New Kia Spotted – the 2018 Kia Stonic

Miami Lakes 2018 Kia Stonic Spotted

Kia Motors has certainly been buzzing with automobile concepts and debuts in the last year. The Kia GT, that ultimately became the Kia Stinger, was recently unleashed, and many of us want on the road asap. Now, Kia is adding a new crossover (CUV) to the mix, its very own response to competitors focusing on SUVs and CUVs.

Spied late last year was the 2018 Kia Stonic, a subcompact crossover. Kia Motors is currently testing its weather conditions in Northern Sweden, yikes. If that’s the case, one would think some kind of high-tech traction system will be in order – at the moment, all-wheel drive is slated as an optional drivetrain for various driving conditions.

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2017 Kia Niro Available at Miami Lakes Automall

New Kia Niro available at Miami Lakes Automall

Lately, Kia has maintained a strong presence in the auto industry with headlines about their great new vehicles coming out. While some new models like the Kia Stinger, Kia Optima Hybrid, and Optima PHEV won’t be available for a bit, the 2017 Kia Niro, a hybrid CUV, is finally available at dealerships. When they said they were changing the game, they weren’t kidding.

The 2017 Kia Niro first debuted, along two autonomous vehicles, at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas. Shortly after, Kia released the Kia NiroBot chatbot on Facebook so prospective buyers could talk to an A.I. chat program and learn about the upcoming crossover. In December 2016, the Kia Niro set a Guinness World Record, setting a new standard for hybrids across the country.

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Kia Safety Features Overview

Miami Lakes Auto Kia Safety Features

Kia Motors is all about safety and they have received many awards for their designs and implementations of safety features. Many vehicles have safety features, but some don’t go very far past the basics. Today, there’s a lot of automatic features that lessen the risks of an auto accident, and Kia Motors probably has the most of them.

Keeping an Eye on Things

These features are like giving the driver eyes on the back of their head, and all around the vehicle for that matter.

The rear parking assist system is a sonar system that detects obstacles when backing up. When an object is detected, it emits an audible warning. Another variation of this detects objects in the front and back, found on the K900, Soul EV, and Sportage.

For a complete view of the drivers surroundings, the touchscreen comes with a Surround View Monitor, or in other words, a bird’s eye view of the car that uses four cameras to show obstacles behind the car and in its immediate vicinity. Blind-Spot Detection also helps with this, alerting the driver to vehicles in their blind spot with a visual cue in their exterior mirror. There are more advanced versions of this in the next section.

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Kia Optima Lineup is More Fuel Efficient with Hybrid and PHEV Options

Miami Lakes Kia Optima Hybrid PHEV

The Kia Optima has been steadily earning awards over the years and in 2016, the Kia Optima was ranked highest in vehicle appeal among midsize cars by J.D. Power, so for the 2017 model year, Kia expanded its lineup. New for 2017 are two new Kia Optima models, the Kia Optima Hybrid and the Kia Optima PHEV.

When a vehicle gets a hybrid version things tend to change, though most of it takes place under the hood. So what exactly is powering the three 2017 Kia Optima models – the 2017 Kia Optima, 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid, and 2017 Kia Optima PHEV?

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Kia Sorento, Most Affordable 3-Row Crossover

Miami Lakes 2017 Kia Sorento Performance

2016 made it official that the auto market is starting to shift. SUVS and crossovers (CUVs) are starting to dominate, and although some of us still love sedans and sports cars, the focus is also turning towards the big metal cages. In December, AutoGuide took a look at midsize three-row crossovers and the results may surprise you.

Five CUVs were measured and tested on a variety of specs, from mechanical engine specs and horsepower to cargo space and price. How each would hold up when pitted against the other four would clearly define which one stood out. The vehicles consisted of the 2016 Mazda CX-9, the 2016 Honda Pilot, the 2017 GMC Acadia, the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe, and the 2016 Kia Sorento, and the rating of each crossover is in AutoGuide’s ranking of worst to best.

Wouldn’t you know, AutoGuide rated the Kia Sorento as the most affordable three-row mid-size crossover that is also fairly comparable to its more expensive competitors. Many of its specs were similar or a few digits shy of competitors, but given that some specs (wheelbase for one) don’t really say much when it comes to a customer’s comfort and feelings towards a vehicle, let’s look at engine, fuel economy, cargo space, towing capacity, and of course, the price.

