Mopar Celebrates 80th Anniversary with Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger

Miami Lakes Mopar 2017 Dodge Challenger

When we discussed Mopar’s 80 Year Anniversary last week, we didn’t expect news about a new vehicle to celebrate the milestone. There was talk about Mopar doing something special for their 80th anniversary, but a new Mopar ‘17 Dodge Challenger? Count us in!

Mopar actually has a line of its own limited-edition vehicles, starting in 2010. The ongoing series as of now is made up of the Mopar ’11 Charger, Mopar ’12 300, Mopar ’13 Dart, Mopar ’14 Challenger, Mopar ’15 Dodge Charger R/T,  and the Mopar ’16 Ram Rebel. Now with the Mopar ‘17 Dodge Challenger, it might be safe to say they’re not just a custom auto parts shop anymore. They do still have plenty of high performance auto parts though, many of which we add to various vehicles in our service area.

The Mopar ‘17 Dodge Challenger will turn heads with two two-tone custom body paint options available – Contusion Blue and Billet Silver, straight from Dodge’s case of High Impact Paint colors. To achieve the two-tone appearance, Mopar will be hand-painting the upper portion of the Challenger Pitch Black. Either paint job will give a brilliant appearance at night and day, and the bodylines of the Dodge Challenger are perfect for the two-tone transition. A special Mopar 392 logo will also be hand-painted on, and the Challenger will be riding on 20-inch aluminum wheels with semi-gloss accents and Dodge logo hub caps, followed by Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat black exhaust tips.

If the Mopar 392 logo didn’t give it away, the 6.4-liter, 392 HEMI found in the Dodge Challenger R/T 392 can be found under the hood of the Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger. With an output of 485 horsepower and 475 lb.-ft. of torque, and the augmented-sound of the engine via a shaker hood package by Mopar, its engine will sound as aggressive as it looks. Other performance parts by Mopar will also be installed, like a cold air intake system, or strut tower braces and caps for increased rigidity and handling. Four-piston Brembo brakes will provide exceptional stopping power.

What can prospective owners expect from the interior? Tungsten trimmed seats with matching stitching, and a Mopar logo embroidered on the seatbacks. Exclusive content will be installed to highlight the vehicle’s prestige and accountability, with a special serialized Mopar ’17 80th Anniversary badge included under the hood. A number will accompany it for either body paint two-tone, from 1-80 up to how many units will ultimately be made.

Customers can also expect a special Mopar ’17 Owner’s Kit with the Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger, including:

  • Mopar welcome letter
  • “Birth certificate” with vehicle specifications, date of manufacture, and proprietary vehicle number
  • Hand-signed Mopar ’17 rendering from the FCA US LLC Product Design Office
  • Special Mopar ’17 booklet
  • Customized acrylic memorabilia showpiece
  • Mopar valve stem caps
  • Mopar-branded items, including a Mopar ’17 keychain and a Mopar 80th anniversary badge
  • The Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger will be available some time in the early second quarter of 2017, so spring 2017. Starting MSRP is $55,790.
Photo Source/Copyright: FCA Media

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Updates, So Far

Miami Lakes Dodge Demon Recap

It’s been a few weeks since the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon promo began, and the internet is going crazy. There’s still several weeks before its unveiling at the NYIAS in April, but with every weekly video teaser, we are slowly getting more information about what the SRT Demon is really going to be like. It’s time for a recap and reveal of some of the new details we’ve learned about the Dodge Demon.

If you’re just joining us, we went over some of the information and history of the Dodge Demon to get readers up-to-speed. Since then, Dodge has released five videos for their If You Know You Know campaign, revolving around, of course, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. We’ve gotten hints with every video, and it’s shaping up to be a tougher looking Challenger with horsepower expected to be between 850 and 900 horses. Here’s what else we have learned, so far.

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Miami Lakes Automall’s New Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Building is Now Open!


Miami Lakes Automall’s new Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram building was completed in January and it is beautiful!

Located next to the old Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram building (same address), the new building is a state-of-the-art showroom and service center that offers customers and employees modern amenities, comfort and convenience.

Though the new building is massive, nearly 50,000 sq. ft., it was designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. The building’s interior and exterior lighting use advanced LED lighting that expends less than 50 percent of the energy required by traditional lighting.  Other sustainable qualities include daylight harvesting technology, advanced HVAC controls, and an energy efficient roof system called Fibertite.

Service and sales customer lounges have access to modern amenities like free WiFi, charging stations, flat screen TVs, complimentary bottled water and fresh ground coffee. The two customer lounges have more than 35 leather seats that are equipped with individual retractable tables, so customers can conveniently work on laptops or other devices.

The building’s new service center has 40 service bays and some of the most advanced repair and maintenance machines. The center’s heavy-duty lifts make Miami Lakes Automall one of the few  service departments in the area that can service and repair industrial vehicles like trucks, busses and Promasters. Additionally, there is an express oil change center, a laser tire alignment machine and every serviced car will receive a complimentary car wash.

