The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid vs. 2021 Toyota Sienna: It’s About To Get Electric!


The Chrysler Pacifica and the Toyota Sienna have had it out for each other for quite some time, and with the arrival of 2021 fast approaching these neither of these two show any signs of playing nice. These brands are both making game-changing moves in their minivans. The first being the 2021 Pacifica Hybrid offering a new all-wheel-drive option, with the second being the 2021 Sienna competing for the first time as a hybrid model, and also offering both front- and all-wheel-drive. As great as these contenders are, both have pros and cons like any other vehicle, let’s see who really turns out to put the eco in friendly.

Notable Differences

Judging off of the Pacifica’s Pinnacle trim and the Sienna’s Platinum trim, we can confirm that both of these models stand out with their impressive engines, cabin materials, long list of features. 

The Sienna employs a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with two electric motors, producing 245 horsepower combined. The front-drive Platinum provides 36 mpg in all cases, and all-wheel-drive models erasing just 1 point of mpg on city and combined driving. 

Toyota’s new hybrid model gifts buyers with a great deal of features such as second-row captain’s chairs with built-in footstools, allowing passengers to slide back 25 inches like they’re flying first-class.

The Pacifica Pinnacle Hybrid keeps its previous model’s powertrain, the 3.6-liter V-6, which is linked with two electric motors, cruising on 260 horsepower. The automaker has not yet released the precise fuel economy numbers for its latest hybrid, however, it’s likely that they will fair the same 29/30/30 mpg on just gas and 87/76/82 mpg-e with the assistance of electric power. 

The Pinnacle models have all of the advantages and trappings, such as a rear-seat entertainment package that has individual screens and 11 USB ports reaching across the three rows. Standard features also include the automaker’s new Uconnect 5 infotainment screen, ritzy quilted leather seats with pillows, and a panoramic sunroof.

The Drive

Both Pacifica Hybrid and Toyota Sienna are outstanding in their interior comforts and technologies, but all of that isn’t as nearly as important as their overall handling. From our assessment, Chrysler fairs better with its ride quality. While technically speaking, the car only received minimal updates during its mid cycle, there was much effort put into the car’s behavior. Owing to the implementation of acoustic glass frontwards of the B-pillars and extra soundproof materials, the quietness in the cabin is easily discernible. One shouldn’t take this as the Sienna being nosy, but when comparing the two, it’s much easier to relax in the Pacifica.

Additionally, the 2021 Sienna fostering a rear independent suspension should have been something worth getting excited about, but some early reviewers have noted they felt some bumps on the road that was indistinguishable in the Pacifica.

On the other hand, we will throw the Sienna a bone and say that their steering seemed to be more accurate than the Pacifica’s and gave great feedback.

Adaptability And Safety

Once again, the Pacifica Hybrid outranks the Toyota Sienna in this category. One of Chrysler’s highlighting features for their Pacifica models is that their seats are removable, as opposed to its rival’s middle row only slides and folds to the front. While many Pacifica fanatics are giddy over their famous Stow n’ Go seat, unfortunately, they are not available in the Hybrid, however, the second-row seats can be removed. 

Alternatively, the Sienna takes the cake with its safety features, as some reviewers have pointed out that this car was able to stay in alignment with its lane better than the Pacifica. Not to mention, the Sienna has 10 standard airbags, which is the most in its segment.

Who Prevails?

The Sienna is skilled in its comfort features and safety features, while the Pacifica is adept in its overall handling and changeability. However, we’ve determined that the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid hits it out of the park. While we are impressed with Toyota’s eco-friendly efforts with their minivan, the critically acclaimed Pacifica is still the most competent in how to keep families comfortable, entertained, and safe. Not to mention, Chrysler provides great fuel economy.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Motor Illustrated

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