2016 Jeep Wrangler: A Versatile and Comfortable Interior



The 2016 Jeep Wrangler for sale is a whole different vehicle than what it used to be. While it’s kept its similar size and shape and is still the king of off-roading, it gained increasingly efficient engines over the years. Perhaps the most surprising (and warmly welcomed) change to this Jeep is the interior. I mean, it’s a Jeep after all, so when you find out that it’s boasting the most comfortable interior in this class, you might do a bit of a double take. Back in the day, the words "comfortable" and "Jeep" would never have been found in the same sentence. It’s not that Jeeps had a bad interior— it was just a very basic setup; one that was never lavished with comfort amenities. 

Apart from adequate passenger room and an abundance of versatile storage space, you’ll also find things like a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, and high-quality leather trim/cloth seating in two-tone color options. It’s features like this that make it feel like a totally different vehicle on the inside.


Passenger and Cargo Space



One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the amount of people the two-door Jeep Wrangler can seat. Just like the older models, the newest two-door model still only has the capability to seat up to four people. 

However, the space has drastically changed because of the modern consumer’s demands. Now, the Wrangler has a total passenger interior volume of 88.4 cu-ft on the two-door model. Although it might not seem that impressive a number, it’s impressive when you think about how the Wrangler first started. For the Freedom Edition and Rubicon Hard Rock trims, the total passenger volume comes in close to 100 cu-ft, with significantly more shoulder room in the back for passengers. In the front, all the Wranglers have 4.6 ft of shoulder room; in the back, the majority of Wranglers have a slightly cramped 3.7 ft, and the Freedom Edition and Rubicon Hard Rock have just under five feet. The leg room is plenty spacious in the front for all models, with about 3.5 ft, and the rear legroom comes in just under three feet. 

While the space in the back might be slightly cramped in terms of legroom, it’s always been like that with the two-door Wranglers. And it’s not even a problem at this point for Wrangler owners, because let’s face it: if you are worried about space for the family, you’ll most likely be grabbing a Grand Cherokee. But for its class, the Wrangler does pretty well.  

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the real appeal of the 2016 Jeep Wrangler: it’s versatile cargo space. Since it is an off-road oriented trim, it only makes sense that it would have good storage while focusing less on passenger space in the rear. 


Cargo Space 



The Wrangler comes with 12.8 cu-ft of storage space behind the second row of seating, which is plenty for carrying some spare parts and gear for off-roading. If you feel like you need more storage space, then you can utilize the Wrangler’s fold-and-tumble rear seats. When the seats are folded down, you will have an above-average — for its class — 56.5 cu-ft of storage space; the Freedom edition has 1.5 cu-ft less, at a flat 55. 

Obviously, the versatility of the Wrangler’s cargo space lies in the fact that it has fold-down rear seats. But, it’s also thanks in part to the other clever and convenient storage options offered. For example, the center console is rather spacious, and a lockable easy-access storage bin with a dual-stage lid tray keeps valuables secure. Also, there is plenty of space for gear in the storage bin located under the rear cargo area. For any gear you want close at hand, storage nets on all of the doors have been set in place. 

Versatility of form and function is where the interior of the Wrangler truly shines. You can have seating for up to four people, or take advantage of the abundant storage space that’s available.


Premium Seating



While the legroom is slightly cramped in the back, the 2016 Jeep Wrangler makes up for it with plenty of comfort amenities, including premium seating. The seating is so comfortable, it landed the Wrangler the most comfortable interior in its class. The seats come in either high-quality Sedosa cloth, or the available McKinley leather trim with embroidered stitching. Even the colors that are available make the inside of the Wrangler look like an upscale luxury vehicle. For example, the leather seats and lower dash come in a shade called Dark Saddle, with black accent stitching and black carpet, upper dashboard, and door panels. 

It provides a look that’s typically only found in upscale SUVs and even opting for the cloth seating gets you some good looks. The Sedosa black cloth seats with light gray accent stitching and rivet inserts make it look quite attractive, and when paired with the Dark Saddle center console and lower dashboard and lower door panels, it suggests a sense of luxury that’s rarely found on an interior with cloth upholstery. Plus, the Wrangler offers plenty of add-on comfort and convenience features, like a heated steering wheel, front heated seats, and even illuminated cupholders. 

Even if the doors, dashboard, and center console are made of hard plastic, it’s not that big of a deal. Would it be an issue in a high-class luxury vehicle? Of course it would, but even though it looks like one, that’s not what the Wrangler is. At its core, this vehicle is still an off-road oriented machine. So while the leather and cloth seats are nice, they are bound to get some dirt or mud on them, following your all-terrain adventures. This is why the hard plastic is intentional - it’s easy to clean. Imagine trying to clean a leather-trimmed dashboard or leather-trimmed doors after a day of mudding with the top down? It wouldn’t be practical — and that idea of practicality is what Jeeps are still built around, so the Wrangler has a standard and durable washable interior with drain plugs. That way, you can hose it down, and let it dry with the top off, if you have a soft top. 

In the end, is it anything that someone looking for sedan-like luxury would appreciate? Of course not, it’s a Jeep. Even with its high-quality leather seats and luxury look and feel, it’s still geared towards practicality and versatility, on the inside and out. For the true Wrangler lover, the leather and heated steering wheel and front seats are merely an added bonus for an interior design that’s remained relatively unchanged throughout the years — because it works just fine for what the 2016 Jeep Wrangler is meant for.