Why the Traverse is the Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle


The Traverse is one of the most impressive vehicles on the market, and for the second-straight year, the SUV has been recognized as one of the best family vehicles on the market by Edmunds.com. Predictably, Chevy was rather happy with the accolades and recognition.

“Chevrolet is honored that the Traverse is recognized for the second consecutive year by the experts at Edmunds.com and Parents,” said Steve Majoros, the marketing director of Chevrolet cars and crossovers. “Traverse’s winning combination blends the capability and roominess of a traditional SUV with the attributes of a crossover, including a car-like driving experience, low step-in height and good efficiency on the highway.”

Of course, the vehicle also has several attributes that makes it an ideal choice for road tripping. What could this SUV possibly offer that others could not? The Traverse features a unique combination of technology, roominess, and safety. No other vehicle offers these types of capabilities, and no other SUV offers all of these amenities with only a $28,700 price tag.

Still have some doubts? Maybe we can help convince you that the SUV is truly the ultimate road tripping vehicle. Before you go shopping for a Chevy Traverse in Miami, see why the SUV could accompany you on your trip across the country…

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2016 Chevy Trax: Somewhere In Between

2016 chevy traxIn an attempt to reach the new demographic of young “on the go” do-ers, Chevy has introduced the 2016 Trax. Because this generation was more likely raised in large SUV’s rather than minivans, they, too want to have their new adventure in their own SUV.

It’s just that now, the SUV of this new generation is much smaller, more versatile and well, not really an SUV at all. The 2016 Chevy Trax is a compact crossover and it’s zooming through your city streets.

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5 Ways the Trax Makes a Great Winter Vehicle

The Chevrolet Trax was just launched for the 2013 model year for the first time in the United States. The mini compact crossover segment was just getting started, and the Trax was positioned perfectly to hit the ground running. Featuring the perfect size to navigate city streets, tight parking spaces, and heavy traffic – the 2016 Chevy Trax is the perfect crossover for the city dweller with an adventurous spirit. The Trax is the most unique model in the Chevrolet lineup. Coming up 20-iches shorter than the compact Chevy Equinox, the Trax proudly wears its blue bowtie as the smallest compact crossover in Chevy’s history. Read the rest of this entry >>

5 Reasons The Chevy Trax is the Best City-Smart CUV

Subcompact crossovers are rarely designed for long haul road trips. Their function is not best suited on the open road, but rather in a crowded city. The Chevrolet Trax was created by the General Motors-owned company back in 2013, and has been serving the subcompact crossover segment well, ever since. Seeing the Chevy Trax in Miami is the perfect example of how the subcompact was meant to perform. Maneuvering through crowded city streets, angling perfectly into a tight parking space, and zig-zagging effortlessly through gridlock traffic. That is what the subcompact crossover segment was made for. And the Trax performs brilliantly. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Traverse: Best in Class Features Where They Matter Most

The Traverse is a full-size crossover SUV produced by Chevrolet since 2008. With seating for up to eight passengers, and plenty of technology to appease them all, the Traverse is one of the most up and coming vehicles in its class. The large presence of the Chevy Traverse in Miami and across the United States is growing every year, and for good reason.

In a segment that is largely competitive, the Traverse is standing on its own with plenty of class-exclusive features, incredible safety scores, and more. No other full-size SUV can compare. The newest rendition of the Traverse has other SUVs scrambling to stay relevant in a market that requires almost constant evolution.

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Why California is a Hub for the Chevy Volt


Considering the scarceness of charging stations around the United States, it’s no surprise that electric vehicles have yet to catch on. However, electric vehicles sales have slowly started to catch on in California, and there are several reasons for that boom in popularity.

Sure, if you live on the east coast, you’re much more likely to find a Chevy Traverse in Miami than a Chevy Volt. Still, it’s important to recognize why these vehicles are important and why their popularity will continue to grow…

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