Hey Kid, Wanna Steal a Kia Sonet?


Hey kid, you wanna steal a new Kia Sonet? No, seriously, you can – on a digital scale. Kia Motors is one automaker that has been finding new ways to connect to the younger generation filling up the demographic of prospective car buyers, and it’s a smart move. If there is any way to connect with younger folk, it’s pop culture. In early, Kia Motors became the official sponsor for the European League of Legends Championship Series and sponsored upcoming K-Pop band BLACPINK for their world tour (why not BabyMetal?), and continues to find ways to connect with those who are always connected, by offering the ability to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) charger right off of Amazon. So, how is Kia Motors connecting with us now? You can steal a Kia Sonet in Grand Theft Auto V.

Okay, so Grand Theft Auto V is a bit old, launched in 2013, but Rockstar Games is continuously re-releasing this open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based game, and for the latest release, Kia Motors jumped in to offer consumers the chance to drive the Kia Sonet before they buy it – you just might have to steal it. That is the way most cars are acquired in a video game called “Grand Theft Auto”. With the Sonet currently being manufactured at Kia Motor’s facility at Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, it may be some time before the global release of this beauty sets foot, or more so tire, on American soil.

Gamers get a chance to experience all the Kia Sonet has to offer, even when it comes to being chased by police in-game. There’s a small video by G5 gamers on YouTube that shows players where to find and how to steal the Sonet, but it’s more fun learning those things for yourself, so don’t ask us. We will, however, remind you why the Kia Sonet is making headlines. There’s a lot of great features to look forward to, especially the internet-connectivity and remote features available thanks to the newest UVO smartphone app from Kia Motors.

The Kia Sonet will be one of the first vehicles to make use of Kia Motors new Smartstream six-speed intelligent manual transmission (iMT), with a choice of two gasoline powertrains – a versatile Smartstream 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine or a 1.0 Turbocharged engine optimized with Gasoline Direct Injection. A 1.5-liter CRDi diesel engine may also be available, but some of this is based on India availability. With the choice of a five- or six-speed manual transmission, an intuitive seven-speed DCT, a six-speed automatic, or Kia’s revolutionary new six-speed Smartstream iMT, there is a powertrain setup for everyone. Now, about the cool technology offered.

Inside the Kia Sonet, consumers get their chance to try out the newest UVO Voice Assist feature, Hello Kia! It’s like talking to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart device, but it’s fully integrated into the automobile. Built with artificial intelligence and voice-recognition technology, drivers can control multiple functions with their voice and make phone calls, ask for weather information, the time and date, control the media, use navigation, and change A/C settings, amongst other things. With the largest-in-segment 10.25-inch HD touchscreen, powered by an infotainment and navigation system taking center stage, it shouldn’t be hard for consumers to access remote control, navigation, safety, security, and vehicle management options with a simple voice command.

Whether all of these features find their way into the Grand Theft Auto V iteration of Kia Sonet is hard to say – probably not. Still, what other automaker has given consumers a chance to drive a new vehicle in a video game first-hand? Check out the Kia Sonet and more Kia Motors vehicles at Miami Lakes Automall.

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