Mitsubishi Fuso Runs Small-Scale Production for eCanter

Miami Lakes Auto FUSO eCanter Production

Mitsubishi is not just the name behind an automotive brand. It’s actually also the name behind a naval industry, electric appliances, and even beer (Kirin Ichiban). One faction not popularly talked about is their commercial vehicle brand, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. They’re actually doing some pretty interesting stuff, starting with the all-electrified version of their popular truck, the Canter.

It was back in March when we first talked about Mitsubishi Fuso and the electrified Canter, soon to be called the eCatner by Mitsubishi Fuso. Recently, this eCanter finally went into production. To start, Mitsubishi Fuso is starting a small-scale series production of the medium-duty electric truck, where only a handful will be built. Some would say this is a smart strategy – no use in wasting resources by over achieving. Plus, seeing as how Mitsubishi is going to be using Nissan resources for their global expansion plan, they don’t need to make enemies by being wasteful.

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The Eclipse Cross and the Great American Eclipse

Miami Lakes Solar Eclipse Cross Mitsubishi

This year, 2017, on August 21st, yourself and many other Americans will be able to experience a once in a lifetime event. Imagine, it’s a sunny day in August, summer is ending, and suddenly a large shadowy figure blots out the Sun. It’s the Great American Eclipse, and for the first time in America since 1918, we can stand in the literal shadow of the Moon! And that’s not the only eclipse to look towards – there’s also the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross to look forward to.

There hasn’t been a solar eclipse, total or partial, that was visible to the entire US since … wow 72 years. Once in a lifetime is right. For those of you who aren’t crazy about science and astronomy like those of us already geeking out, a total solar eclipse is when the Moon crosses paths with the Sun while orbiting around the Earth. This puts the Moon in between the Sun and the Earth, blotting out the sky for a few minutes before its orbit causes it to pass.

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Mitsubishi Motors Soon to Debut New Minivan

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi MPVMitsubishi Motors may be holding out on the U.S. market. Even with all the releases of the new limited edition trims and the upcoming release of the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, it looks like there’s even more news. It seems, Mitsubishi may soon unveil an all new multi-purpose vehicle, or as we call it in the states, a minivan, named the Mitsubishi Expander.

It’s a little ironic. “Expander”, as in one who expands, could possibly be in this case, the auto market, or more appropriately, Mitsubishi’s global outreach. As far as we know, this new MPV, or minivan as we call it in the states, will be debuting at the Indonesia Auto Show this year. Oddly enough, the original concept, the XM, was a preview for the new MPV and also shared aesthetics with Mitsubishi’s eX concept. However, we do see a hint of the Mitsubishi Hyaku concept in there with the lack of a front grille, so the Mitsubishi Expander may be a hint of what’s to come, design-wise.

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How To Do Car Research The Right Way

Miami Lakes Car Research Comparison

Car research. Pretty fun stuff, right? No, okay, maybe not the most exhilarating practice on the planet, but when it comes to car buying, it’s better to do the research and know the facts. Don’t just walk out into a dealership, that’s a rookie move. Don’t just hop on the internet and search randomly about the car you like or cars you may think you like. Google magic can’t protect us from bias, opinions, and uncited information. That’s why you need to know how to research for a car and then make use of that research for an informed buy.

Auto Manufacturer Sites

Assuming you already have a car type in size (sedan, coupe, SUV, crossover, truck, or van) then this would be a good place to start. And if you don’t have one in mind, there’s always the ability to test drive. Regardless, when shopping for a car, the website for the brand of car you’re looking at will have the most information. Simply hop onto the sites of any of the seven manufacturers available at Miami Lakes Automall, be it or or, and you can find all about any of their vehicles by clicking on it and going to the specs page or comparing models.

There, one can look at the different trims of a car model. A trim is basically a “level”, once called “series”, to differentiate between the quality of trims. For instance, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES 2.0 is the base, or low-end trim. Whereas the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport GT is the high-end. Luckily, if looking at this model, one doesn’t have to shoot for the high-end trim for some goodies. Mitsubishi Motors added a Limited Edition trim to the Outlander Sport, the only one to have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and it’s just a step up from the base trim in price.

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Returning a Vehicle to Its Former Glory

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Returning Car Glory

Have an older vehicle in the driveway? What was once the newest and coolest thing on wheels, is not that fresh anymore, but there are some ways drivers can return their used car to its former glory.

Is It Worth It?

Before we discuss how to fix up an old vehicle, one should look into the costs of sprucing it up versus its worth. The easiest way to do this is find out as many details about the vehicle as possible. What trim is it? What features does it have? The easiest way to do this is to grab the vehicle identification number from the vehicle (near the bottom of the windshield) and pop it into an online VIN decoder. That will tell you all you need to know. [click to continue…]


Smart Ways to Save and Budget for a New Car

Miami Lakes Car Budget Smart

Getting a new car is pretty exciting even if it’s a used car and only new to you. And sometimes people are so excited about getting a new ride, they forget their priorities. Before heading to a dealership to test drive a few vehicles, shoppers should do research to find out the models that suit their needs as well as fit their budget.

