Dodge Challenger Shakedown Miami Lakes Automall

The Electric Future of Dodge Muscle

Dodge Challenger Shakedown Miami Lakes Automall

Photo credit: Dodge

Dodge knows the world is changing little by little and the future of their muscle cars is set to change, too. The next change to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will come with their Dodge brand’s view on electric power. Specifically, Dodge is aiming to change the way their muscle cars are powered. Mike Manley, CEO of FCA, has an internal determination to reshape their Dodge Challenger and Charger, different than what they had showcased before. What exactly will that look like? The man to ask would be the Manley himself. He had this to say in regards to the future of Dodge and their outlook regarding their muscle cars going forward.

“What it isn’t going to be is a V8 supercharged, 700-horsepower engine.  The reality is those platforms and the technology we use does need to move on. What’s important is what does the concept of American muscle look like in 2024? Does American muscle look like a big V8, supercharged, 700-horsepower, fire-breathing machine, or really is it for Dodge that combination of that incredible power-to-weight ratio, but now because new technology’s going to drive a load of weight out, we can think about the powertrains in a different way and we can use electrification to really supplement those vehicles going forward?” Manley admitted.

Electric Power Forges Ahead

FCA’s Dodge brand muscle cars aim to increase their thunder with a shot of electric power going forward. Just last year, the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye was released with its 797 horsepower supercharged V8 engine that helps it go from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. What that unique vehicle doesn’t have is any additional power by way of electric help to raise its acceleration. Imagine how much faster Dodge could make their vehicles with that influence. After all, the Tesla Model S reaches 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, so adding some electric power might be hugely beneficial. Adding some electric energy could help the SRT Hellcat Redeye or muscle cars like it, as the Redeye doesn’t have the best highway mpg with its 22 mpg rating.

Where The Dodge Muscle Car Is Headed

The current body of the Dodge Charger was introduced 2006 and the Challenger SRT version first began in 2009. Though they have come to define the reintroduction of what muscle cars are known today; loud, boisterous, powerful, wide, large tires and strong. There are new changes coming that will improve their design under the hood and overall. What exactly it will it become is yet to be seen, but with clarity from CEO Mike Manley, we can expect the future to be quite electric.

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