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Kia Unveils the 2018 Kia Stinger at Detroit Auto Show

Miami Lakes Kia Stinger Badge

Totally called it. This past Sunday Kia finally unveiled its surprise vehicle for their The Curve Ahead promotion at the Detroit Auto Show. Given all the spy footage and teaser videos, a lot of speculation was pointing towards one car in particular, and now we know the truth. The Kia Stinger is finally here!

Woo, what a relief. When an automaker says they’ve got a concept in the sketchbook, many of us feel the reflexive need to hold our breath. Like the proverbial drum roll, you never really know if that concept will see the light of day. When Kia started their The Curve Ahead promotion, it was a small torture. It was never clear what we were seeing exactly.

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Kia’s The Curve Ahead Promotion


Less than a month ago, we talked about the long-awaited reveal of Kia’s The Curve Ahead. The wait is nearly over! In a few days, January 8th, The Curve Ahead promotion will finally come to fruition. Until then however, there’s still plenty of speculation to be had. So let’s get to it.

We placed most of our bets on the Kia GT to finally be released with this promotion, and there’s plenty of reasons why. First, recent spy photos from one of Kia’s recent test drives of an unknown model have certainly piqued an interest. Second, Kia announced that they will be debuting a new sedan at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, and the GT is a sedan. Third, “GT” stands for “Gran Turismo” or high-performance and long-distance driving in comfort and style. Could anything better describe the concepts we’ve seen of the Kia GT?

That all brings us to the media being leaked on Kia’s The Curve Ahead promotional website, Four episodes have been released thus far, and two sections are bound to be updated on January 8th -a  gallery with plenty of car pictures and a live webcast most likely taking place during the reveal (don’t quote us on that). Here’s a little run-down of each episode.

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Kia Awards 2016 Recap

Miami Lakes Kia Awards

It’s the end of the year, and with that comes a playback reel of all the year’s highlights. Memories, good times, bad times, personal achievements, etc. Around this time, auto brands also like to get a little recognition, and with all the awards year-round, it’s time to look back at some of Kia’s achievements.

First off, a couple of Kia’s have been highlighted as the best cars around. The automotive section of the Consumer Guide, not to be confused with Consumers Digest, covers all the best vehicles to buy every year. For 2016, it included three Kia vehicles – the 2016 Kia Soul, the 2016 Kia Sedona, and surprisingly the Kia K900 – we don’t hear about this model very often, so nice to know the pros still give it props. Speaking of pros, when it comes to J.D. Power, only quality vehicles make the list.

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Kia Niro Sets a Guinness World Record

Miami Lakes Kia Niro Guinness World Record

Breaking a record in the Guinness Book of World Records used to be a huge thing back in the day. Kinda like setting the new high score on old arcade games, it was always a source of pride for those who achieved them. Today, it might seem like getting in the Guinness Book for a record is a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean people or companies have stopped trying. Take the Kia Niro for instance – it just set earned the Guinness World Record title for the lowest fuel consumption driving across the U.S. from coast to coast in a hybrid car.

The Niro crossover will be Kia’s first dedicated hybrid automobile, and although they have yet to be released, drivers and Kia fans will be pleased to know that the fancy CUV shown off at SEMA has a hybrid version with as much bark as bite. With an EPA-estimated 50 mpg combined, that’s enough to set it apart from other hybrids in its class. In fact, to make things official, Kia got together with Guinness and created a new record category just for this – a sort of “come at me bro” from Kia to the rest of the auto industry.

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Is the Kia GT Going to be Kia’s Next Sedan?

Miami Lakes Kia GT

Kia has a lot of concepts yet to be released, and we do mean a lot. Twenty-three to be exact; twenty-one if we count the ones that have been released or are about to be released. With all those concepts, one has to wonder… when is the next one going to be on the road?

The Kia GT

The Kia Soul and autonomous concepts were shown off at SEMA, along with an autonomous Sedona and the new Kia Niro, and a little while back, we talked about the Kia GT4 Stinger, a very cool looking concept. There were several press releases about the GT4 Stinger when the design was first introduced, and there was talk whether the rendition linked above was the Stinger or another model. There hasn’t been any major news on it since late 2014, it’s one of those concepts that keeps getting pushed back. Now, with Kia’s The Curve Ahead promotion, car enthusiasts are starting to extend their antennae and pick up on what Kia’s next car might actually be.

Although Kia has not published any press releases about the Kia GT since its conception, recent spy photos from one of Kia’s recent test drives of an unknown model are leading enthusiasts to believe that the next model to be released will be the Kia GT. Additionally, Kia made an announcement that they will debut a new sedan at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, so the Kia GT might finally be coming out to play.

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