Tips for Going on a Road Trip After Quarantine


April 2020 was pretty hectic for South Florida with the entire state on lockdown for about a month. Now that stay at home orders are over, people are starting to go back outside. Some people want to go for a drive, or even on a trip, although vacations are currently not in the best of interests. So how about a road trip? It’s never about the destination, it’s about the experience, and with a couple of friends in a large vehicle like an SUV, you can practice a little social distancing and stay safe while still having fun. Just be sure your vehicle can go the distance, and that’s why we recommend a plug-in hybrid SUV like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. With plenty of space for cargo and different seating arrangements, a small group with supplies can last a few days to a week out on the road.

Financial Planning

Yes, we said a week. A cooler full of ice may keep water fresh for a few days, but deli sandwiches won’t handle being in a cooler, especially in a car, for more than a day or two – less if they’re not dry (that means no mayonnaise or other condiments). That means there will be pit stops for the occasional snack, and maybe even diners or restaurants if places are open for a sit down. Otherwise, it’s drive-thrus and pickup orders along the way, and that alone will start to rack up prices. Add on fuel, money for a place to stay for the night if not driving through the night, and activities along the way, and it gets expensive. Plus, everyone should always have some backup emergency funds.

Have an Agenda

Having a schedule or routine helped keep a lot of people in the right state of mind during the stay at home orders. With COVID-19 coming in waves, acting as if there is still an active quarantine is good practice. While on the road for hours or even days, having a schedule for things to do along the way will help keep everyone looking forward to something, or at least have a little structure. Plan for places to rest and stretch, too. After staying at home for a month, who really wants to be in a confined space for more than an hour?

Practice Safety

With the virus coming in waves, there’s still the risk of infection. Nearly everyone is wearing face masks these days and having a small stockpile to use would be good to keep handy, especially reusable masks. Be sure to stock up on essential supplies, along with sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, and a first aid kit. Keeping yourself and car surfaces clean is the easiest way to keep from getting sick on a road trip, even more so during the second wave of the Coronavirus.

It’s still possible to go out and have a fun time in the new normal. Just taking precautions and planning ahead is more important than ever for a road trip. No more spontaneity, for now, unless keeping the trip to a short distance, like maybe only a few hours from home. What do you think? Join the discussion on Miami Lakes Mitsubishi social media.

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