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2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Miami, FL

The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee stands alone in the SUV segment for a variety of reasons. The nameplate delivers the features and capabilities that are often associated with those types of vehicles, including off-roading abilities and a powerful engine. However, the 2016 model also offers a number of additional amenities and functions that are often reserved for much more upscale, expensive vehicles. These characteristics are rarely seen together.

Essentially, the 2016 Grand Cherokee includes a variety of unique attributes that separates the nameplate from the rest of the SUV segment. Whether it's comfort features or technological inclusions, this year's model truly has it all. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind vehicle with enough amenities to appease any car enthusiast, look no further than the Grand Cherokee.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

22/30 MPG

Est. City/Highway


Terrain Settings


Max. Horsepower

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Performance
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Performance


Having earned the brand's Trail Rated badge, the Jeep Grand Cherokee can definitely be regarded as an off-roading behemoth. While many fans or owners have attributed those capabilities to the mechanics (which certainly isn't wrong), they'd be ignoring one of the most significant contributors: the engines.

The Grand Cherokee's three engines each offer a blend of power and efficiency, providing a pair of attributes that are often found separate from each other. Considering these factors, the Grand Cherokee's capable and powerful engines are truly one-of-a-kind.

3.6-liter Pentastar V6

Power and fuel efficiency: two engine attributes that are rarely seen together. The Grand Cherokee's 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine is certainly an exception.

The unit delivers the strength you'd expect from a Grand Cherokee, as the engine pumps out 295 horsepower and 260 pounds-feet of torque. Despite the power, the motor is incredibly fuel efficient. Thanks to the inclusion of the Start/Stop technology, drivers can expect a 26 mile per gallon highway fuel economy. This results in a best-in-class V6 Highway Driving Range of 600 highway miles!

3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6

Efficiency and reduced emissions are valued in the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6. Partnered with an eight-speed automatic transmission, drivers can expect a best-in-class highway fuel economy of 30 miles per gallon and a 730-mile highway range.

Even with these phenomenal capabilities, power hasn't been compromised on the EcoDiesel unit. Drivers should still expect a 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque, providing that extra bit of push that drivers may be seeking.

5.7-liter HEMI V8

Jeep's largest offering for the Grand Cherokee is predictably the HEMI V8. The hulking engine provides all the power a driver could possibly want, pumping out 360 horsepower and 390 pounds-feet of torque. This results in a best-in-class 7,400-pound maximum towing capacity.

Incredibly, efficiency hasn't necessarily been compromised in favor of this power. The 22 mile per gallon highway fuel efficiency is mighty impressive considering the horsepower and torque specs, making the HEMI V8 a unique, one-of-a-kind option.

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2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior


Sports utility vehicles are known for their power, cargo room, and off-roading abilities, not their style. The Grand Cherokee generally offers more luxury features than your typical Jeep, and these amenities help transform the nameplate into a unique SUV.

Several comfort features result in a more relaxing ride, allowing the driver to devote their total attention to the road. Meanwhile, the technology will provide your younger occupants with some entertainment, and the driver can appreciate the music and navigation assistance from the vehicle's infotainment system.

How often do you see these types of features included in an SUV? Rarely. Putting the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee on a pedestal all by itself.

Comfort Features

With seating for five passengers, all of your family and friends will be able to appreciate the interior amenities of the Grand Cherokee. The soft-touch materials have been meticulously designed all the way down to the accent stitching. The stylish Natura Plus leather trim is among the most popular options, as the material perfectly complements the heated/ventilated front seats.

If you're traveling on a road trip, passengers won't feel cramped against an abundance of luggage. The Grand Cherokee offers more than enough cargo space, with drivers having 68.3-cubic-feet to work with. Plus, the folding rear seats allow for maximum flexibility, meaning you can fit whatever cumbersome cargo your child deems necessary.

Technological Add-Ons

The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a variety of technological features that will keep both the driver and passengers entertained. Second-row passengers can enjoy the dual-screen Blu-ray DVD Entertainment System, which provides a pair of nine-inch screens that allow occupants to enjoy whatever media they prefer. Thanks to the wireless headphones, the audio won't bother the front passengers, although everyone could enjoy the soundtrack via the incredible audio system options (including a state-of-the-art Harman Kardon system with Logic 7 surround-sound and 19 high-performance GreenEdge loudspeakers).

That technology isn't only reserved for those seated in the back. The five-inch or 8.4-inch Uconnect system provides an interactive infotainment experience. Drivers can access HD Radio or even their phone's basic capabilities (thanks to the Siri Eyes Free technology). Drivers can even opt to include the extensive navigation program, which includes 3-D models of cities.

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2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Exterior
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Exterior


The Grand Cherokee's familiar exterior design will be returning for the 2016 model. However, the body of this year's Grand Cherokee won't be purely highlighted by style and aesthetics. While the vehicle is certainly handsome, designers were more focused on adding several exterior features that help improve the ride quality.

For example, the bright headlamps will provide that extra bit of vision on those dark and stormy days. Meanwhile, the rain-sensing wipers will take another distraction off the driver's list, thus maximizing focus and safety.

Eye-Catching Design

Jeep has consistently rolled out the same muscular design for their Grand Cherokee, but this has clearly worked for the brand. The familiar body style is iconic and recognizable, and several modern revamps have guaranteed that the nameplate would remain among the more stylish sports utility vehicles.

Several of the exterior inclusions, like the large spoiler and lower front and rear fascia, play a role in improving the vehicle's aerodynamics. Meanwhile, the capless fuel fill provides an easy and mess-free refueling experience, while the power liftgate adds much-needed convenience.

Convenience Features

The engineers also included several exterior features to not only spruce up the style of their vehicle, but also provide some versatility and assistance. The bi-xenon high-intensity Discharge lighting headlamps are definitely stunning, but they'll also provide an extra bit of illumination on those stormy nights.

Meanwhile, several features are added strictly for convenience. The rain-sensing wipers will automatically operate when precipitation is detected, while the smart brake system will dry your brake rotors on those wet days.

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