehicle yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Find Your Chevy With Us

If you’re encouraged by reading this to upgrade your vehicle to a new Chevrolet, we have hundreds of new vehicles, including the 2018 Chevy Suburban at Miami Lakes Automall.   

From all-new Chevy vehicles to late model pre-owned vehicles, we’re your destination to buy, lease, trade-in or sell a vehicle.

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Forget a Minivan, Get a Chevy Traverse or Chevy Tahoe



If you’re planning on a summer vacation, you might be planning on taking the family in your current old minivan, right? Might we suggest planning on something just as exciting as the vacation itself? An all-new 2018 Chevy Traverse or 2018 Chevy Tahoe. Ditch the minivan and find yourself driving some of the better alternatives offered by Chevrolet this summer.

You can gain more power, have similar size and the perfect amenities for drivers who want more than what a minivan provides. The 2018 Chevy Traverse and 2018 Chevy Tahoe are both fully capable SUVs that are perfect for a road trip.

Included in the All-New 2018 Chevy Traverse

For those looking for a new and capable vehicle, the Chevy Traverse returned with a new look for the 2018 model year and enhanced features. With more space and an improved exterior design, owners will love all that comes with it. Thanks to the additional technology features and improved performance and power, drivers can get more out of the Chevy Traverse than ever before.

The all-new 2018 Chevy Traverse is available in six different trims and each trim is available with front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. The Traverse has a fantastic selection of standard features including some of the most modern features that are sure to make every road trip more entertaining. Equipped with a 7-inch or 8-inch touchscreen, the Chevy Traverse has OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot on all models as well as MyLink, Chevy’s infotainment system, which provides access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2018 Chevy Tahoe Comparison

When we say the 2018 Chevy Tahoe offers more power than the Traverse, that’s because its available with two V8 engine options, a base 5.3-liter with 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque and the optional 6.2-liter with 420 horsepower and 360 lb-ft of torque.

The 2018 Chevy Tahoe has an available 10-speaker Bose audio system with Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system that includes an 8-inch touchscreen and total Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. The available rear entertainment system offered by Chevy includes digital headphones, a drop-down screen that includes an HDMI connection to play anything on the drop-down screen when connected.

Pricing Differences Between Traverse and Tahoe

The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse (base model) starts at $29,930 MSRP (plus destination fee) while comparatively, the price of the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe LS (base model) is $47,500 MSRP (plus destination fee). With that in mind, think more power and space provided incase the Chevy Traverse isn’t spacious enough for you.

Chevy Provides Enough Size For Any Road Trip

Chevy provides a lot of space for drivers and passengers. The 2018 Chevy Traverse boasts three rows of seats and depending on the second-row seat configuration (bench seat or captain’s chairs) there is seating for seven or eight people. Designed to keep all passengers comfortable, the Traverse offers best-in-class legroom for third-row passengers. And with the Traverse’s best-in-class maximum cargo space of 98.2 cubic feet, there’s plenty of room to keep clutter out of the passenger area. Also, so passengers don’t get too cold or too hot in the backseat, the Traverse has three-zone climate control so everyone can enjoy the temperature that is right for them.

If you thought you needed a minivan, and the Traverse isn’t big enough, the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe might be. With available seven or eight passenger seating, depending on the options selected, the Chevy Tahoe is very comfortable for you and your family. The standard setup on the Chevy Tahoe seats eight passengers with an included second-row 60/40 split-bench seat and a 60/40 split-bench third-row seat. The 2018 Chevy Tahoe is also available with second-row bucket seats, and that option reduces the vehicle’s seating capacity to seven people. If both rows of the rear seats are folded down, consumers get 15.3 cubic feet of cargo room, 51.7 cubic feet with the third row down and owners can make use of 94.7 cu. ft. of cargo space when all rows are down.

Come Find Your Very Own 2018 Chevy Traverse or Tahoe

The 2018 Chevy Traverse and 2018 Chevy Tahoe are at Miami Lakes Automall. Whether you’re looking to test drive one for yourself or have a vehicle you’d like to trade in,  rush over to Miami Lakes Automall to experience what Chevy offers. We’re available seven days a week and you won’t regret your excellent experience with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  

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Fuel Savings of Chevy’s Hybrid, PHEV and EV Model


“Green” cars range from hybrids, to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to electric vehicles (EVs), and each of those types of vehicles has different qualities that make them ideal for different buyers. Some of the biggest motivating factors for consumers that are looking for a new “green” vehicle is convenience, fuel consumption, fuel costs and greenhouse emissions, so we’re going to take a look at all of those factors and their individual numbers for three of Chevy’s “green” vehicles, the Chevy Malibu Hybrid, Chevy Bolt EV and Chevy Volt.

Chevy Malibu Hybrid

The Chevy Malibu Hybrid is a great option for consumers who want a car that is “greener” than vehicles that have a traditional internal combustion engine, but don’t have to worry about driving a new “type” of vehicle or having a decreased driving range. Hybrid vehicles use batteries that assist the internal combustion engine with some tasks, therefore the engine uses less gas, emits less greenhouse gases and is also a little more affordable to drive. But the tasks the battery is able to assist with are limited, so the reduction of CO2 emissions or savings in fuel costs of a hybrid aren’t as significant as those from a PHEV or EV.  