Calculate the Budget and Then Some

Keep in mind that if a vehicle has a starting MSRP of $25,000, that doesn’t mean that’s how much it will cost. For one thing, that’s the starting price of the model’s base trim, so if you want more than the base trim, you will end up paying more. Then, add on sales tax, title and registration fees, the destination fee, the price a dealership will sell it for, and don’t forget that you might want to include add-ons when you purchase the vehicle as well. So before signing any papers, be sure to expect a vehicle to cost a few thousand more the number you have in your head. That vehicle you thought was going to be $25,000 may actually cost $30,000 by the time papers are signed.


Very few consumers pay the full price of a car the day they buy it. Consumers who do not pay cash for a car can either finance a new or used car, or lease a new car. When a consumer finances a car, that consumer usually makes a down payment and then makes monthly car payments until the loan is paid off.  When a consumer leases a car, they make monthly lease payments until their lease contract is up and then they give the car back. [click to continue…]


Mitsubishi Motors to Expand with Nissan-Renault Resources

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Nissan-Renault Resources

To learn is to evolve and make use of tools. Mitsubishi, now 100 years in the race, needs to make use of the tools and resources available to survive. It suffered some setbacks last year after running into some unsavory press, but got picked up by Nissan-Renault. Since then, Mitsubishi has brought many surprises our way, and it seems the team up it now has with Nissan will finally start rolling.

Top Mitsubishi Motors executives spoke at a press conference last Friday (6/23/2018), stating that it’s time for them to dip into the Nissan-Renault toolbox of products, technologies, and factories. Mitsubishi wants to further its global expansion and improve its growth in the United States and China. The U.S. actually became Mitsubishi’s single biggest market last year, next to Southeast Asia, so it would be a smart move to secure and build upon their current foothold. Numbers in the U.S. are expected to rise to nearly 150,000 vehicles; in China, the projected sales are said to triple and reach close to 300,000 vehicles by 2020.

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New Technology Found on the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Front Rear

Although there has yet to be an official release date for the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, more information is released about it every so often. When we first heard about this throwback, there were a lot of people wondering if Mitsubishi Motors had lost it. Turning a once sports car into a crossover variation had a 50/50 shot at success. However, with the lineup cutting down on small cars and shifting with the auto industry into a more SUV and crossover market, it’s possible they can pull it off.

Jump forward to the Geneva International Motor Show when the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross debuted. We talked a lot about its aesthetics, the style, and new technology popping up (literally and figuratively). Recently, Mitsubishi Motors released a video teasing the technology found in the Eclipse Cross, and it’s shaping up nicely. Perfect timing too, because we just covered the lack of a true Mitsubishi infotainment system not too long ago.

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Secrets Behind Mitsubishi’s Free Infotainment System


It seems like every auto brand and their brother has an infotainment system these days. If you have a Dodge or Chrysler, you most likely have Uconnect, the FCA system. If you have a Mitsubishi, you may be a little perplexed. See, Mitsubishi doesn’t have a branded infotainment system to call their own, not yet anyways. However, they’ve done a bang up job of combining some great things to make it work.

What Does Mitsubishi Have in Place of an Infotainment System?

Infotainment systems are made up of hardware and software that provide drivers and passengers with entertainment, tools, and information. To take care of this, Mitsubishi nailed down the top features with modern technology available today.

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A Look Back at the Record Smashing Lancer Evo

Miami Lakes Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Just because a vehicle is discontinued doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good. Lots of vehicles have been discontinued over the years, sometimes due to sales numbers or because the auto market is shifting. Today, we’re seeing SUVs, crossovers, and green energy dominating the market, so when an auto brand has a performance car, they tend to limit the numbers. Dodge is only producing a little over 3000 units of the 2018 Dodge SRT Demon, and Kia is still working out the final production of the Kia Stinger. There is a performance vehicle we know all too well that was discontinued in 2016, but leaves some of us wondering why – the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Mitsubishi discontinued the Lancer Evolution years ago, and the final Lancer Evolution Final Edition was auctioned off in late 2016. This was mostly due to some troubles Mitsubishi Motors was having here in the U.S. With the struggles the brand was facing, furthering production of a performance car, not Mitsubishi’s forte, wouldn’t be a smart move. So the project was shut down while Mitsubishi turned its attention to SUVs, crossovers, and green vehicles, where the auto market is now. The Lancer Evo was an old car though, having gone through ten generations, and many fans were sad to see it go.

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