5 of the Best Chevy Models No Longer Made

57-chevy-bel air- Chevrolet Miami

Chevrolet has produced hundreds of American favorites throughout history. The company’s ability to conceive and produce top models in every segment again and again has made the brand a legend.

These five exceptional models from the past no longer appear on the showroom floor at Chevrolet in Miami. But they do represent the innovation that has always set Chevy apart from the rest.

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2016 Chevrolet Volt: Everything You Need to Know

2016-chevrolet-volt-Chevrolet Miami

The original concept for the Chevrolet was unveiled eight years ago, and the partially electric four-door has gained quite an enthusiastic following since then.

Now, for 2016, the second generation Volt is slated to arrive at your local Chevrolet in Miami, and it’s definitely giving people plenty to talk about.

From improved range and efficiency to more refined looks, the new Volt promises to become even more popular than its predecessor.

During Chevy’s recent reveal of the 2016 model at the Detroit Auto Show, there were at least 50 excited Volt owners calling out support from the audience.

Why were they so pumped? Chevrolet based many of the changes and upgrades in the second generation sedan on feedback from existing Volt owners. And those owners tend to be a particularly loyal crowd.

There are numerous online forums dedicated to Volt drivers who like to swap stories about the number of electric miles they have under their belts. And the consensus seems pretty clear: Once you go Volt, you can’t go back.

So here’s a look at what’s new with the 2016 model. If you’re not a believer yet, it might be time to take one of these babies for a test drive.

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Chevy May Beat Tesla at Their Own Game


Chevy has built a reputation based on quality and affordability. One of the ways they’ve been able to achieve this is with their cutting edge innovations. They are the first manufacturer to offer built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi on their new vehicle line. Whether you are looking for a dependable pickup or a stylish sedan, Chevy has attractive options for you with the innovations you want.

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OnStar’s Newest Feature May Help You Save on Car Insurance


Chevy is constantly finding ways to improve their technological additions to better match the needs of their drivers. A great example of this is OnStar. Through the years, OnStar first was a go-to resource for emergency situations but then expanded into other services by offering calling, turn-by-turn directions and 4G LTE Wi-Fi. Recently, General Motors announced new features OnStar will offer and they are unique to say the least.

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7 Big Changes Coming to 2016 Chevy Models

2016 Volt - Chevrolet Miami

Now that it’s officially 2015, what better way to start the new year than by checking out what Chevy is preparing to offer next? The company is working on some intense upgrades for 2016, with increased fuel efficiency at the forefront.

Whether you’re a performance lover with your eye on a new Camaro or a devoted Volt fan who loves those electric miles, plan on being wowed by what you see at Chevrolet in Miami for 2016.

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