Dodge Challenger Reigns Supreme In 2019

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The competition among muscle cars has been fierce for the third quarter of 2019. The winner is the Dodge Challenger, which has come out on top ahead of long-standing rivals Chevrolet and Ford. Moving into first-place in front of both the latest Ford Mustang for the Chevy Camaro is an achievement for the Dodge brand. No other muscle car could match the sales of the premier Dodge muscle car, the high-performance Challenger. The Challenger saw a massive volume sold, hitting their biggest quarter ever. Dodge and parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are happy to see their Challenger moving 18,031 units sold versus 16,823 Ford Mustang sold and 12,275 sold for the Chevy Camaro. 

How Did Dodge Pull So Far Ahead of the Rest?

Conventional wisdom would say that the Ford Mustang should have sold more volume than they did. They didn’t. Many would have guessed the Camaro should have done better, they didn’t fare any better, either. What could explain how Dodge did as well? The answer is found in all the perks Dodge offers that no other brand can match. No other vehicle saw a positive gain in this quarter. The Dodge Challenger saw their sales rise 21 percent over this time last year. Mustang fell down by 12.3 percent and Chevy saw the Camaro go down by 15 percent. Despite having an older platform, the Dodge Challenger keeps rolling against the competition. 

Maybe It’s the Muscle?

Ford doesn’t offer a muscle car that can match the aggressive horsepower offered in the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. The upcoming Ford Shelby GT500 will have 37 less horsepower than the aforementioned Hellcat Redeye, which nearly hits 800 horsepower at an outstanding 797 horsepower. Just below that threshold is the SRT Hellcat that offers 707 horsepower. The Camaro, currently in the 6th generation, offers an engine that hits 650 horsepower by comparison. Dodge has learned their vehicles are among the most popular among drivers and their customer base is also younger than the competition’s as well. 

Perhaps the Success Is Due To Versatility 

Dodge won this quarter and looks to build on this success. More reasons that point out how this happened could be due to the fact that Dodge has plenty of trims and also offers many more special editions and unique packages. With so many different levels of the Challenger to drive off with, the Dodge brand helps customers take home the exact muscle car and perks they want. Stop by and pay us a visit at Miami Lakes Automall for all things automotive. Want to experience what it’s like behind the wheel of a muscle car? Allow us to make it happen at Miami Lakes Automall.

Drive the Latest Dodge Muscle Today

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