Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your New Jeep


Jeep modifications are a right of passage for Jeep owners, especially Jeep Wrangler owners, who embrace the culture and passion all Jeep owners have. From a love of adventure to adopting a unique style made possible by Jeep vehicles accessible body and exteriors, we’re going to mention a few ideas to spice up your Jeep life.

There’s many, many modifications, so regardless of your price range, there’s cheap or expensive Jeep mods depends on your preference. We’ll start with the least expensive modifications and work our way up to the more expensive Jeep modifications we’d recommend.

So, You Want to Go On An Adventure?

Grab Handles

Switch up your Jeep’s look instantly with new and more supportive Jeep grip handles. An easy fix to help passengers leave or enter your vehicle and give a sporty look to your Jeep. For as low as $12 up to $50, you can find various new Jeep grab handles to make your vehicle stand out.

Cold Air Intake

For an increased horsepower, a cold air intake is a great way to achieve more horsepower. Cold air intakes vacuum cooler air directly into the engine, which allows the engine to produce more horsepower, and that makes it easier for a Jeep to perform off-road, no matter what the task may be. As far as performance mods go, adding a cold air intake is a cheaper option than most and parts typically range from $200-500.

Rock Sliders + Undercarriage Protection

Knowing what your Jeep vehicle is capable of takes time and experience driving on various terrains and seasons passing. A great way to protect your vehicle, regardless of your experience driving, is a rock slider or differential covers.

Rock Sliders (sometimes called rock guards) are a great modifications as they act like an armor, a protective barrier between your vehicle any rock or obstacle that might be under your Jeep. They are connected to the vehicle’s chassis and their true function is to protect door sills and door bottoms. Adding on a rock slider can save you from a potential jam you might find yourself in otherwise and cost anywhere from under $200 to $375.

Many drivers also like to add skid plates to ensure further safety of their vehicle. Since rocks are so destructive, as can be large items on trails that might move or scrap your undercarriage, it’s important to use a cover or provide protection.

New Tires + Lift Kit

Among the favorite options to upgrade, especially for those looking to take their Jeep Wrangler out for a spin on any terrain and go practically anywhere offroading would be a lift kit and replacing the standard tires with larger tires. This entire job can range from $900 to a couple thousand dollars. If you want to have your Jeep vehicle with the proper ground clearance, this is the first step towards making sure your Jeep is capable with whatever you throw at it, or underneath it.

Lift kits are especially important for being able to go over rocks because rock crawling can result in the vehicle’s undercarriage being damaged by uneven terrain or debris. Consider this the first step to take before all other because lifting a Jeep is critical for all Jeep Wrangler owners.

Where Your Adventure Begins

Whether you need a Mopar parts, a modification to be taken care of or need simple repairs, look to your friends and professional staff at Miami Lakes Automall. Our service department will be able to make your Jeep upgrades happen with a simple appointment you can make right here.

If you’re looking for a new Jeep, want a pre-owned Jeep or just want to know more about driving one, stop by. Test drive a new 2018 Jeep Wrangler and we’ll help you with any buying, leasing or trade-in offers. If you just want to sell your vehicle, we can work with you as well.

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