Hyundai Motor Group Holds Fifth Mobility Innovators Forum

2020 has been quite the year for the economy. Many industries have taken quite the hit, but some are starting to bounce back. One industry, the automotive industry, is looking for new ways to bring the economy back but also their sales. One of those ways is to partner up with technology groups and startups to share ideas and resources so that they can meet shared goals. One of those goals is a world of personal mobility – many automakers are looking towards an ecosystem of mobility, like the concepts envisioned during the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (2020 CES), Kia Motors and Hyundai had a very creative vision for the future of mobility. At the end of October 2020, Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) will be hosting the fifth Mobility Innovators Forum (MIF) to discuss the human-centered mobility reality.

The fifth MIF will be virtually hosted by Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley from October 29 to 30, and will be expanding last year’s discussion on taking the steps needed to make personal mobility the next age of the auto industry. It seems like every few years, the automotive industry is looking for something different or new to move not only the industry but the consumer forward – alternative fuel types, self-driving vehicles, augmented reality, virtual assistants, and eventually aircraft hailing and purpose-built-vehicle types – it’s becoming a crazy and interesting world. This year, speakers will be hosting in-depth discussions on the benefits and challenges of creating an impactful yet successful business that makes use of all of these technologies.

“We are extremely excited to have a distinguished roster of speakers for MIF 2020, addressing this year’s theme, ‘From Vision to Reality…COVID-19 has forced a new reality upon all of us, compelling us to revisit our priorities and even some basic principles about the future of mobility. We are all looking forward to hearing the latest insights regarding mobility’s path forward that takes evolving market conditions into consideration.” – Henry Chung, Head of Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley

This year, MIF will have a major focus on autonomous vehicle business, reimagining public-private partnership, ethics and human values, inclusive sustainability, and managing public health and safety in passenger transportation, but that’s not all. After the MIF conference, Hyundai CRADLE will also be hosting a special, invitation-only virtual networking session called ‘MIF Ignite’ on October 30. During MIF Ignite, participants will be able to choose one of several topics to discuss with the Group’s experts via a video conference system. The topics include: fuel cell business, smart factory, and smart city solutions.

Is it all sounding too good? If you want to get involved and are interested in joining the conversation on the future of mobility innovation, you can do so by signing up at With Kia Motors a part of the Hyundai Motor Group, any kind of tech and new businesses ventures the Group is undertaking will always include Kia. If you decide to go, and don’t have to sign an NDA, be sure to share all the interesting stuff online – maybe even on the Miami Lakes Kia Facebook page?

Photo Source/Copyright: Kia Media