A Look at The Best Dodge Models

Miami Dodge dealers are waiting for you to come and shop. They know that drivers want something more than is being offered elsewhere, they know that drivers are sick of the gimmicks and cliches. Drivers want vehicles they can really put their trust in, and that's what Dodge is all about: bringing the old time automotive work ethic and spirit to the modern age. Drivers are tumbling into Miami Dodge dealers to scope out the best Dodge models.  

The Charger


Fuel economy means so much to all of us these days, and that's something that Dodge understands completely. No longer can this great nation afford to produce vehicles that aren't up to par with the highest standards when it comes to being efficient with the use of gasoline. Things have changed since the old days—emissions tests, visible environmental impact, alleged global warming, and up and down oil prices—but Dodge has been keeping up with the times. That's why there is no better time to stop by a Miami Dodge dealer.

The Charger is best in its class for fuel economy with 31 highway miles per gallon and commands a whole 300 horsepower. This is possible because of its 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine, an impressive piece of technological innovation that really puts things into perspective when it comes to what a motor is capable of. Drivers can also choose to beef up their Charger by optioning the 5.7L HEMI, or the 6.4L HEMI, or even the 6.2L HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 engine. The number options the Charger bring to the table is something that Miami Dodge dealers love to discuss with potential drivers.

But the excellence doesn't stop there. The Dodge Charger has the most technologically advanced All Wheel Drive available in its class. This is made possible by its automatic front axle disconnect that allows for a perfect transfer from rear to all-wheel drive—that means that it's as efficient as possible. Drivers don't need all-wheel drive all the time, and when they do they might not be able to flip a switch, making an automatic change over a near necessity for drivers who are out there driving on roads that shift from asphalt to hard pack to gravel. Miami Dodge dealers can tell you how much simpler this seamless shift makes a drive through snow, mud, or anything that could potentially put you into a dangerous spin.

The Charger never stops working for the driver. It's electric power steering has three modes that are selectable by the driver: Normal, Comfort, and Sport. It may seem like a small thing to be able to control the steering, but when drivers find themselves hugging a cliff side turn, or just cruising the strip, they find it invaluable. Dodge's innovation is making systems like this the new norm in the automotive industry, as any of the Miami Dodge dealers can tell you. 

Speaking of cruising the strip, many drivers find themselves wanting to be able to beat other drives off the line. That's where the Charger's launch control comes in. The engineers at Dodge put their heads together and came up with a process that allows drivers to select improved acceleration performance, even to the point of being able to set up their own preferred launch RPM. Imagine the kind of fine tuning all of these systems add up to, the kind of vehicular synergy that is created. It's really no wonder that your Miami Dodge dealers are so excited to talk to people about the new technology underneath the Charger's hood. 

But we're forgetting the price point. And that's something that really shouldn't be forgotten when so many new driver-aid systems are tossed around the conversation. The Dodge Charger starts at $27,995, and it is possible to option a lease starting as low as $299 a month for 42 months. Just think about how reasonable a payment of just under three hundred dollars a month is. That puts the Charger within reach of most drivers' finances, something Dodge is particularly proud of, and something to hash out with Miami Dodge dealers.

The Grand Caravan

Dodge isn't just making cars for people that want to hug corners, it's also making Grand Caravans for fathers and mothers on the go, who need the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are putting their families in the absolute best possible vehicle for them. But it also has to be affordable, because as any mom or dad will tell you, kids aren't cheap. Kelly Blue Book listed the Grand Caravan as one of the ten most affordable three-row vehicles. You read that right, not “ten most affordable vans,” but vehicles in general. Meaning that the Grand Caravan was competing with not only vans but SUVs and crossovers as well; not easy competition, just ask your local Miami Dodge dealers.

Besides affordability, the most important thing to a family is safety. Safety is something that Dodge takes very seriously. The Dodge Caravan has seven airbags—multiple stage airbags, side airbags, knee blocker airbags, and side curtain air bags to keep the little ones in the back safe. And another thing that will keep them safe is the observation mirror. No longer will children in the back seat be able to terrorize each other, or play video games on their phones instead of doing their homework or reading their assignments. It may seem like a small thing, but how many accidents could have been prevented if parents could keep an eye on their kids while they drive without having to turn around? Many, which is yet another reason motivating drivers to head in droves to Miami Dodge dealers.

The Time is Now

There really has never been a better time to stop by your local Miami Dodge dealers. Sales people will be there to assist you in deciding what you value in a vehicle, and what kind of optioning for a particular model will best fit those ideals. Don't be fooled by the competition—many motorists report back to their local Miami Dodge dealers of the sirens song heard elsewhere—be careful! Like sailors of old it's possible to end up on the rocky shores of reality with a vehicle that doesn't fit like a glove, and a finance plan that stresses the bank account. But not at this Dodge dealer. We take pride in each and every sale we make, and more than that, we take pride in each and every conversation we have with a potential customer. It's what we do.