Spreading the Love, Jeep Wrangler Style!

Jeep related date ideas

Celebrate Valentine’s Day today or this weekend with these lovely ideas for your special someone who is also a Jeep fanatic. Check out these four Jeep-related date and gift ideas and feel free to share any you may have with us as well on Facebook.


If your darling loves their Jeep and loves camping, you should definitely get them the tools and materials they need to turn their Jeep into a bed or a tent. There are definitely a lot of ready-to-purchase tents that are built specifically for Jeeps and prices range from $200 to over $1,200.

But if that is out of your price range, you can buy them the things to make a DIY bed in their Jeep, and that is an exceptionally cool idea if they have the panoramic sunroof or a Wrangler. All you need to buy are some blankets, pillows and fold the seats down to createa flat space. You can go out any night of the week and enjoy the night sky without getting all of the camping gear.

Jeep Tours

There are two local Jeep tours we recommend checking out for a date! Whether you want to see the Everglades like you never have before or tour Miami in a different light, there is a South Florida Jeep tour for you. [click to continue…]


Iconic Jeep Wrangler: Then and Now

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Miami Lakes Automall

The Jeep Wrangler is an American icon. Though not called a Jeep Wrangler at the time, the Wrangler was originally designed for combat in America’s battle to remain a free country in World War II. Though the Wrangler is no longer used in combat today, it is still seen as a figure of freedom. Here’s a recap of its history.

Before the Jeep Wrangler was called the Jeep Wrangler, it was called the Willys MB and was commonly referred to as a Jeep. The Willy’s MB was a four-wheel drive utility vehicle created by Willys-Overland in 1941 for use in combat in World War II., [click to continue…]


Angles and Ground Clearance Easily Understood with Jeep Wrangler

jeep wrangler angles and ground clearance miami lakes jeep

Do you know the difference between ground clearance and the different off-roading related angles? If not, pay attention! If you off-road it is important to know your vehicle’s ground clearance and its three main angles. If you have or want  the “king of off-road vehicles”, the Wrangler or Wrangler Unlimited you are in luck, we not only teach you about angles and ground clearance, but give you those specs on a Jeep Wrangler as well.

Running Ground Clearance

Running ground clearance is usually just referred to simply as “ground clearance”. Whatever you call it, it is important to pay attention to it. Ground clearance is the measurement of the space between the lowest point of your vehicle and the ground. This information is particularly useful for those that plan on driving through uneven terrains because it is easy to drive over something too high and have it scrape the bottom of your vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler Ground Clearances [click to continue…]


Not Your Average Jeep Trims – Check ‘Em Out!

not your average jeep trims at miami lakes jeep

Since its beginnings in 1941, the Jeep brand has grown into a auto company known for lifestyle and adventure. First there was the Wrangler, then the Cherokee and now there are six different Jeep models. Although the Jeep Wrangler may be one of the most popular Jeep models, consumers love the diverse lineup. Rugged to luxurious, modern to classic, city to off-road, basic to extreme. Well, here’s a look at some of the Jeep models that are a little more extreme.

Grand Cherokee SRT

“Fast” is not usually the word most people think of when they think of a rugged Jeep Grand Cherokee, but there is actually one very fast Grand Cherokee trim. Jeep paired up with Dodge’s in-house Speed and Racing Technology team (SRT) to create the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, which is the fastest and most powerful Jeep SUV to date. [click to continue…]


FCA News for Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer + Wrangler Pickup

jeep wrangler production miami lakes jeep

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) has recently announced that they are investing $1 billion in workers, plant expansion and production of Jeep and Ram models in plants in Ohio and Michigan.

According to FCA,over 2,000 jobs will be created in the Ohio and Michigan areas. More workers and the expansion of the plants in Ohio and Michigan will make it possible for the company to more quickly complete production of the three new Jeep models coming in the next few years.
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Different Off-Roading Equipment on the Jeep Wrangler Lineup

Miami Lakes Jeep Wrangler

What’s the most iconic adventurous looking vehicle? Without hesitation most of us will say a Jeep Wrangler. Its metal bars, removable tops and doors, seven-slot grille, round headlights and spare tire on the back of the vehicle, make the Jeep Wrangler unlike any other vehicle and its looked that way for decades.

Not only is the Wrangler adventurous looking, but it is actually built for adventure. Unlike the $122,00 wannabe-Wrangler, the Mercedes G Wagon, the Wrangler has the durability, 4×4 systems and water fording capabilities to truly explore off the beaten path. However, not every Jeep Wrangler is made equally. To offer consumers variety and options, some Wranglers have different equipment than others. Here are some highlights.

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Want a 2017 Jeep Cherokee – Which Cherokee Trim is for You?

jeep cherokee trims miami lakes

The Jeep Cherokee is an affordable compact crossover/ SUV meant for both fun and families. Depending on the trim, the Cherokee can be the perfect vehicle for the adventurer or the busy parent who needs to drive the kids around town. The 2017 Cherokee lineup consists of eight trims, so how does a consumer know which is the one for them? To help you decide, here’s a quick rundown of each Cherokee trim.

There are a couple of mechanical options for buyers. All Cherokee trims, except for the Cherokee Overland 4×4, are equipped with a 2.4-liter I4 MultiAir engine paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission. The Cherokee Overland 4×4 comes standard with the 3.2-liter V6 engine with electronic start/stop and buyers of other trims can opt for the 3.2L engine or the other available 2.4-Liter I4 PZEV M-Air Engine. [click to continue…]


A Killer Year for FCA Cars, SUVs and Trucks

 Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram 2016 awards

As 2016 comes to an end we are wrapping up an award winning year for Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram. Each of these FCA brands have won many awards and reputable titles in 2016, including awards from Strategic Vision, Consumers Digest, WardsAuto, the IIHS, Active Lifestyle, and several more. Check out the details below. Happy New Year!

Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision is a research-based company that focusses on understanding human behavior including purchasing habits. In fact, Strategic Vision is very well respected in the automotive industry, which is why making a list from the company is huge. Studies conducted by Strategic Vision not only show what the sales numbers say, but what the consumers actually like, how much they like it and why. [click to continue…]


An Off-roaders Nightmare: Getting Stuck

jeep stuck in mud

Off-roading is a fun and adventurous activity, but when something goes wrong it can quickly become stressful. A main cause of concern for off-roaders, especially those who “mud” or do serious off-roading, is getting stuck in mud, water, or a deep hole. It doesn’t seem to matter how experienced you are, a newbie or an expert, getting stuck happens. So, then what do you do?

How to get “unstuck”

So, you are stuck, now what? Well, the first and most important step is to get out of the vehicle and assess the situation. Never try to do anything until you know what you’ve gotten yourself into. There are many different ways to get the car out of the mud/sand/water, but how you do it really depends on the situation. [click to continue…]


Three New Jeep Models You Want to Know About

New Jeep Models coming to Miami Lakes Jeep

Attention Jeep lovers! We have great news for you. Starting as soon as early 2017, there are a couple new Jeep models hitting the road. Some models are totally new and some are revamps of discontinued models, but all of them are true to Jeep’s roots.  

All-New Jeep Compass

The first major change to the Jeep lineup is the surprising redesign of the all-new 2017 Jeep Compass. To breath some new life into the Compass, Jeep has reconfigured the model to look like a cross between the Jeep Renegade and a Cherokee with distinctive features of it’s own.

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