Must Have 2015 Dodge Durango Options

The 2015 Dodge Durango isn't your average family ride. The seven-seat SUV combines power and style, helping you to navigate any terrain while also keeping your most precious cargo safe and looking good in the process. The newest Durango looks just as good on your family camping trip as it does on the way to the office.

Though the standard 2015 Dodge Durango comes with many exceptional features, you can customize your experience by investing in options packages. Here are a few features we think you shouldn't miss for the 2015 Dodge Durango:

Second-Row Captain's Chairs

Though this option will reduce the seating capacity from seven to six, it will make getting into and out of the Durango much easier. The captain's chairs are individual, separated seats on the second row, creating a space for passengers to move through to get to the back row. This is especially important if you have multiple children in car seats and need to get to the back row to help buckle them in.

The captain's chairs also look more stylish than a bench seat. If you also use your Durango for picking up business clients, you'll want that more sophisticated look. The option is available on all trim packages.

Roof Rails

You never know when you'll need extra cargo space, and optional roof rails give you a space to strap down luggage. You can store luggage for a road trip, sporting equipment, camping gear and more. You won't have to crowd the interior with all your gear, and you'll get more space for oversized items.

Roof rails are available on the Customer Preferred Order package and are standard on the Limited model.

Heated Seats

When you get into your Durango on an icy winter day, heated seats will make you feel warm and cozy right away, even if the heating system hasn't yet warmed up the vehicle.

Heated front seats are available in the Popular Equipment Group, and both come standard on the Limited and R/T models. Heated second-row seats are not available in an optional package.

Power Seats

Power seats give you the opportunity to create the exact position for your own personal comfort. You aren't limited to simply getting closer to the steering wheel or farther away from it. 

Eight-way power seats are available in the Customer Preferred Order package and the Premium Napa Leather and Convenience package, giving you the options to be in just the right position for your driving comfort. The seats also include four-way lumbar support so you can maintain the right posture and get the right support for many hours of driving. The Limited and R/T also have six-way power passenger seats with four-way lumbar support.

Rearview Camera and Parking Sensors

Many minor fender benders occur when drivers are backing up. It can be hard to see, and anything can run out in your path at the last minute.

A rearview camera gives you the full sight you need for safe backing up, and parking sensors alert you if you are getting too close to another car, wall, tree or other object. The rearview camera and rear parking sensors are available in the Popular Equipment Group.

Blind-Spot Monitor and Cross-Path Alert

Your blind spot is another place that cars can suddenly appear, increasing your risk for an accident. Blind-spot monitors alert you when another vehicle enters your blind spot. The cross-path alert provides a signal when another vehicle merges into your lane or when a vehicle is in your way if you are attempting to merge.

Blind-spot monitoring and cross-path alert are available in the Safety, Security and Convenience package and the Technology package for the R/T and the Citadel. The Technology package also includes forward collision alert, which works the same way as the rear parking sensor but at the front of the vehicle.

Automatic Wipers

Automatic wipers ensure that you always have a clear view, even when rains suddenly appear. You also don't have to worry about turning the wipers on and off every time the rains start and stop.

Automatic wipers are available with the Safety, Security and Convenience package and the Premium Napa Leather and Convenience package. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Setting the cruise control can make long trips a breeze and can help you save on gas. However, if you hit a spot of traffic, you could have to keep breaking and resetting the cruise control. Adaptive cruise control does all the work for you. It senses when you are nearing other vehicles and automatically adjusts your speed. When the path is clear, it will accelerate your vehicle to the speed you previously set.

Adaptive cruise control is available on the Technology package for the R/T and the Citadel.

Satellite Radio

Commercial radio can start to feel like a broken record. You hear the same songs played over and over for several months, and then they are replaced by new songs that sound similar. With commercial radio, you're also limited by popular genres. You won't find much Asian fusion or electronic on the airwaves.

With satellite radio, you can listen to whatever kind of music you like from your favorite artists. With hundreds of channels, you're certain to find what you want. You'll also get information on the artist and song title, so you never have to wonder what you're hearing.

Satellite radio is available in the Customer Preferred Order package.


The 2015 Dodge Durango comes with many more optional features in its different packages. Some offer technology features, while others enhance safety or customize the look of the vehicle on the exterior or the interior. Some of these optional features also come standard on the higher-end models.

Miami Lakes Dodge invites you to visit our lot to test drive the 2015 Dodge Durango and learn more about the options packages and features. We can help you create your new Durango to have the look and all the features you want for you and your family.


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