2017 Mitsubishi I-Miev Specs

Mitsubishi i-Miev Specs and details

Since 2008, electric cars have been making a lot of noise in the auto industry and very little on the road. The 2017 Mitsubishi i-Miev is no exception, and breaks into the market with a zero-emission 100% electric engine. The iMiev was also the very first electric car to become highway-capable (able to drive on and reach highway speeds). At this time, the i-Miev is available in one simple, eco-friendly and capable trim, the iMiev ES.

Engine Specs

The 2017 Mitsubishi i-Miev has an all-electric engine, powered by a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The horsepower sits at 66 horses, with 145 lb-ft of torque and a max RPM of 9900. Fitted with a single-speed transmission with fixed reduction gear, the iMiev can speed up without needing to increase its torque. This allows the car to reach speeds up to 80 mph. Drivers can expect an EPA range of 62 miles, an EPA efficiency of 121/101 MPGe city/highway; meaning the iMiev burns about half as much energy on electric power than a car running on gasoline.

There are several ways one can charge up the i-Miev ES. There is a switchable charger – operating at 120V/12A that obtains a full charge at 14 hours; and 120V/8A that can be fully charged within 22 hours. An EVSE 240v/15A charger can decrease that time down to 6 hours. A socket in the in the ventilation system behind by a diverter flap can charge the battery up to 80% full in 20 minutes or less.

Additionally, while driving more power can be re-obtained whilst driving through regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is one of the newer systems introduced to hybrid and electric vehicles. It is a system that converts a percentage of kinetic and potential energy into electric power and it has proved to be very helpful to drivers.


The 2017 Mitsubishi i-Miev may be a tiny car, but it can comfortably sit up to four passengers. If a driver requires a little more cargo space, the rear seats fold down. And to add a little luxury into the car, Mitsubishi added in a feature for heated front seats. The 6-speaker audio system is simple and easy to use and it has the modern requirements of AM/FM radio and MP3 compatibility.


The size of this electric car is less than 4 feet wide, so it’s great for those narrow parking spots in garages or parallel parking in big cities, like Miami. To keep visibility high at all times, the exterior mirrors are heated and the taillights have a combination of LED and halogen bulbs. The vehicle rides on 15-inch rims, fitted with all-season tires.


There are plenty of safety features in the i-Miev that makes it a great car for families. An advanced airbag system has been integrated for the front, side, and even the roof of the car. The LATCH system is built in to tether children to their seats. Electronic active stability control and traction control offers the driver better control of the car in harsh weather conditions. A great security measure is the vehicle immobilizer system, preventing theft and the inability to drive a car, let alone start it, without the correct key.

Price and Warranty

The 2017 Mitsubishi i-Miev ES has a starting MSRP of $22,995. It has a 3-year or 36,000-mile basic warranty, an anti-corrosion 7-year or 100,000-mile warranty, and a 8-year or 100,000-mile battery warranty.

Photo Source and Copyright: Mitsubishi Media Planner

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