Miami Lakes Dodge Demon Recap

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Updates, So Far

Miami Lakes Dodge Demon Recap

It’s been a few weeks since the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon promo began, and the internet is going crazy. There’s still several weeks before its unveiling at the NYIAS in April, but with every weekly video teaser, we are slowly getting more information about what the SRT Demon is really going to be like. It’s time for a recap and reveal of some of the new details we’ve learned about the Dodge Demon.

If you’re just joining us, we went over some of the information and history of the Dodge Demon to get readers up-to-speed. Since then, Dodge has released five videos for their If You Know You Know campaign, revolving around, of course, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. We’ve gotten hints with every video, and it’s shaping up to be a tougher looking Challenger with horsepower expected to be between 850 and 900 horses. Here’s what else we have learned, so far.

Video 1: Cage

This was the first promo and it doesn’t reveal too many details. A couple of high security guards open up a cage containing a large feline made of metal, the Hellcat mascot. It bites into a container filled some sort of chemical ooze and freezes up, only to be blown apart with a shadowy figure in its place – the Challenger SRT Demon.

Video 2: Reduction

This video shows a lot more but in a little way. The Dodge Demon rolls up onto a large scale, and a meter reads out its current weight. It wasn’t clear how much weight at first, but Dodge soon elaborates and explains that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will lose over 200 pounds.

How? By removing all passenger seats (front passenger and rear bench), the trunk liner and spare tire, several audio speakers, 23 Noise/Vibration/Harshness (NVH) components, changing the wheels to 18-inch aluminum wheels, implementing a lightweight aluminum version of the Brembo brake system, and removing several other components such as the power steering column and parking sensors.

This raises some red flags. Is it really a good idea to remove NVH components or the sick audio system? Or the parking sensors? The Dodge Demon is shaping up to be more of a race car and less of a car you’d want to risk leaving in a parking lot.

Video 3: Wide Body

The internet lost it over this video, and it is still buzzing. Nothing special, at first, with the Dodge Demon burning out a few tires as it takes off. However, a press release on the FCA media site presents us with the truth about the new design: it seems the Demon truly is taking cues from the Prior Design 900-hp Challenger by giving it a wider-body. The final few seconds of the video show an image of the backside of the Demon with a Michigan license plate that reads: #2576@35. There have been some good guesses, but we don’t know which ones are correct yet.

Video 4: Crate

This one was a little interesting. Although the setup of a 1990’s demon summoning, it ends with what has been called the “Demon Box.” Apparently, once owners get a hold of their own Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, they will also be given a toolbox so they can modify the vehicle according to their preferences. We would hope that means some of the features removed can be re-implemented. This is a street legal drag racer after all, but some of us would like to have someone else in the car.

Video 5: Forced Induction

Welp, Dodge is definitely teasing us with horsepower stats. It seems the Dodge Demon will get a functional hood to suck in outside air and then use a forced induction system to pump that air into the engine’s cylinders and combustion chambers. It also uses a form of cold air intake to drop the temperature of the air by 30+ degrees. We all know that cold air does wonders and increases an engine’s horsepower. No word on how much air though, lest Dodge give away the horsepower specs already.

This is what we, and the majority of the internet, know so far. We’ll all get another teaser soon, and you can check out part two of our recap here!

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