The Chevy Malibu Hybrid is equipped with a 1.8-liter hybrid four-cylinder engine. The engine helps the Malibu Hybrid achieve a fuel economy of 49 mpg in the city, 43 mpg on the highway, and a combined city/highway fuel economy of 46 mpg. Since hybrid vehicles are very similar to non-hybrid vehicles, they have fuel tanks that are just as large non-hybrid vehicles, but since the vehicles have a better fuel economy, hybrid vehicles tend to have an incredible driving distance, and that’s definitely the case for the Malibu Hybrid. The Chevy Malibu Hybrid has a total driving distance of 598 miles on a full tank of gas.

The Chevy Malibu Hybrid is definitely a great choice for people looking to save money in fuel costs. estimates that the average driver spends about $900 per year in fuel costs and after five years of driving the Malibu Hybrid, the average driver will save about $3,250 in comparison to the average vehicle.

Chevy Malibu Hybrid Fuel Economy

49/43/46 city/highway/combined
598 miles of total driving range
Annual Fuel Costs: $900
Savings in Comparison to Average Vehicle After 5 Years: $3,250
Cost to Drive 25 Miles: $1.49

Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), and PHEVs are a popular choice among consumers because they significantly increase fuel savings and reduce CO2 emissions in comparison to hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles, and they don’t require a user to rely on electric power. PHEVs have both an internal combustion engine and a battery that is large enough to power the vehicle on its own. This makes it possible for the car to be driven on pure electricity, on gas or a combination of both. Though driving on pure electricity is ideal for most “green” drivers, the concern of some drivers is the time it takes to recharge the battery if it runs out of power, so having an internal combustion engine is a great feature.

The Chevy Volt is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and am 18.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. Since PHEVs can be powered by pure electricity for a significant distance, they have additional measurements of fuel economy, including MPGe, which stands for miles per gallon equivalent. They Chevy Volt’s internal combustion engine has a combined city/highway fuel economy of 42, which means that is the fuel economy of the vehicle when only powered by gas. When the Volt’s battery and engine are working together, the Chevy Volt has a combined fuel economy of 106 MPGe, and the Chevy Volt’s battery can power the vehicle for up to 53 miles without using a drop of gas. Finally, the Chevy Volt has a total driving distance of 420 miles, which means a fuel tank of gas and a fully-charged battery.

The Chevy Volt offers great savings in fuel economy. estimates the average driver spends about $700 in fuel costs per year, and in five years the average driver will save up to $4,250 in fuel costs in comparison to the average vehicle, which is $1,000 more than the Chevy Malibu Hybrid.

Chevy Volt Fuel Economy

Gas Engine: 42 MPG combined city/highway
Battery: 53 miles of total driving range
Hybrid Mode: 106 MPGe
420 miles of total driving range
Annual Fuel Costs: $700
Savings in comparison to average vehicle after 5 years: $4,250
Cost to drive 25 miles: $1.01 when powered by electricity and $1.64 when powered by gasoline

Chevy Bolt EV

Consumers looking for the greenest vehicle possible will want to opt for an electric vehicle like the Chevy Bolt EV. Electric vehicles don’t have an internal combustion engine because the battery powertrain is powerful enough to power the entire vehicle. The reliance on electricity results in great fuel savings and the vehicle doesn’t produce any tailpipe emissions ever — there’s not even an exhaust. However, some consumers are hesitant about fully switching over to an EV because they can’t travel as far as PHEVs, hybrids or non-hybrids when they have a fully-charged battery, but they do have enough power to handle the average daily commute.

The Chevy Bolt EV is equipped with a 60 kWh lithium-ion battery, and it gives the Chevy Bolt EV a total driving range of 238 miles, which is one of the largest driving ranges available. The Bolt EV’s fuel economy is only measured in MPGe and it has a combined city/highway fuel economy of 119 MPGe. estimates that the average driver will spend about $550 in fuel costs per year and after five years, the average driver will save $5,000 in fuel costs in comparison to the average vehicle.

Chevy Bolt EV Fuel Economy

Battery: 119 MPGe combined city/highway
238 miles of total driving range
Annual Fuel Costs: $550
Savings in comparison to average vehicle after 5 years: $5,000
Cost to drive 25 miles: $.92

CO2 Emissions

Buyers interested in a “green” vehicle for the sole purpose of reducing the amount of tailpipe emissions as well as their energy impact score will want to opt for an EV. EVs like the Chevy Bolt EV don’t emit any tailpipe emissions, and since they rely on electricity, which is generally provided by cleaner fuel sources than gasoline, they have a lower energy impact score.

Chevy Bolt

Tailpipe Emissions: 0
Energy Impact Score: .2 barrels (or 8.4 gallons) of petroleum per year. estimates the source of the petroleum is from U.S. resources.

Chevy Volt

Tailpipe Emissions: Average of 51 grams per mile — but when driven in EV mode, there are no tailpipe emissions
Energy Impact Score: 2 barrels (or 84 gallons) of petroleum per year. estimates the source of the petroleum is an even split between U.S. resources and imported resources.

Chevy Malibu Hybrid

Tailpipe Emissions: Average of 194 grams per mile
Energy Impact Score: 7.2 barrels (or 302.4 gallons) of petroleum per year. estimates the U.S. is the resource of 71% of the petroleum and imported resources supply about 28% of the petroleum.

Interested in any of these “green” vehicles? Come by Miami Lakes Automall and you can test drive every single model and get a feel for which vehicle would be best for your needs. You can also view all of our Chevy inventory including the Chevy Bolt EV, Chevy Volt and Chevy Malibu Hybrid, online.