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We enjoy riding in Dodge vehicles just as much as our customers. At Miami Lakes Automall, part of the fun of selling and leasing vehicles is getting to see all the ins and outs of these remarkable Dodge muscle cars. What are muscle cars known for? Delivering top-notch power and being fast. So how does a muscle car or any vehicle engine supply horsepower when driving and which current Dodge vehicle offers the most horsepower? Let’s begin explaining how horsepower works.

Brief History of Horsepower Creation

The term horsepower was originally coined back in 1702 as a way to measure the amount of movement over time. One horsepower equals 550 pounds across one foot in one second of time. The actual notes regarded by Thomas Savery in 1702 help explain how the measurements back then were made when comparing a steam engine to the production of horses. Savery wound up noting that a horse could turn a mill wheel 144 times in an hour, then he measured the length of the wheel (what the horse was moving) and came up with a formula to figure out “horsepower”.

“(Steam) engine will raise as much water as two horses, working together at one time in such a work, can do, and for which there must be constantly kept ten or twenty horses to constantly maintained and kept for doing such a work.” -Thomas Savery, Scottish Engineer

Horsepower In the Automotive Industry

Horsepower when used with engines, this work is frictionless with regards to how gas energy works. A device called an engine indicator tracks the pressures from within the cylinders to note horsepower. There are actually a few ways to test the number of ways how power and torque can be measured from a vehicle. Torque is a moving force that is made by the engine’s crankshaft. The more torque created by the engine, the greater the engine’s ability to perform work is. Power is the final definition to go over, which is how fast work happens. James Watt came up with one horsepower being the power required to lift 33,000 pounds and move one foot per minute. So keeping this in mind, the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye produces 797 horsepower (the highest horsepower available today for Dodge customers) at 6000 RPM.  

Dodge Keeps Pushing the Horsepower Limit

Dodge has raised the level of the horsepower in their vehicles over the years, just going back to the 2010 Dodge Challenger has a maximum horsepower rating of 425 horsepower, today its 797 horsepower. There are ways to increase horsepower in a vehicle, including adding a cold air intake or adding nitrous oxide (if you want to be a Fast and Furious racer). Have more questions about horsepower? Reach out to us to find out about the latest Dodge muscle car and we can talk some real horsepower! 

Drive Dodge With Our Help

Searching for the latest Dodge Challenger muscle cars? We have them as well as a wide variety of quality pre-owned vehicles. Our pricing options through our financing team will help our customers get the vehicle they want to drive home. If you want to sell or trade-in your current vehicle, we’re here to help as well.

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