2016 Chevy Impala



The 2016 Chevy Impala isn't like any other mid-size cars. In fact, if you read about the vehicle's features and capabilities without knowing its classification, you may think the car is actually an SUV. With many customers still targeting sedans over larger alternatives, the Impala is the perfect option for those with growing families. 

The vehicle provides a surprising amount of interior room, and engineers included a number of preventative safety features. Furthermore, the vehicle is affordable, starting at $27,095. This means you can secure the vehicle without breaking the bank. 

If you live in the Miami Lakes, Florida area, the most logical choice is to visit Miami Lakes Automall. The dealership will offer the best possible deals, and you're practically guaranteed an easy car-buying experience. Before we elaborate on the dealership's best qualities, let's see why you should opting for the new Chevy Impala...


Masterfully Crafted - Inside and Out




When designing the exterior of their vehicles, engineers are presumably focused on achieving two goals: making the car aesthetically pleasing while also producing an aerodynamic design. That was clearly a priority for the engineers of the 2016 Impala, and boy, were they successful. 

The mid-size car features sharp angles and specific contours to help convey a sporty, athletic feel. The sleek look certainly draws some attention, and the sturdy posture helps confirm the power that's hiding under the hood.



This dedication to designing a sophisticated family sedan doesn't only apply to the exterior. The Impala's interior is filled with luxury amenities, like the appreciated heated/ventilated leather seats. The car also provides Bose Active Noise Cancellation, so you and your passengers will never be bothered by the humming engine or the roaring wind.  

Owners will also appreciate the assortment of storage spaces found throughout the cabin, like the lockable compartment found behind the eight-inch touch-screen. Top off the interior with a chrome or wood grain dashboard, and you may legitimately confuse the vehicle for a luxury car.


State-of-the-Art Technology



Of course, one of the most significant aspects of the interior are the technological features, and the designers of the vehicle certainly didn't skimp on including those amenities to the Impala. This is rather important for those car owners with young families. It can be tough to entertain your children during a lengthy car ride. Luckily, Chevy's mid-size car delivers enough technology to keep everyone entertained. 

The car offers the advanced Chevy MyLink technology, allowing drivers to access radio or navigation via the eight-inch diagonal color touch-screen. Plus, with the inclusion of the Apple CarPlay capabilities, drivers will be able to seamlessly link their phone to their Impala, allowing them to access their playlists or even make phone calls. The system is even compatible with your Pandora application, meaning you can stream whatever music you desire. 

Music doesn't do the trick? The Impala includes FG LTE Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning your younger occupants can access the internet on their computers or smartphones. If your child needs to complete a school project (or if they simply want to chat with friends), they won't have any issues connecting in the Impala. 

The technology hasn't only been included for entertainment purposes. The RemoteLink system adds numerous levels of security to your new ride. Via an application on a smartphone, owners can remotely lock/unlock their vehicle, start the engine, or activate the horns and lights. Plus, you'll receive OnStar's Advanced Diagnostics, so you'll be able to identify any developing issues with your new car.





For all of the technological features included in the Impala, we've yet to feature the most important aspects: safety. The mid-size car is already known for being one of the safest vehicles in the class, having been awarded a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

The mid-size car delivers some of the most impressive preventative safety capabilities in the class, including the StabiliTrak technology (keeps the vehicle on its intended course) and the available Forward Collision Alert/Side Blind Zone Alert (with Lane Change Alert, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and Lane Departure Warning). 

The Impala also offers OnStat's Guidance Plan and Automatic Crash Response System, which will immediately dispatch emergency personnel in the case of an emergency.


Powerful and Efficient



You're probably curious about the happenings under the hood. You'd expect unmatched power from some of the brand's performance vehicles, like the Camaro or Corvette. You wouldn't necessarily anticipate those power specs from any of the brand's other car, but when it comes down to it, the Impala isn't your typical mid-size car. 

The Impala offers a pair of engine options. The 3.6-liter V6 can pump out 305 horses, a number that isn't often seen from non-sports cars. Due to the inclusion of Direct Injection and Variable Valve Timing, drivers can even expect the Impala to deliver a 29 highway mile per gallon fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, the smaller 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine offers a 22 city/31 highway mpg, and the unit also includes the advanced stop/start technology. 

Now, we'd be doing the Impala quite the disservice by not mentioning the car's precision drivability. With the premium electric rack-and-pinion steering system, owners can expect the best possible handling from their new ride. Furthermore, due to the variable-effort feature, drivers will find that they have a tighter turning radius (which will be important for those driving in urban areas). 


Miami Lakes Chevrolet: Driven by Integrity


If you've ever gone shopping for a new car, you've likely heard the salesperson utter some variation of this question: "why opt for that car, when you can have this model instead?" Often times, the alternative is more pricey, and these salespeople are clearly trying to squeeze every last penny out of your pocket.

Luckily, at Miami Lakes Automall, the staff is focused on finding each customer the best possible ride. They're not distracted by how much money they're set to earn. Rather, they want their customers to have the ideal buying experience, and they want those buyers to enjoy their expensive investment. Plus, at Miami Lakes Automall, the staff isn't going to pressure you into making a particular purchase. They'll only move forward with the transaction once you're convinced that you've found your ideal car.  

Of course, finding that ideal vehicle may be easier said than done. Sure, you should hopefully be convinced that the Impala is the perfect option for your growing family. However, if you have any apprehension, you can explore the dealership's vast selection of new and used cars. You can even refer to the business's website to see their inventory! The consumer-friendly site is consistently updated, and the prices are straightforward and trustworthy. This is only another example of why Miami Lakes Automall provides the transparency and honesty that other dealerships lack. 

Once you've made that purchase, your relationship with Miami Lakes Automall shouldn't be done. You can still visit the dealership for their respected maintenance center. The factory-trained technicians understand how to service or repair your Chevy, and we can guarantee that you'll be receiving top-notch service from these mechanics. 

Have we convinced you? Head down to 16600 NW 57th Avenue in Miami Lakes, Florida, and you could be driving off the lot in your new Impala in no time!