4 Amazing Kia Concepts That Need to Be Mass Produced

If you are interested in futuristic design and innovative technology, you don’t have to look any further than Kia’s many concept cars. 

You are not likely to come across any concept cars by visiting your local Kia dealership. Furthermore, there may not be a lot of information available on each model, such as when or if it will eventually come to market. The good thing is this: some Kia concepts are so advanced and so intriguing that they garner a huge audience before ever reach production. When this happens, Kia knows it has a hit. 

While many automakers slack off when it comes to “talking up” concept cars, Kia takes the opposite approach. The South Korean company is intent on showing consumers what the future holds. And from the looks of the company's many incredible designs, the future is looking pretty good right about now: 

Kia GT4 Stinger

There are three words that accurately describe the GT4 Stinger: power, poise, and performance. 

Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline direct injected (T-GDI) four-cylinder engine, this vehicle is capable of putting out 315 horsepower. While the engine is something to get excited about, the GT4 Stinger doesn’t come up short in terms of interior and exterior design. From the signature grille to the vertical LED headlamps, the exterior of this vehicle has no trouble turning heads.

On the inside, you will find plenty of features and amenities, many of which are designed for the driver’s comfort and convenience. Kia does not currently have plans to bring this concept to market, but you never know what the future holds. There is always the possibility that the GT4 Stinger could eventually make its way to a dealership near you. 

Kia Track’ster

From the outside, it is easy to understand how the Track’ster would eventually reach production. This ultra-attractive vehicle shares many features with the Soul, which is one of the most popular vehicles in Kia’s lineup.

This concept takes cool to the next level, thanks to Inferno Orange and Whiteout paint, Kia’s unique grille, and integrated headlights. With a lower valance, the Track’ster rides just a few inches off the ground. This may not be practical for a mass produced vehicle, but for a concept it is just fine. But being made with car enthusiasts and track-day lovers in mind, a production version of the Track'ster could find a big fan base waiting for it.

There is more to the Track’ster than a cool name. This concept vehicle could eventually end up in Kia dealerships throughout the country. And if it does, watch out. There is every reason to believe that it will be a big winner.

Kia Trail’ster

The Trail’ster is anything but your average, run of the mill SUV. This concept brings more than that to the party, with Tom Kearns, chief designer, Kia Design Center of America (KDCA) noting the following:

“It takes the go-anywhere capability of an SUV and reimagines it within a compact and sporty package with an expressive design to match." It is only natural for this vehicle to eventually become powered by an AWD system, making it a true companion for everything from running daily errands to taking on outdoor activities ranging from camping to hiking to biking. 

Powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 185 pound-feet of torque and 185 horsepower, the Trail’ster is more than capable of tackling anything that comes its way.

Versatile SUVs are nothing new, however, the Kia Trail’ster kicks it up a notch by offering a lot of vehicle in a small package. If the automaker ever brings this concept to market, it has the potential to become an immediate player in the compact SUV space, competing with vehicles like the Jeep Renegade and Chevrolet Trax.

Kia Sportspace

When it comes to long distance driving, some vehicles are better than others. The Sportspace is designed to provide fast, efficient, and comfortable travel while looking good in the process. Utilizing the classic shooting brake style may make some mistake it for a common station wagon, but enthusiasts see it as a beautiful work of functional art. 

This vehicle is unique in many ways, but one thing remains the same: it has the overall appearance of a Kia. With the signature 'tiger nose' grille, you will never mistake this concept for belonging to another automaker.  The outside is attractive, but this vehicle really shines inside. It is spacious, functional, and full of features to improve comfort and convenience on long road trips.

Gregory Guillaume, Kia’s Chief Designer Europe, had this to say about the Sportspace: “We set out to design a car that is a totally new breed of grand tourer – one for active people who need reasonable cargo space on the weekend, but don't want to compromise moving around in style, comfort and with an element of sportiness.”

That right there is all you need to know about the Kia Sportspace. Out of all the concepts Kia is working on at the present time, this is among those that have the best chance of eventually making it to production.

Kia is Looking Toward the Future

When you examine Kia’s current lineup of vehicles, it is hard to think back to the days when they were nothing but concepts (just the same as the four detailed above).

A dedication to concept vehicle production proves that Kia is looking toward the future. This type of forward thinking is what has allowed the automaker to grow by leaps and bounds over the past 10 years.

The GT4 Stinger, Track’ster, Trail’ster, and Sportspace have what it takes to eventually be sold to consumers the world over. Only Kia knows which vehicles it will put the most resources into in the years to come, but you can be rest assured a few concepts will eventually be selected for production.

If you want to learn more about Kia’s lineup of vehicles, as well as what the future holds, don’t hesitate to stop by a local dealership for more information. 


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