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2016 Chevy Cruze

It’s the perfect time to buy a new vehicle. The economy is on more firm footing, meaning that you have more money in your pocket and car dealerships throughout the country are offering fantastic deals on new and used vehicles alike. It’s a much more robust market than it was a few years ago, and that translates to more savings and more options.

Your best bet when shopping for a new vehicle is to first visit your local Chevrolet dealer . You’ll find that Chevrolet dealers in Miami distinguish themselves from the competition in just about every way. You’ll get better selection, better prices and better service.

Reasons to Choose Chevrolet

2015 Chevy Colorado

Chevrolet is automotive royalty. The bowtie brand has been producing vehicles since the early days of automotive history, and it has put out some of the most popular and iconic models in that time, including the Corvette and the Camaro. Driving its success has been its superior designs, high quality of workmanship, and reputation for reliability.

Chevrolet is known for producing powerful trucks. You can drive a Chevy truck through just about any terrain and haul just about any cargo. At the same time, these trucks are known for their long life spans. In fact, a few Chevy trucks have made headlines for topping 1 million miles.

Chevrolet is also known for its innovation. In fact, it was one of the earliest brands to create an electric vehicle. Right now, it’s working on creating the first-of-its-kind extended-range electric vehicle with the Chevy Bolt. It will offer a 200-mile range that rivals the Tesla Model S, but it will be available for half the price.

When you shop a Chevrolet dealer in Miami, you will find a wide diversity of vehicles. With Chevy, you can find everything from rugged pickup trucks to luxury sedans. You can find stylish sports cars or eco-friendly electric and hybrid vehicles. You can find any kind of vehicle that you need with Chevy.

2016 Malibu: The Future of the Mid-Size Sedan

2016 Chevy Malibu

The Malibu has long been a popular Chevy model, but it is back and better than ever for 2016. The newest model has been completely redesigned for a sportier look and improved performance. It includes the best of muscle car design, aerodynamic design and luxury design.

The new Malibu has a beefy front end with a split grille with a body color bar, narrow headlights and a lower air intake surrounded by LED running lights. The sweeping roofline ends in a rear end with a clipped overhang. The molded side panels enhance the styling while also drawing the eye toward the rear and complementing the aerodynamic look.

The Malibu’s interior has been upgraded to match its exterior. A larger platform provides additional legroom for passengers, and additional head space is created with a redesigned headliner. The interior has been toned down a bit by streamlining the material and color options, but it creates a more sophisticated look, not a bland one. Convenience features include the MyLink system, which now offers an app for parents to monitor the driving behaviors of their teenagers and to put safety measures in place, such as turning off the audio system when max speeds are reached.

The sedan now comes with a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that puts out 160 horsepower and 184 pounds per feet of torque. An optional engine provides even more power: A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that puts out 250 horsepower and 258 pounds per feet of torque. A hybrid option is also expected to be made available.

The 2016 Chevy Malibu drops 300 pounds with its redesign, which improves the fuel efficiency and contributes to more agile performance. The Malibu is estimated to get 27 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.

Plenty of great teach and safety features are available on the new Malibu, including adaptive cruise control, a pedestrian alert system, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, and a back-up camera.

Visit your local Chevrolet dealer to take a test drive of the new Malibu to see how well it performs for yourself. You’ll be blown away by the design and the performance the Malibu offers.

Best Deals on 2015 Models

2015 Corvette

Part of what drives Chevrolet’s popularity as a brand is that it offers affordable prices on some truly exceptional vehicles. Head down to any Chevrolet dealer, and you’ll find some great prices on the newest lineup of Chevy vehicles. However, for the best prices of any Chevrolet dealer, Miami residents know to go to Miami Lakes Automall.

Some of the hottest vehicles this year are the eco-friendly Chevy Spark, which starts at only $12,270, and the gorgeous Chevy Impala, which starts at $27,060. Whether you want a compact car that conserves as much gas as possible or you want a more family friendly, luxury sedan, Chevy has it at an affordable price.

If you have a need for speed instead, Chevy delivers with a full line of performance vehicles. The popular Camaro starts at only $23,705, or you can get a great deal on a gorgeous Corvette starting at $55,000. Even the higher-priced vehicles are a bargain when you consider all the power and amenities that they offer.

Of course, Chevy is well-known for its trucks, and you can get a great deal on popular models. The Chevy Colorado starts at only $20,120, or you can look at a Chevy Silverado starting at only $26,105. The Silverado is one model that made headlines for topping 1 million miles, so just think about what a bargain that is when you stretch out the cost over the years you can expect to have it.

If you prefer a crossover, Chevy has affordable options in the Trax, starting at only $20,120, or in the Equinox, starting at $22,120.

Come down to one of the top Chevrolet dealers Miami residents trust. Come to Miami Lakes Automall to test drive one of these or other models today and learn for yourself why everyone loves a Chevy.