Ceramic Coatings: The Pros, The Cons & Is It Really Worth It?

By ninar | Posted in Uncategorized on Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 at 10:37 am

The ceramic coating gives your car an ageless look, provides UV ray protection & easy cleaning, but it can’t remove watermarks or provide rock chip safety.

The best way to make your car look new at all times is by taking good care of your vehicle & adopting protective measures against scratches, rock chips, or swirls. Applying ceramic finish to your car can help you enormously. 

However, you may get confused over many things like which paints to apply? Is the hype about ceramic coating valid? Is it better than other popular layers like waxing & polishing? Is the hefty price worth it? There is plenty of contradictory information about ceramic coating & thus, you may find it tedious to judge its credibility.

But don’t you worry. By going through this article, you will have a clear idea about ceramic coating & whether you should apply it to your car. 

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a polymeric chemical solution with intrinsic characteristics to withstand external threats to your car’s exterior paint. People also call it a nano-ceramic coating.

The ceramic coating chemicals form a layer on top of the initial coating & protects it from scratch marks, swirls, etc. The ceramic coating adds a hydrophobic layer on the surface of the car. By doing so, you can extend the durability of your car’s paint throughout the summer & rainy seasons.

How To Apply Ceramic Coating

Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle is a lengthy process & you need to have patience throughout the process. There are a couple of steps involved before applying the ceramic coating to your car.

Generally, a professional-grade ceramic coating is the best to use. However, you will need a certified professional to apply it.

First, your car needs to go through the necessary prep work, including a thorough washing, stripping off old wax, and polish treatment. After that, a professional expert will apply ceramic coating to your car depending upon the car type, the service you purchased, & the quality of the product. Finally, your vehicle will require curing and a final wash.

You can also use DIY ceramic coating, where you will need to do all these works by yourself. We do not recommend you try this by yourself if you lack experience.

How Much Do You Have to Spend?

Although many automobile repair shops provide ceramic coating facilities, some shops like Definition Car Detailing (NSW), Car Detailing Definitive (SYD), Superior Shine, Ceramic Pro Sydney stand out from the rest when it comes to ceramic coating in Sydney.

Do check them out for their excellent service quality & reasonable pricing.

In terms of payment, you need to pay a steep price for ceramic coat finishes. For Professional Ceramic Coating, you need to assess the following costs-

  • Installation- 2500 AU$/ 1940.54 USD$
  • Protective Spray per year – 75 AU$/ 37 USD$
  • Car wash every two weeks can cost about 1950 AU$/ 1515 USD$

You need to pay 4500 – 5000 AU$ or about 3500 – 3900 USD$ for ceramic coating & one year of service.

For DIY Ceramic Coating, you need to assess the following costs-

  • 350 AU$/ 270 USD$ for prep work
  • 170 AU$/ 130 USD$ for kits 
  • 120 AU$/ 95 USD$ for a car washing kit. 

You need to pay around 650 – 1000 AU$ or 505 – 775 USD$ for DIY Ceramic Coating.

Keep in mind that you need to do all the tedious labor work. Moreover, you have to be an expert at applying the ceramic coating. These are all lengthy processes & be ready to commit a full week’s worth of working hours to you finish applying the coating. 

If you do not have the time or expertise, rely on professional services.

Pros of Ceramic Coating

1. Paint Protection

Everyday driving exposes your car to many airborne contaminants & endangers the paint. The hydrophobic layer created from ceramic coating helps sweep away all foreign particles that may pose harm.

The ceramic coating further ensures the original coating is safe from dirt, debris or accidental scratches, etc.

2. UV Ray Safety

Exposure to the scorching sun can affect your car’s paint adversely. Ceramic coating blocks these UV rays & ensures the safeguard of the original colour. The ceramic coating further prevents fading of the paint or taking a dull look because of UV rays.

3. Chemical Stain Prevention

You may get chemical stains on your car from the acidic contaminants of nature. With the increasing air pollution rate, ceramic coating plays a significant role in preventing such stains. They create a barrier so that chemical stains can’t form bonds with the paint & destroy the color.

4. Easy Cleaning

A ceramic coating finish reduces your stresses in cleaning the car tremendously. As it has a hydrophobic layer, wet dirt & bead can’t stand on the coating & slides off.

5. Glossy Appearance

Unlike other available coatings & finishes available out there in the market, the ceramic coating can give your car a glossy look & ageless appearance

6. Saves Money

Most people compare ceramic coating with regular waxing. Let’s compare that way, then. Waxing lasts up to 3 months. That means every year, your car will need waxing at least four times. Each time you will need to pay 250 AU$ or 195 USD$. For five years, your total cost will be around 5000 AU$ or 3900 USD$.

A professional ceramic coating will last up to five years with no issues, and it will cost you around 1300 AU$ to 2500 AU$ or 1010 to 1950 USD$. You do the math!

Cons of Ceramic Coating

1. Not 100% Swirl/Scratch Protective

If they told you a ceramic coating is 100% swirl & scratch proof, then it’s a big lie. Ceramic coating reduces the adverse effects of these threats but can’t fully protect your car. However, it blends minority scratch marks but can’t do anything against rock chips or unwanted parking scratches.

2. Can’t Remove Water Spots

Although the hydrophobic property of the ceramic coating slides off the water-based contaminants, the natural minerals & other particles present in these contaminants stay on the surface.

To remove these spots, you need to give your car a good hand wash. 

3. Car Wash Is Still Mandatory

Ceramic coating is not a miraculous product that is capable of auto-cleaning. You still need to wash regularly. But comparatively, you won’t need to toil much while washing.

Final Thoughts

Using a ceramic coating is definitely worth it when you own a car in Sydney. Considering the various benefits & the ageless look your car gets, it’s a reliable go-to option. But again, it’s not flawless & not the only option to consider as no product can guarantee complete protection.