2016 Jeep Compass



You rarely find a vehicle that offers a unique combination of luxury, style, comfort, ruggedness, and durability. If you do, you expect to pay an arm and a leg. Luckily, there's an option out there that includes all of these attributes, and it's also one of the most affordable SUVs on the market.


The 2016 Jeep Compass has a made a name for itself due to its affordability, but the SUV offers so much than just a flashy price tag. However, before we explore why the Compass is such a capable vehicle, let's check out the history of the nameplate…


A Brief History of the Compass



The Compass may have officially gone into production in 2006, but the vehicle actually first made its debut in 2002. Premiering at the 2002 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the concept included a two-door body, impressive all-wheel drive capabilities, and a 3.7-liter Power-Tech V6 engine. 

When the Compass was officially unveiled at the 2006 North American International Auto Show, neither the engine nor the two-door design ended up being included. However, many of the concept's stylings and features ended up sticking around. The SUV was based off the DaimlerChrysler/Mitsubishi GS platform, featuring a hatchback-like design that was also used in the Dodge Caliber. 

For the first few years on the market, the Compass stayed pretty much the same. While the vehicle didn't feature the familiar 'Trail Rated" badge often found on the brand's other SUVs, it still proved to be quite a capable vehicle. The badge was eventually added in 2011, with the company marketing the Compass towards first-time Jeep owners and non-off-roaders. 

2011 proved to be a big year for the nameplate, as the Compass saw a complete redesign. With engineers aiming to have their SUV resemble the Grand Cherokee, many of the mechanics ended up being revamped. The brand included a new suspension system, a modernized interior, and a number of new package options (like the Freedom Drive II Off-Road Package, which offered a new transmission, four-wheel-drive capabilities, all-terrain tires with 17-inch aluminum wheels, and improved ground clearance). 

A pair of engine options have been included in the Compass over the years. The 2.4-liter World I4 gas engine could pump out a commendable 172 horsepower, while the 2.0-liter World engine (available on the 4X2 Sport model) delivered 158 horsepower. The vehicle also included a pair of four-wheel drive systems throughout the run.


Don't Let the Affordable Price Fool You



You're not going to find a more affordable SUV on the market, as the Compass starts at only $19,595. However, you shouldn't let this low price fool you... the Jeep Compass is still a very capable and impressive vehicle. 

The previously-mentioned engines provide the driver with some unexpected power, but they truly makes a name for themselves in regards to fuel economy. The 2.0-liter DOHC can deliver a 30 highway mile per gallon efficiency, while the 2.4-liter delivers a 28 highway mpg efficiency. 

If you're buying a Jeep, you're expecting some off-roading capabilities. The Compass certainly delivers, as the vehicle offers a variety of features that will improve that trip off the beaten path. For example, the Brake Traction Control will prevent your vehicle from slipping and sliding, even in the worse conditions. 

Of course, because of the Compass's stylish exterior, you may be a bit apprehensive about taking your SUV off the main road. The vehicle features a "bold, muscular profile," and the sculpted lines certainly ads a level of intimidation to the Jeep. 

The interior offers everything you could possibly want in a Jeep... and a whole lot more. It starts with the various materials, like the McKinley Perforated Leather Trim or the premium cloth option. Either choice will add a level of sophistication to your new SUV.  

There are also a number of technological features that will make your ride more enjoyable and more convenient. The Automatic Temperature Control allows each customer to choose their ideal climate setting, and the heated front seats will just add to that comfort, especially during the winter months. Meanwhile, the Radio 430N technology include a 6.5-inch touchscreen that provides the driver with GPS Navigation, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, hands-free calling capabilities, and a number of other helpful apps. 

Perhaps our favorite features are the acoustic windshield and the liftgate speakers. The windshield has been specifically engineered to reduce cabin noise, meaning you can have a peaceful, quiet ride. On the flip side, the liftgate speakers will help start any party. The two powerful speakers allow you to take your music outdoors, making the Compass a perfect choice for those who enjoy camping or tailgating. 

So we've clearly established that the Compass is an impressive vehicle (with an even more impressive price tag). So where should you be purchasing this SUV?


Why You Should Shop at Miami Lakes Automall



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