Miami Lakes Automall new customer lounge

About Miami Lakes Automall: Miami Lakes Automall is a full service auto dealership selling brand new Chevrolet, Kia, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Mitsubishi as well as Used and Certified Pre-owned Vehicles. Miami Lakes Automall services all makes and models for repair, maintenance, and oil changes, and carries OEM parts as well as Magnetti Marelli and AC Delco parts. Miami Lakes Automall serves the greater Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Doral, Hialeah, Aventura, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Plantation, Kendall, and South Florida area.

Miami Lakes Automall is located at 16600 NW 57th Ave., Miami Lakes, FL 33014. To learn more about Miami Lakes Automall, visit and



If You Know, You Know. Meet the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Miami Lakes Dodge Demon IfYouKnowYouKnow

If you know, you know. That’s the headline for Dodge’s promotional campaign, and what a campaign it’s going to be. With many days before its debut in April, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is being chased down by what could become its Master, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. What can we expect from this new ride?

With a new video being released every week, the Dodge promotional campaign, If You Know You Know,, has already teased us enough with the first video. It starts with a 3D animation of the SRT Hellcat mascot, and ends with the same mascot blowing apart, leaving behind a dark demon kneeling in its place. Flashy.

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Move Over, Florida – It’s the Law!

move over law florida

Do you know what to do in the state of Florida if there is a law official or emergency vehicle pulled off on the side of the road? Even if you do, a lot of other drivers don’t and that is why the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has dedicated the month of January to raising awareness for the Move Over Law. Although the Move Over Law has been in place since 2002, many drivers don’t know about it or don’t know the details regarding it.

The Move Over Law states:

When an authorized emergency vehicle making use of any visual signals is parked or a wrecker displaying amber rotating or flashing lights is performing a recovery or loading on the roadside, the driver of every other vehicle, as soon as it is safe: [click to continue…]


Why the Dodge Grand Caravan is Perfect as a Rideshare Car


Carpooling is so old school, amiright? Wrong. For over 30 years, the Dodge Grand Caravan has made carpooling easier and better with every new generation. From soccer games to family outings, the Dodge Grand Caravan continues to be the perfect rideshare car. Let us explore why.

Let’s start with the obvious. The 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan seats up to seven people comfortably. The inside is roomy and versatile. Take a look at this picture, and tell us it doesn’t look spacious.Miami Lakes Dodge Grand Caravan Interior Space

Versatility is a big selling point for the Grand Caravan; returning with available Stow ‘n Go seating, cargo space and storage are available in a number of configurations.

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South Florida’s New Year’s Events

Miami Lakes South Florida New Year Events

2017 is in less than a week. Let’s face it, 2016 may not have been the best for all of us, and we may still be feeling that holiday hangover. Well, be sure to buy some dramamine and Tylenol, because the headache isn’t over yet. Here in South Florida, we kick off the new year and say goodbye to the old one with some of the best celebrations in the state. [click to continue…]


Announcing the Dodge Challenger GT AWD!

Miami Lakes 2017 Dodge Challenger GT Grille

O.M.G. A Dodge Challenger with all-wheel drive will be arriving in showrooms in 2017. This has to be one of the most exciting things we’ve heard about all year, in terms of Dodge at least. And trust us, there’s been a lot of exciting and good news about Dodge this year. Their 2017 vehicles are already getting praise, and with the Challenger GT AWD on the way, there is a lot to look forward to!

All the Goodies

Ever since the new Dodge Challenger T/A and Dodge Charger Daytona models were introduced in August, Dodge has gone completely insane, in a good way. It seems like every month we’re getting something new, and who can really complain? It should be illegal, but what cop is going to press charges when they’re getting their own Dodge Charger Pursuit cruiser? Plus, along with the big news about the Challenger GT AWD, the Barracuda is also said to be making a comeback.

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‘17 Dodge Vehicles Receive 5-Star Overall Safety Rating

Miami Lakes Dodge Vehicles NHTSA

Safety is one of the most important features in a car. Even with the most fuel-efficient engine, or the coolest, smartest technology, without safety, an automobile is a potentially dangerous transportation method. That’s why auto manufacturers strive to not only put lots of fancy and alluring features in their vehicles, but they’re constantly looking for ways to improve safety. An auto brand that’s amping up its safety this year is Dodge.

When it comes to measuring a vehicle’s safety, there are two main organizations that the public trusts – the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Both organizations deliver safety ratings and sometimes full reports on the safety features of an automobile.

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Will Dodge Return to the NASCAR Race Track?

Miami Lakes Dodge Nascar

Back in 2009 there were quite a few teary-eyed individuals when Dodge announced its departure from NASCAR. Since the late 1950’s, Dodge has been placing cars in the NASCAR races, but the end of an era came and went. Now in 2016, it seems Dodge might be ready to bite back and jump into another race. At the moment, it’s skeptical because information is based on interviews and news sources, but it has many people excited.

Dodge originally left NASCAR due to the company facing a major possibility of going bankrupt, something that seems far-fetched today. Especially with how quickly the last Vipers sold out and the rumors that the model might return again. According to multiple reports, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO, Sergio Marchionne, reminds fans and viewers of this instance and why Dodge pulled out of the races. Now, the company is in a better standing and the possibility of returning to NASCAR is large.

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