Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Hyaku Concept

Meet Hyaku, Mitsubishi’s Centennial Concept

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Hyaku Concept

100 must be the lucky number for Mitsubishi, because 2017 marks 100 years that the automotive company has been in business, and it’s surprise after surprise. First they gave us a throwback with the Eclipse Cross debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Then they added a limited edition to the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and gave the discontinued Lancer a limited edition as well. They’re even bringing back their very first model A as a PHEV, redesigned by the same guys behind MTV’s Pimp My Ride. Can it get any better? Yes, it can.

Mitsubishi already has an electric vehicle, the Mitsubishi i-Miev, and they’re releasing an all-electric commercial truck line very soon. We know they plan to enter the autonomous car race as well, given their current development of autonomous mapping technology. What’s next for the auto brand? Let’s just say West Coast Customs isn’t the only company that’s going to give Mitsubishi Motors a new look.

Mitsubishi Motors designer Gábor Farkas has recently drawn up a new concept for the next line of Mitsubishi models to celebrate its centennial celebration. The name of the concept is “Hyaku,” which in Japanese translates to “100.” With Mitsubishi Motors moving forward and catching up with other automakers with electric and self-driving car technology, it’s time for a new look that represents that. Said to be a concept for the next electric vehicle, the Hyaku has a very different style.

For one, there is no grille in the front of the car, only LED strips and chrome details that highlight Mitsubishi’s “Dynamic Shield” design. When we think about it, why do electric cars have grilles? Small or not, many still have them, although there is no combustion engine that needs to be cooled. The LED strips may provide better lighting in conjunction with the headlamps, and because there is no engine taking up space under the hood, the new space may even serve as an additional compartment for luggage. Plus, since Nissan and Mitsubishi are working together, yet separate, we may see some Nissan components helping to bring this new concept to life.

Sadly it’s just a concept, but it looks pretty cool for an electric vehicle. Whether or not Misubishi will give this vehicle life is anyone’s guess. Our interest is still piqued from the Mitsubishi eX concept, an electric autonomous vehicle that had its own artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Photo Source/; Mitsubishi