A Palace-on-Wheels: the 2016 Dodge Durango




The 2016 Dodge Durango for sale is a vehicle that has been around for a while. But, unlike some other vehicles, it’s never been at its prime until 2016. Gone is the awkward shaped design from the early 2000s. In its place is a strong and imposing vehicle. The outside isn’t the only thing that’s different though, and the inside has undergone some dramatic changes as well. This 2016 model has 50 different seating configurations, with spacious seating for up to seven passengers. On top of that, it also has an impressive amount of cargo space.  

Combine these aspects with unparalleled comfort in terms of materials, and you now have a vehicle that provides an upscale luxury experience.


50 Different Seating Configurations



With 50 different seating configurations, there is room for anyone and anything that you might decide to bring along. The available premium second-row fold-and-tumble captain’s chairs allow the passengers to move from the second to the third row easily. Which means any taller passengers that might get stuck in the back have the chance to stretch out their legs. Even with the second-row captain’s chairs folded up, adults sitting in the third-row will still find a surprising amount of leg room. To aid in the spaciousness found in the third-row seating, the back doors open up to nearly 90-degrees, and are quite large. Combine the large opening with the flip-and-fold second row seats, and you have a vehicle that makes it very easy to access the third row seat. Much like the comfortable and adult-oriented third-row seating, that’s something that not many competitors are able to offer. 

While there are only seven seats available — as opposed to the usual eight found in cars this size — it’s not a big deal. Why? Simply because that eighth seat is usually too cramped and small to be of any use, even for a child. Therefore, second-row passengers will enjoy the two spacious captain’s chairs, with a second-row mini console and cup holders. Dodge designers favored making that space practical instead of trying to cram an eighth passenger in the vehicle, which is a smart move on their part.  

In a nutshell, the Durango is a road trip ready vehicle for a larger family, and has interior seating that is far above-average in terms of space and versatility.


Impressive Cargo Space



Naturally, those 50 different seating configurations lead to some impressive versatility. Those second-row fold-and-tumble captain’s chairs are 60/40 split, and the third row seating is 50/50 split-folding. While the versatility is welcomed and impressive, what’s even more impressive is the amount of cargo space the Durango has when the fold-flat front passenger seat (with the exception of the Citadel) and all of the rear-seats are folded down.  

The amount of cargo space in question is 84.5 cu-ft, and is enough to fit camping gear, sports equipment, and tools all in one trip. This is a massive amount of cargo space for the full-size SUV segment, and the 47.7 cu-ft of storage space found behind the second row (when the third row seats are folded down) is also way above average. The space behind the third-row seating is, expectedly, limited. However, it’s still big enough to fit a set of golf clubs, or half-a-week's worth of groceries. 

With its large amount of versatile cargo space and spacious seating, the Durango is able to take anything and everything on a family road trip. Whether it’s seven passengers with supplies scattered throughout the cabin, or you and your significant other making a trip up north — it’s guaranteed to configure with enough space for anything.


Unparalleled Comfort



This sense of unparalleled comfort isn’t solely because of the spacious seating. While that plays a big role, the materials the seats are made of, and other comfort amenities found inside the cabin, are the real reasons for this vehicle’s comfort. 

The Citadel trim, for example, has seats that are made out of Nappa Axis II perforated leather, and a special black/red coloration for the R/T trim is made out of the same material. Capri leather trim is available as well, and adds an old-school sense of comfort and style to the seats.

Regardless of the type of leather, the Durango has heated and ventilated front and second-row seating on the Limited, Citadel, and R/T trim levels. Which is, again, not average for a full-size SUV. Plus, the fact that the second-row seats are separate captain’s chairs means the heating will be more effective than if the system was stuck trying to heat up an entire bench seat. 

Comfort amenities like three-zone automatic temperature control make the experience even better, allowing the driver and passengers in all three roles to set and maintain their ideal temperatures for each zone automatically. The center console can provide second-row passengers with convenient access to vent controls, charge-only USB ports, and a 115-volt power outlet. The Durango even comes with light-up cupholders, so you can see where to put your drink at night. In front of those cupholders, a class-exclusive Rotary E-shift dial adds a whole new level of refinement, convenience, and fun to the driving experience. Instead of dealing with a tree-shifter or center-console shifter, all you need to do is effortlessly turn the dial from park to drive. 

This only scratches the tip of the iceberg, and rest assured there are plenty more comfort features found inside the cabin of the Durango. All of which are geared towards making your life as comfortable and convenient as possible on the road. After all, there has to be several reasons many expert reviewers call it one of the more comfortable and spacious SUVs on the market.