2016 Chevy Trax - Miami, FL

The 2016 Chevy Trax is one of the most affordable SUVs on the market, and the price tag is surprising considering all of the amenities and features the vehicle has to offer. Add in the fact that you could get a great deal for that SUV at Miami Lakes Automall, and you're looking at one bargain vehicle!

If you've been considering the upcoming Trax, see why the vehicle (and Miami Lakes) may be the perfect fit for you...

History of the Chevy Trax

The subcompact crossover SUV is one of the brand's newest models, having made its debut in 2013. However, the vehicle is based on General Motors' Gamma II platform, which has been around since 2000, so it's not like the Trax is entirely new.

Unveiled at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, the vehicle gained some notoriety during its tour of the world. When it was first released in late 2013, the Trax was only available in a handful of countries: Canada, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. The Tracker had actually previously made a name for itself in Canada, and the Trax is considered the country's first crossover SUV since that vehicle had gone off the market.

The SUV was also available throughout Europe, and it went by a different name in Australia (Holden Trax), Russia and South America (Chevrolet Tracker). By 2014, the Trax could be found in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the Phillippines, Malaysia, Japan, Nigeria, Egypt, Laos, India and South Africa.

Following the success of the Buick Encore (and the anticipated popularity of the Jeep Renegade), Chevy decided to release the Trax for the 2015 model year. The United States version ultimately kept many of the same features as the global version, although it did offer a number of exclusive amenities (which we'll get to later).

Interestingly, the Trax isn't branded as the same type of vehicle in every country. While the vehicle is below the mid-size Equinox and Captiva in the brand's lineup, some countries still refer to the subcompact SUV as a "compact SUV." In Canada, the Trax is marketed as a mini SUV/CUV instead of the more popular "mid-size CUV" or "compact SUV."

Why You Should Buy a 2016 Chevy Trax

Referred to as a "city-smart SUV," the Trax offers a compact design, expert performance and handling, and innovative technologies.

It truly starts with the styling, as the exterior features a number of add-ons that gives the Trax some major curb appeal. There are "athletic design cues" that help accentuate the vehicle's performance, while the "eye-catching wheel flares, swept-back headlamps, signature Chevrolet dual-port grille and bowtie badge" help give the SUV the familiar Chevy look.

Head to the inside, and you'll find an incredible amount of cargo room. The 60/40 split-folding rear seats allow you to store absolutely anything, whether it be furniture or a bike. Furthermore, the front passenger seat can be folded flat, allowing for an object that's eight-feet long.

Of course, the engine is also mighty impressive. The 1.4-liter turbocharged ECOTEC engine makes for the perfect commuter vehicle. The 138 horsepower and 148 ft-lbs of torque provide much-appreciated power and reliable performance, while the 26 city/34 highway mile per gallon fuel efficiency ensures that you can enjoy your vehicle without having to pull into a gas station. For those living on the sandy beaches of Miami, you may appreciate the optional all-wheel drive capabilities.

As we previously mentioned, the Trax features an abundance of features and technologies. Chevy's MyLink system allows you to stream music or make calls via your phone, and the system is all touch-free. Additionally, the Siri Eyes Free system allows you to access some important documents, whether it be your texts or calendar... all without taking your eyes off of the road. The OnStar RemoteLink let you monitor your vehicle no matter where you are, and the simple phone app allows you to lock/unlock doors and start the engine remotely. Finally, the 4G LTE Wi-Fi provides your passengers with an exclusive hotspot, meaning they can take their work with them.

Most importantly, the Trax is an extremely safe vehicle, even by SUV standards. The StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control (which prevents your Trax from swaying and swerving), Rear Park Assist technology (allows the driver to relax while the vehicle handles backing into a spot), and rear vision camera (allows driver to see everything behind their vehicle, whether it be another car or a curb) are among the vehicle's preventative features.

The 10 standard air bags and high-strength steel safety cage are designed to protect, while the OnStar system is meant to "respond." This exclusive feature includes Automatic Crash Response for half a year, meaning you can be assured that help will be on its way in case of an emergency. Even if you don't respond, and OnStar Advisor will still send emergency personnel to assist with your accident.

The best part? The standard 2016 Trax comes in at $20,695, an incredible price for such a capable SUV.

Why You Should Buy From Miami Lakes Automall

Miami Lakes Automall offers a wide selection of all your favorite automotive brands, which of course includes Chevy. Some dealerships are focused on bringing in customers via gimmick sales or "extraordinary" discounts. Whether that's successful or not remains to be seen, but Automall has instead focused on offering the lowest and fairest pricing in the area.

Miami Lakes provides customers with a professional and dependable financing department, something you can't find at many dealerships. The helpful staff can help you with any of your concerns or questions, whether it regards a value for your potential trade-in car, the amount of money you should be budgeting for your eventual purchase, or the amount of money you'll need to save for fuel and repairs. The financiers at Miami Lakes will work with you to come up with the best deal possible, and you can be assured that you won't find yourself in any financial turmoil.

Of course, Miami Lakes Automall understands that the entire car-buying ordeal can make us all a bit on edge. This dealership knows the significant financial obligation you could potentially be taking, so they want to assure that their customers are comfortable and happy when they're heading into the Automall. The salespeople establish this relationship by taking the time to get to know each individual customer, as well as their corresponding automotive needs and wants.

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Although we doubt that you need much more convincing, you should still head over to the dealership's website to see for yourself, and you can even take a virtual tour of their entire facility. You'll see that your options (even for a specific brand) are practically endless, and a virtual walk around the office will allow you to anticipate what to expect when it's finally time to visit.

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